What We’ve Been Up To Lately

If my life were a sitcom, the past week would’ve been the flashback episode.

You know, the episode that is pretty much a montage of scenes from other episodes?  That’s what this week has felt like. This past week we packed up boxes, bags and a UHaul and moved from our downtown apartment to the suburbs. We have been living downtown for more than 6 years and to say we were sad to leave is an understatement.

This week, scenes from years ago have been swirling through my head. B and I moving downtown right after we got married. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day footsteps above the parade on our patio. My first day walking to work (instead of driving). Running to the start of many 5ks, 10ks, half marathons. Walking down from our apartment to join in the celebration in the streets after the Cavs winning (and being 9++ months pregnant doing so). B converting the office into a nursery and building a changing table into the wall due to lack of space. B and I bringing FW home for the first time. Taking FW out for walks to the Flats and lakefront when he was just days old. Playing in the splash park downtown once he could walk.

I could go on and on on the many memories … but instead, here is a glimpse of what our lives have looked like the past few weeks as we have moved, started to unpack and continue to renovate the house.

Here’s the state of our third floor. This is after I spent 2 days unpacking stuff 🙂

Here’s our bathroom … B is updating it – it’s coming along! He put in a new ceiling and lighting, took out the vanity and is going to paint once the ceiling is done. 

Here’s the new living room. Yes, there are still boxes, furniture, etc. all over and the room is primed and ready to be painted. 

Where we spent our day a few weeks ago – UHaul rental!

Our backyard – and brand new driveway for FW to play on!

Selfies at the playground near daycare. 

Complete darkness during a morning run. And tons of trees. And wildlife – I passed a skunk the other day!

Some questions for you:

  • Is it dark when you go running?
  • Have you ever moved into a house that wasn’t ready and you were DIY-ing? What do you DIY?

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House Reno and LCBS Weekend

The time is coming for our stint in downtown living to come to an end. I’ll write more about the house and our move soon, but in the meantime, we are just trying to enjoy every last bit of our lives downtown, while getting everything ready for the big move.

So how do you try to enjoy downtown AND get ready to move the same time?

It’s hard, let me tell you. But here’s one way to do it.

Friday evening started off with a 3.5 mi run for me, followed by some playground time for FW. He isn’t so sure what to think of the slide, but he is trying to enjoy it!

We then walked to the Winking Lizard for a few patio beers.

Then, B went over to the house to do some work, while I put FW to bed and get some packing done. I packed up a box of our kitchen stuff .. there are still probably about a million more boxes to go, yikes!

Saturday morning started out with some time at the house. B, some family and friends had a painting party! He also worked on putting the ceiling up in the bathroom. 

We’re getting there – look at what a difference a day makes! No ceiling – almost ceiling!

FW enjoyed playing around on our gravel driveway … that too is going to be under construction soon!

He totally helped prime the walls, too. 

While over on that side of town, we also took a walk with my friend Lulu. On our walk we saw what she said was a falcon! We watched it eat a mouse. I’m going to have to get used to all the new wildlife that comes with moving outside of downtown, that’s for sure! (I have a picture of it eating the mouse, but I’ll spare you the gory details)

After stopping by the house, it was time to head to LCBS. This month’s LCBS brought us to Jocelyn’s house for felt flowers. I didn’t make the craft this time, but instead enjoyed some beer and watched FW play with the other babies. I’m so lucky to have a few friends with babies!

This month’s beer choice for me:

This is me laughing because Ruby is trying to hug FW. 

Sunday morning started out with a run. My long run for the week was 5 miles – nothing too long (for me), but I’m still getting back into the swing of running after some piriformis issues. It was hard from but I know that I’ll be back to where I was soon, hopefully!

While B was at the house, FW and I took a short walk around downtown and then made some sweet potatoes. He loves them fresh out of the oven. I sprinkle cinnamon on them and toss them with butter 🙂

Then, we headed over to the house to see how the work was going. The whole family was over painting again! 

And then FW and I took another walk, this time in the ‘burbs. He loved playing with the gravel on the driveway.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend and things are coming together at the house! I can take no credit, as I was on baby duty the entire weekend, but it’s amazing what one weekend can do. Will it be ready for us to move in soon? We shall see!

Some questions for you:

  • Are you a DIY-er? Have you bought a fixer upper?
  • Get in any good runs this weekend?

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Scenes From A Busy Weekend

HOW is the weekend over already? I have no idea where this weekend went at all – seriously, it flew by! Here’s just a snippet of what we did:

Flaming Ice Cube Friday! I’m starting to love this tradition B and I have – each Friday night we’ve been getting Flaming Ice Cube takeout. The downtown vegan restaurant is literally next door and it’s nice to just relax with some healthy takeout after a crazy week. Plus, I am addicted to their kalebouli!

Kalebouli and couscous from The Flaming Ice Cube

Kalebouli and couscous from The Flaming Ice Cube

B, Mary and I met early Saturday morning for a 10k through Ohio City and Tremont. We’re on pace for a sub-two hour half marathon … but it’s going to be tough!

Splits according to Brian's garmin

Splits according to Brian’s garmin

B and I made pizza! Well, B did. We  got fresh dough, mozzarella cheese, sausage and tomatoes in our CSA this week and it was perfect to make two little pizzas for us to enjoy. We even made our own sauce from the fresh tomatoes.

prepping tomatoes for homemade sauce

prepping tomatoes for homemade sauce

fresh pizza!

fresh pizza!

Oh, we also took a break from working to grab a few flights of wine and champagne. It was a beautiful day to enjoy some bubbly on the patio! I love just walking to the grocery store and grabbing drinks on the way. Seriously, I am so in love with downtown living in the summer!

perfect weather for some flights

perfect weather for some flights

We also attempted some packing. I’m starting to feel like I’m in an episode of Hoarders walking through my apartment, climbing over boxes, etc. I really need more time before we move this week to get packing!

Hoarders? No, just moving!

Hoarders? No, just moving! And yes, B already boxed up my Kitchenaid 😦 

How was your weekend? Not pictured- drinks at Noodlecat with B’s parents and their friends, plus a bbq at B’s parents house with his softball team. I meant to take pics of the delicious food and fun company .. but enjoyed myself too much to stop and document!