Weekend In Photos

I’m going to attempt to not write a lengthy blog post, and instead share my weekend update with you in mostly photos. My challenge – two sentences per photo. Okay … go!

Friday night we tried out a new vegan restaurant in Cleveland. Vegan is maybe my favorite food to eat before  a long run.


Saturday morning=waking up at 5:35 a.m. to find that it’s already 76 degrees and 70% humidity.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.39.05 AM

And you need to get in a 9 mile run.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.32.01 AM

So you take a sweaty selfie when you’re done. 9 miles by 8 a.m.


And because you’re already up early, you hit up the West Side Market for breakfast and shopping.


AND Hingetown for coffee and scones.


And kombucha.


80 degrees means a perfect beach day. And yes, I actually went in the water.


And evening walks.


Which lead to patio drinks on the water.


And dinner outdoors. You can see B and my shadow.


And after dinner craft brews.


And more photos of the city on the water. Because why not.


Sunday morning Muppet movie marathon. I love the Muppets so so so much!

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.33.09 PM

Ladies Craft Beer Society. This month was beers in cans and bracelets.


Another nice day means a walk around some lakes before dinner.


Mexican with B’s family for dinner! Chips and some of my favorite salsa.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.40.26 PM

And a gorgeous sunset. Which meant another walk to round about a perfect evening!


That was it! Sums up my weekend. Hope yours was as fabulous!

Some questions for you:

  • Any new favorite summer beers I should try? Two days in a row i’ve had grapefruit beers and loved them!
  • Are you an early riser? Or do you prefer to sleep in on weekends? Definitely prefer to sleep in but waking up at 5:30 on Saturday ended up working out great!

PS – I’ll be linking up with Running N Reading and Her Heartland Soul today 🙂


A Luau – In Cleveland!

This weekend, B and I attended a luau. In Cleveland. That’s right – one with some cooked pig, leis, dancing, and a beach. Oh, and there were even some grass skirts.

luau banner image

No, I’m not joking. Saturday, B and I scored free tickets (thank you so much Charlene!) to the 9th annual Luau on the Lake, put on by Shoes and Clothes For Kids (SC4K). The summer Hawaiian-themed event takes place on Whiskey Island and is a fundraiser for the local Cleveland charity. Never heard of SC4K? From their website: SC4K is the only non-profit organization in Greater Cleveland providing new shoes and clothes to thousands of children in need at no charge throughout the year. Through a network of 35 distribution partners, SC4K positively impacts the lives of area children by giving them the self-esteem and confidence that comes from having brand new shoes and clothes.

Great organization, right? I know several people on their board. It’s great to see local organizations doing things that impact the people of our city!

Anyway, on to the event. B and I had gone to the Luau on the Lake in 2008 and enjoyed it a lot. BUT it was amazing to see how much had changed in just four years – there were many more people, more activities and more dancing then I remember.

2008 Luau - don't we look the same?

2008 Luau – don’t we look the same?

This year’s Luau was a huge party, outdoors, on the beach and they had sand volleyball, cornhole, giant Jenga, great food, drinks, a limbo competition, dancing and more.

some of the crowd

some of the crowd

corn hole - I didn't partake because I lack those skills.

corn hole – I didn’t partake because I lack those skills.

We enjoyed the food, drinks and even the dancing. And the coconut sorbet for dessert? OMG. I will dream about that for weeks.

Coconut sorbet. SO GOOD.

Coconut sorbet. SO GOOD.

The event was great. I’d highly recommend you go to the 2015 event (and I hope we do too!) if you want to spend some time celebrating summer in Cleveland, enjoying food and entertainment and of course lovely lake views – all for a good cause.

2014 Luau. Nearly the same pose as 2008!

2014 Luau. Nearly the same pose as 2008!

Weekends = Whiskey Island + Wine Festivals + Food + Sunshine

What a great weekend! Despite a few rain showers, it was another one of those weekends where I couldn’t help but say, multiple times, “There’s so much going on in Cleveland!”

The weekend started Friday afternoon at my office, where we ended the work day early for some Friday afternoon beers and Pictionary! Yes, that’s how we do it. And we take Pictionary VERY seriously in my office. Case in point – the smack talk that was going down even early on in the week: (photo courtesy of @sarah_lack)

After Pictionary, I met up with B and we headed to Whiskey Island for a work event he had – dinner, beach volleyball, and drinks on Wendy Park! It would’ve been a great event – if it hadn’t started POURING rain, blowing wind, and thundering and lightning the second we got there. Literally the second we got there, we had to hide under the food tent and wait nearly an hour for the rain to stop. Luckily I was able to create a makeshift rain coat, and the party continued through the night as the rain cleared up.

Rain gear?

Saturday morning, it was still raining so B and I got in a quick morning work out at the gym. Post-workout it started to clear up so we headed to the driving range to hit a few balls. I’ve only golfed twice before, but it was still nice to enjoy the sunshine and laugh at my still nonexistent skills. After golf, we of course enjoyed some soft serve (seriously, how can you not get ice cream after going to a driving range on a summer day?).

I kind of look like I know what I’m doing …?

Saturday afternoon, B and I met up with Dave and Anson for the Cleveland Wine Festival! Held at Voinovich Park, and sponsored by Giant Eagle, the festival features 200 international wines, food, music and 10 tastings. What a fun way to spend a beautiful evening! We sipped wine from so many great vendors (my favorite non-Ohio wines were Chateau St. Michelle and Francis Coppola) and enjoyed a fun live band. After closing down the wine festival we headed over to Map Room for some post-wine tasting beers and pizza.

Sunset over Lake Erie at Cleveland Wine Festival … shortly after this photo a guy jumped into the lake

Photo opp at Chateau Ste. Michelle's booth!

Photo opp at Chateau Ste. Michelle’s booth!

Sunday was pretty leisurely. I slept in while B played softball, and hit the gym for a workout while catching up on past episodes of Luther on the iPad. After working out, we headed to Edgewater Park to catch up on some reading and some rays for most of the afternoon. It was a great day and it seemed everyone was out at the park – swimming, boating flying kites, and having picnics.

Another day on Lake Erie

Sunday night we joined B’s family out for dinner at Washington Place, a great restaurant in Little Italy – formerly the Baricelli Inn. B’s grandmother was treating everyone to a dinner out – and the food was amazing! The bread (supposedly from Stone Oven) was SO good, and we ordered mussels, a cheese plate and pierogies for appetizers. I ordered the scallops with black rice (I subbed quinoa) for dinner – which was perfectly cooked – and B and  I split the Presti’s donut bread pudding for dessert (yes, I even convinced B to join me in dessert. There’s a first for everything – and usually that first involves donuts and bread pudding!). It was the perfect end to my last weekend in July …  are you ready for August?