When You Have a Good Weekend You Start Monday Tired

Happy Monday! Can you believe the weekend is over? I’m SO tired after celebrating a bachelorette. I can NOT hang like I used to. I was out until 1:30 a.m. Saturday/Sunday … but I digress. Here’s a look at how the overall weekend looked:

Friday night I ended up missing out on some of the bachelorette activities and stayed in with the fam. We ordered sushi and had dinner on the porch, which was an excellent decision for a beautiful night.  Full disclosure – the kids had grilled cheese and tofu nuggets. BUT LM ended up also eating some of the rice and seaweed salad!


Saturday morning, B was out golfing, so we did some playing inside on our own.

But when B got home, we rode our bikes (I ran) to the playground, and then to the farmers market!

Later that afternoon, I realized both LM and I were in dresses  – so naturally we had to grab a pic.

But then it was time to head out for the bachelorette! 

We celebrated by having drinks, dinner, more drinks, dancing and more. Is there any better way to celebrate your future sister-in-law?

We stayed out LATE. I was out until 1:30 a.m., which was earlier than most of the crew. #feelingOld

But, I have 2 kids who wake up when the sun’s up most days, and staying out so late meant not as much sleep as usual. Thankfully, B let me sleep in and I got up just before the family went out for breakfast. B had planned to take the kids to pancakes  while I slept, but I have serious FOMO and had to join them. So, I ran to meet them there.

And then did a little run on the way home, putting me at 4ish for the day. Not bad considering I was out partying late!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out. I even got in a nap when both kids were napping = win! But still — I need more sleep than that. Here’s to hoping for a restful week!


Questions for you:

  • How late is late for you if you’re going out? 11pm is past my bedtime…1:30 a.m. was LATE!
  • What’s your go-to sushi order?

A Luau – In Cleveland!

This weekend, B and I attended a luau. In Cleveland. That’s right – one with some cooked pig, leis, dancing, and a beach. Oh, and there were even some grass skirts.

luau banner image

No, I’m not joking. Saturday, B and I scored free tickets (thank you so much Charlene!) to the 9th annual Luau on the Lake, put on by Shoes and Clothes For Kids (SC4K). The summer Hawaiian-themed event takes place on Whiskey Island and is a fundraiser for the local Cleveland charity. Never heard of SC4K? From their website: SC4K is the only non-profit organization in Greater Cleveland providing new shoes and clothes to thousands of children in need at no charge throughout the year. Through a network of 35 distribution partners, SC4K positively impacts the lives of area children by giving them the self-esteem and confidence that comes from having brand new shoes and clothes.

Great organization, right? I know several people on their board. It’s great to see local organizations doing things that impact the people of our city!

Anyway, on to the event. B and I had gone to the Luau on the Lake in 2008 and enjoyed it a lot. BUT it was amazing to see how much had changed in just four years – there were many more people, more activities and more dancing then I remember.

2008 Luau - don't we look the same?

2008 Luau – don’t we look the same?

This year’s Luau was a huge party, outdoors, on the beach and they had sand volleyball, cornhole, giant Jenga, great food, drinks, a limbo competition, dancing and more.

some of the crowd

some of the crowd

corn hole - I didn't partake because I lack those skills.

corn hole – I didn’t partake because I lack those skills.

We enjoyed the food, drinks and even the dancing. And the coconut sorbet for dessert? OMG. I will dream about that for weeks.

Coconut sorbet. SO GOOD.

Coconut sorbet. SO GOOD.

The event was great. I’d highly recommend you go to the 2015 event (and I hope we do too!) if you want to spend some time celebrating summer in Cleveland, enjoying food and entertainment and of course lovely lake views – all for a good cause.

2014 Luau. Nearly the same pose as 2008!

2014 Luau. Nearly the same pose as 2008!