Week Four of Training

It wasn’t a bad week! I am still somehow feeling super drained and tired from the time change, but the weather wasn’t that bad and I was able to get in the necessary workouts for half marathon training this week.  Despite some snow on Sunday, we had mostly spring-like weather for the rest of the week. The snow was melted by Monday morning and I was able to get outside and run, which always makes me happy.  

My training goals for this week were:

  • Speed training: 35 min tempo run
  • Long run: 8 miles 
  • Core work most days (8-10 min videos)
  • 2-3 other runs, 30-50 minutes each

Here’s how the week turned out:

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Daylight Saving Hangover

Man, I hate the time change. It is so so hard to get back into the groove and wake up EXTRA early – and for some reason, it seems extra hard this year! So, this week I was on the struggle bus. I did wake up early, and did get in my workouts, but I snoozed for longer than typical and just got in the bare minimum. Hopefully I’m able to get into this new routine soon!  

My training goals for this week were:

  • Speed training: 6×400 m
  • Long run: 7 miles 
  • Core work most days (8-10 min videos)
  • 2-3 other runs, 30-50 minutes each

Here’s how the week turned out:

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Starting Half Marathon Training

While last week I wrote about having surgery, this week I’m back at it and starting half marathon training! As you may recall, I’ll be running the Cleveland half marathon at the end of May. I’m a race ambassador (I also have a giveaway going on until midnight EST TONIGHT on my Instagram!) and get free entry into the race. I’ll be doing the Challenge Series, 5K on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday. So this week kicked off my first week of training. 

My goals for this week were to do:

  • Speed training: 30 minute tempo run
  • Long run: 6 miles (hey, the training is just starting!)
  • Core work most days
  • 2-3 other runs, 30-50 minutes each

Here’s how the week turned out:

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Taking a Little Time Off

This should be a blog post about finishing off February strong, and kicking off Cleveland Half Marathon training. I always start training when the first week of March hits, but this year is a little different … but before I go to far into that, I do have some February highlights to share:  

Here are some February highlights:

Total running mileage: 118.93

Other activities: Some walks, ab exercises 3-5 days/week every week, and one group run – the Cleveland Marathon Kickoff run

And then this week looked like this:

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The Weather in the Land Goes Up and Down

Up and down … up and down! Our weather and temps have gone up and down this week. And I can’t complain, especially about the UP! It is back to seasonably normal weather right now, but it was in the upper 60s on Wednesday, which was just AMAZING. I ran in the dark in shorts!  The taste of spring was exactly what me and my body needed. But now, back to the cold …


Here’s what this week looked like:

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February Sunshine

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Are you excited for the big game? In my past life (just a year ago), I worked at an ad agency, and this day was a BIG deal. Not for the sports, but instead for the ads. There were several years in a row that I was “working” the game, taking notes of ads, live tweeting and preparing blog posts or content for the agency to share immediately following the game. It was fun – but I’m glad to be just enjoying the game ads and food tonight. 

But this isn’t a post about football – it’s about running! 

Winter is still in full swing in Cleveland, but at least this week we got a break from the snow and ice, and enjoyed some blue skies for a few days. This made all the difference, and I even got to enjoy the sunshine on a few midday walks.

Here’s what this week looked like this:

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Kicking off February

I have two reasons to be excited about this week – first, we finished January and I had decent mileage and second, I did a group run! I rarely run with people, and it was nice to be social and get outside with fellow runners to kick off the Cleveland Marathon training cycle.  On a less exciting note, this week another wave of sickness made it through our house and forced me to take a day off. But I’m feeling all better now! 

Here are some January highlights:

Total running mileage: 122.88

Other activities: Some walks PLUS I did ab exercises 3-5 days/week every week!

Lowlights: Getting covid. It didn’t stop me from running, but slowed me down somewhat, and I am still feeling like I am recoverin some days. Also, the weather. We had plenty of cold, icy and snowy days. I ran outside 17 days, and inside 14 days.

And then this week looked like this:

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A Week of Indoor Runs

Last week was COLD. And by COLD I mean negative degrees as the HIGH. Check out this forecast:

So what did that mean for my training for the Cleveland Half Marathon? It meant that my treadmill was my best friend. Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday I kicked off the week with my longest treadmill run in at least a year. 5.25 miles.

The Sole F80 has become my best friend over the past year or so. As much as I don’t enjoy indoor running, I’m so grateful to have it!

And FW was happy when I was done with my 5 miles. 

Later in the week I woke up to THIS as the temps. Feels like -23? Yeah, I wasn’t going to go outside. 

So, each day when I could, I got in a treadmill run.

