Cutting Down Week

After about 12 weeks of getting 40+ miles in a week, I decided to take it “easy” this week. 

Looking at totals, I know 30+ miles isn’t quite an easy week. I still ran every day (I’m at 128 days of my running streak!). And, I still got in my step goal (11,000 steps) each day. But I was intentional about not running as much this week and didn’t get in my usual mid-week 7 miler.  Instead, here’s what the week looked like: 

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Weekly Run Down: Dash Across The Land Virtual 10K

This week included my 2nd race, the DASH ACROSS THE LAND 10K.  As I mentioned last week, I hadn’t properly trained for it, or at least to run it as a race. I knew I’d be able to cover the distance — I’ve been running 4-8 miles a day for 100+ days in a row now, but I hadn’t put in any speed training. My runs were averaging more than 10 minute miles (slow for me). I had had 3 runs out of the past 40 or so that made it under 10 minutes/mile (And those were 9:54 and slower).  So would I be able to get in the 9s for race day? Continue reading

One Week Till My Next Race

When I first heard about the newest Cleveland-area virtual race, DASH ACROSS THE LAND,  I had grand plans. I was going to perhaps hold off on my running streak, take a few easy days, and then start up with spadework. This would surely help me get past my running slump (I’ve been slow – for me – since getting sick in March) and bring me back to racing speeds.

Well, spoiler alert – I haven’t done any of that, and the race is next weekend!

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Almost to 100

I’m almost to 100. 100 days of running in a row! 

When I started the running streak the day of the Cleveland half marathon (virtual), I had no idea how long I would continue it. I had never actually run a day after a half marathon before, but since I was doing the Challenge Series and due to run a 5k either the day before or after, I figured I’d run it the day after and see how I felt. I was surprised how okay I felt, and decided to just keep running. And here we are! Day 94.

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Breaking Mileage Records AND A New Race To Sign Up For

June has come and gone and I can’t believe we’re onto another month of working at home, pandemic life and well, everything that comes with it. The one perk of my work-from-home is that I have been able to get in longer runs. I typically wake up early, do a little work, go for a run, and am back working sometimes even before I was usually in the office. This has led to some higher-than-typical mileage weeks and months for me! Which means I’m staying in running shape, and that’s good because I have a NEW race that I’ll be participating in.
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Running with my Parents in Town

Another week of run streaking down and I’m now at 65 days! I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep this up, but it’s been actually great to get out there every day. This week was easier than usual, because my parents were in town for a few days! So, Sunday and Monday I was able to sleep late (6:30-7 ish) and get in a run while the kids hung out with my parents. They enjoyed the Nonna and Grandpa time and I enjoyed the time to myself to run!
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Training Tuesday: Streaking … Complete! #RWRunStreak

Happy Tuesday! I’m excited to share that for today’s Training Tuesday post, instead of talking through training and particular workouts, I’m just going to share one thing – I completed the recent Runner’s World Run Streak! What was that? I ran at least one mile per day, every day, from Memorial Day (Monday, May 25) to the Fourth of July (Saturday, July 4). That’s 41 consecutive days of running!

Some highlights from the streak:

Day 1 of the streak – I was in a thick heavy shirt with built-in mittens. The first unofficial day of summer and it was freezing (okay, maybe an exaggeration…it was low 40s) out!

Even on the days I didn’t have a run scheduled, I still made sure to get in at least one mile. This was one of my fastest treadmill miles (fast for me at least):

I ran a 5k during one of the runs AND got my coveted sub-25 5K PR! It was humid AND we’d run to the race so I’d love to see what my next 5k holds. Below, B and me with my brother and sister-in-law and their adorable kids at the race.


Celebrating National Running Day with Erica and Nicole – and of course, a run!20150603_070056

One of my college BFFs, Katie, came into town from Seattle and we went for a run by the water to get some good views of the city and the lake.

20150612_081145 20150613_174713

I even saw a deer one morning on one of my runs downtown in the Flat. So strange to me to see wildlife in the city!


We also got in some runs while traveling. B made it out with me in both Chicago AND Milwaukee to cap off my streak.

Running along the beach in Chicago

Running along the beach in Chicago

Running along the water in Milwaukee

Running along the water in Milwaukee

Some questions for you:

  • Did you participate in a running streak? What’s the longest you’ve streaked for?
  • Do you prefer running in cities? Trails? Countryside? Burbs? Sand?