WIAW: The Wrong Ice Cream!

Today is Wednesday. But it feels like Thursday…which is good, because I’m off Friday for a bachelorette party so today is technically my Thursday as well. It’s pseudo-Thursday because tomorrow (Thursday) is my Friday. Make sense?

Okay, enough confusion. Today’s What I Ate Wednesday features some pretty good food, including treats from a new Mexican restaurant. And some mislabeled ice cream – which I’ve never seen happen before! Here we go…

Breakfast was a smoothie – it’s pretty ugly I know, but it was delicious. It was berry, banana, spinach, oats and brewers yeast.

Lunch was out with some of my coworkers! We went to a new Mexican place in the neighborhood and I had chicken fajitas – they were delicious. The chips and salsa that came with the meal were really good too. The best part? The food came super fast AND I had leftovers!

For a snack, I had some strawberries and pineapple.

And some homemade nut butter.

Dinner that night was great – it was a veggie burger, corn bread (there were more pieces eaten than this one) and a quinoa salad I made – it was quinoa, asparagus, peas, broccoli and feta.

For dessert, I had bought Mitchell’s peanut butter chocolate chunk ice cream at the store. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the pint and it was NOT the right ice cream! That, my friends, is a chocolate ice cream-  not peanut butter. 😦 Luckily B likes chocolate ice cream but I was pretty bummed it wasn’t the one I was jonesing for. I guess it got mislabeled?

I ended up finishing off the day with some Halo Top instead (unpictured). And B enjoyed the ice cream 🙂

Some questions for you for today’s What I Ate Wednesday:

  • Do you like chocolate ice cream? No! Ick.
  • Have you ever opened up a food item only to find it wasn’t what you were looking for/expecting?


Unas Días en la Ciudad de México (A few days in Mexico City)

I know I’ve been somewhat incommunicado the past few days, but if you follow me on Instagram (@koskim), you probably noticed that B and I are on a fabulous vacation to Mexico City.  It had been a year since we’d been abroad (see: trip to Asia posts), and the vacation was definitely needed. It was (semi) warm (60-70 degrees as opposed to the Cleveland winter), and we got to enjoy some great food, culture, lots of walking and practicing our Spanish.

Have you ever been to Mexico City? It was our first time, and there was SO much to do. I’d definitely recommend the city if you’re looking for a fun getaway. I didn’t know what to expect, but overall the city had much MORE than I expected – more walking-friendly and safe areas, more clean streets, more parks, more fun restaurants and really just had more to offer.

Some highlights from our trip – I’ve put this in two blog posts because there’s just too much to include in one. Pardon the Spanglish – Here’s Parte Uno:

All of the food

I’ll do a whole What I Ate Wednesday post on the food from our trip, but overall everything was tan rico. Neither B nor I got sick from the food (yay! Let’s just say that B got sick twice in Asia so I was hoping for the best but prepared for the not-so-good) and we enjoyed some great tacos al pastor and other tacos, seafood, guacamole (even with grasshoppers!), roasted cactus, tons of meat and cheese and even some fruit.



tacos al pastor - featuring this amazing meat

tacos al pastor – featuring this amazing meat on a stick

said tacos al pastor

said al pastor meat

flan imposible

flan imposible

torta! (great sandwiches)

torta! (great sandwiches)

Cooking class

Speaking of food, B surprised me with a Mexican cooking class for my birthday. It was increíble! We started out with a local market tour (and of course we got some stuff to take home with us, along with some fresh fruit, ice cream, cheese and coffee to enjoy during the tour), and ended up with a multi-course cooking experience at the instructors homes. If you’re ever in Mexico City and have a day to spare, I highly recommend the course. The instructors, Jorge and Beto, were perfecto – friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming us in their home. They shared with us some family recipes as well as some tips on what to do during the rest of our time in their city.

beautiful setup for course

beautiful setup for course

learning how to roll our tamales

learning how to roll our tamales

B and me at the table

B and me at the table

And of course – la comida. Also great. We made chalupas, guacamole (with roasted grasshoppers), tamales, salsas, tacos al pastor de pescado (fish tacos al pastor style) and even enjoyed some wine and a local mescal tasting. (if you’re going to Mexico, I highly recommend you book this class – Casa Jacaranda)

Museums, art and churches

Mexico City and the surrounding areas are known for their great culture – both history and art scene. We didn’t have enough time to take it all in sadly, but we did enjoy our visits to the Anthropology Museum, Frida Kahlo home and museum, National Palace and a few other museums and cathedrals in the old part of downtown and beyond.


Diego Rivera mural

loved the Frida Kahlo museum.

loved the Frida Kahlo museum.


So many old churches!

So many old churches!


Stay tuned for Parte Dos (hopefully tomorrow) AND have a great week! I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot post, Katie for MIMM and as usual, the weekly wraps.

WIAW #42: One Friday, Two Cities

It’s time for another exciting episode of … What I Ate Wednesday! That’s right, it’s already Wednesday. And for me, it’s my pseudo Friday, because I’m off work tomorrow and Friday! Yippee!

This post features my eats from last Friday. It was a semi interesting day of eats, because it started with a somewhat normal work day, but since we were going away for the weekend, we had very few groceries. And then we were traveling and then we were in NYC Friday night! So, this post features 2 cities in one day.

The day started out with a non-typical breakfast. As I mentioned, we didn’t have many groceries, so I had some grapes and a few bites of B’s peanut butter toast. I wasn’t too hungry, so a few bites were all I needed.

20151211_111349 20151211_095250

I was starving by my usual mid-morning snack time, and I opted for half a banana and some peppermint bark.


I hadn’t brought a lunch, so I decided to walk over to Stone Oven. I got my FAVORITE salad, Jaina’s salad. It has chicken, feta, croutons, tabbouleh, couscous, roasted red pepper and their amazing bread. I ate the whole thing up.


I left work a little before 5 to head home to finish packing, grab a snack, and head to the airport. My snack was a cookie or two from our holiday cookie exchange the day prior. Look at all those cookies!!


At the airport, I grabbed some mentos, a lemonade and gum and then we headed to NY.

20151211_184010 20151211_173854

I was so hungry by the time we got into the city and met up with my friend Jane.  It was after 9:30, and we grabbed some Mexican food at a local place near her and it was great.

20151211_220439 20151211_221008 20151211_221150

Chips, guac and three tacos later, I was stuffed. Not a bad start to a fun weekend in NY!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have any upcoming trips planned? I’ll be back in NY again soon to spend the holidays with my family!
  • What’s your favorite holiday cookie or treat? I love peppermint bark! But love the simple shortbread cookies that my mom makes.
  • Do you have any go-to meals when you have no groceries?