When March Comes In Like A Lion

Well, March is here but it doesn’t really feel like we’re just a few weeks away from spring. The weather is COLD and we had a snow storm hit us Thursday night/Friday morning (so much that schools were even closed and daycare had a 2 hour delay).

So, Friday night and much of this weekend, instead of doing fun, outdoor, springy activities, we acted just like it was winter again.

Friday night, we hung out in the house with some takeout vegetarian Ethiopian food.

We also hung in and watched a movie. Well, most of a movie – we may have fallen asleep part of the way through the movie The House. Have you seen it?

Saturday morning started early with bagels!

And then, we walked to a nearby farmer’s market. They have a big farmer’s market about a mile away from our house in the summer, and a smaller one in the summer.

We bought some veggies and eggs and meat and jelly and treats. And FW pet a rooster!

After the market, we walked to a nearby bookstore.

I can’t believe we’ve lived here for a few months and haven’t been here before. It was amazing.

That afternoon included some errands, and some reading. I finished this book, which I really enjoyed!

Then, Dave and Anson came over with their kids. FW had fun running around with Celia for a while, and then they joined us for dinner.

Sunday morning, B, FW and I headed to Burton, Ohio – aka Pancaketown!

Burton is called Pancaketown, USA because every spring, they have a bazillion maple trees, which they all tap for maple syrup. These silver boxes on all these trees are maple taps.

Then, in March, a ton of places host pancake breakfast fundraisers, which they of course serve with their own maple syrup.

It was a great decision, since FW loves pancakes. It was his first time trying blueberry pancakes and he ate them right up. Especially the blueberry part.

That afternoon, the weather was chilly but still sunny, so we opted to take a walk around our neighborhood. We decided to walk to the library, where FW could run around and play.

We ended our day at B’s parents’ house and had a good dinner and dessert – cream puffs! FW enjoyed those.

Some questions for you:

  • Do you like cream puffs?
  • What kind of pancakes do you like? The pancake breakfast had buttermilk, buckwheat and blueberry.

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A Typical Weekend At Home

There’s just something wonderful about a weekend at home with nothing planned. In looking ahead at our calendar and realizing that pretty much our whole March and first few weeks of April were booked with activities (pretty much all fun stuff!), I was looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and not doing much.

So, what did our weekend at home entail?

Friday night meant some Indian food. We had eggplant, cauliflower, fish and naan. SO good!

(Grilled cheese for FW)

We also started a movie – The Girl With All the Gifts. I had read the book before and was wanting to see the movie. We didn’t make it through Friday night, because I decided I wanted something lighter.

Saturday morning, B took FW to his cousin’s soccer game, so I got to (sorta) sleep in! Meaning I woke up at 7, went back into bed at 8:30 and relaxed until they came home around 9:30. I’ve been under the weather, and woke up Saturday with a massive headache, so resting in a dark bedroom was what I needed.

Later in the morning, we made some peanut and almond butters.

Saturday afternoon, the rainy weather let up for a little bit, so we went for a short family walk to a bakery for lunch. FW fell asleep for a short while in the stroller. But he woke up for some bread when we got to the bakery!

We hung around the house for a while, reading and relaxing as it rained some more.

It cleared up just in time for us to head out again- this time for some shopping. We made the trip to the West Side Market to pick up goodies for the week.

That evening, B made a pretty amazing meal – veal osso bucco. I had never had it before, but he had picked up some veal shanks at the Market and it turned out pretty good.

Sunday morning, after breakfast, the three of us took a walk to a new donut shop that just opened a few miles away – Daylight Donuts. It was a beautiful day (finally no rain!) and great to get outside. FW walked for all of .5 miles before hopping in the stroller for an hour nap, which I didn’t mind.

That afternoon, we hit up a wood warehouse so B could see what kind of inventory they had. He is thinning about making us some porch furniture. This place takes down trees, etc. and cuts them into wood for customers; the guy also makes custom projects and sells them. He had so much raw wood/tree stumps, etc.  in the warehouse, and then cut out designs started in his showroom.

Afterwards, we drove to the beach and park to run around for a bit. It was chilly but sunny! And felt great to be outside.

We finished the day with dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday at B’s parents house. A pretty busy weekend for having nothing to do – but tons of fun!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you like donuts?
  • What do you do if you have nothing planned for the weekend?

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