School ended up being closed Wednesday and Thursday due to the cold, so that threw off my running a little bit. Wednesday, I only got in 2 miles while LM took a nap, and Thursday I also had to cut my run short when LM work up early.

But that was it for the week – and we survived! I’m hopeful that it will get and stay warmer for at least a few days. I mean, the groundhog DID see his shadow so that means spring is coming, right?

In the meantime, here’s your weekly reminder that if you are interested in running the Cleveland Marathon, As a race ambassador, I have a 10% discount code for you to use! Use MC2019 for 10% off any race entry.

Stay warm and have a good running week! Some questions for you:

  • Did you stay inside this week for your workouts?
  • What’s the coldest temperature you’ve ever run in?

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2018 Running Recap

Wow, what a year! 2018 was a memorable year. And it was a hard year for running. I’ll be honest – I got in fewer miles than usual. I ran fewer races. I didn’t set any PRs. But, I have a few reasons – being pregnant for half of the year, having a baby and adjusting to the schedule and craziness (and lack of sleep) that is life with a toddler and a baby. So I’m proud of my accomplishments and happy to look back at the year.

Here are some of the highlights from the year:

I ran injury free, throughout my entire pregnancy. Pregnant or not, a year without injuries can’t be beat. In 2017, I had a minor (but painful) piriformis issue that kept me off running for a few weeks. But 2018 granted me health.

Running early on in my pregnancy with some of the Cleveland Marathon crew at a race kickoff run in January

Sometimes staying active meant run/walks

I did a few races while pregnant, including two 5Ks and a 10K a week before my due date. Thanks to B for convincing me to sign up for a 5K race Mother’s Day weekend, as well as for running beside me as I hobbled the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 5K and 10K four days before LM was born.

I’ve been able to return to running since LM was born, taking her or FW along with me. I enjoy running by myself, but also enjoy stroller running. FW has gotten to the age where we can talk on our runs and point out animals, etc. and LM typically sleeps. And thanks to our new neighborhood having more paved paths, I got in more stroller runs this year than ever before. While my mileage hasn’t been nearly as much as it was before kids (I ended with just under 800 miles – compared to 2013 when I had double that!), I am grateful to still be running and have been able to get out again shortly after giving birth.

first race post-LM this summer

after a 4 mile stroller run with FW (post LM’s birth)

stroller run with my niece and nephew (I pushed FW, B pushed LM)

I’ve been an Ambassador for some great brands and organizations that have helped me with my running. Some of them include Skirt Sports, Nuun and the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. This means I also have discount codes to share with you if you’re interested:

Skirt Sports: They make more than skirts and I wear them running all the time. I’m actually wearing their pants, jacket, tank top and capris in several of the photos above. In the 1st photo I’m wearing the Triple Pocket Tight, 2nd photo I’m wearing the Hangout Hoodie, 5th photo I’m wearing the Free Flow Tank, 6th photo I’m wearing the Jette Skirt, and 7th photo I’m wearing the Redemption Capri. Use 133Carn for 15% off. And check out their 

Cleveland Marathon: Use discount code MC2019 for 10% off any race entry. I’ll also have a race entry giveaway in just a few weeks!

All in all, I’m grateful for a happy, healthy 2018, running and otherwise. And I kicked off 2019 today with a 4.33 mi run in my new Skirt Sports leggings that I bought myself as a Christmas gift, so the year is already off to a great start!

Some questions for you:

  • How would you rate your 2018?
  • Do you have any 2019 goals?

Fun-Filled Race Weekend

Phew, what a fun, busy, active weekend. From an 8k to wedding shower to Cleveland Asian Fest to a half marathon, there was plenty to look forward to. I’m be sharing a full race recap tomorrow, but here is a quick summary of my weekend, one-sentence-per-photo style.

Started off race weekend with the Expo with Cari!

She didn’t win anything from this Care Bear prize machine.

Then, time for the Cleveland Marathon Banquet!

LOVE seeing my fellow ambassadors – and this year was especially special!

Saturday morning started off with the 8k – and the first medal of the weekend.

Then, a bridal brunch for my beautiful friend Ali who is getting married!

Look, it’s my name on a sign at the Marathon Expo!

Later in the afternoon, it was time to check out Cleveland Asian Fest (while FW dozed).

And my pre-race fuel – a veggie burger (from Phuel).

Pre-half marathon photo.

Finishing strong! (or at least trying to)

Post-race family photo.

Happy Dog post-13.1 eats (there is a veggie dog under that egg and chili).

A little local grocery shopping.

We bought some meat for this week!

And then took a walk by the water.

Love these two goofballs!

Some questions for you:

  • When was the last time you ran a half marathon?
  • Have you ever run an 8k?
  • Do you like veggie dogs?

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