A Northeastern Fall Foliage Tour

B and I recently were able to take some time off – a week! – and decided to go on a roadtrip to some eastern states in what we were dubbing our “fall foliage tour.” Yes, that’s how I know I’m getting older – we are planning fall foliage tours. What am I, almost 30? (rhetorical question – don’t answer that)

It was a great way to spend a week off- it was relaxing (even though we were active), we got a chance to do some of my favorite fall activities (hiking and apple picking) and even got to spend a day seeing my parents and a day seeing a friend from college. Just what I needed in some time off! Some highlights from the trip:

We started with a quick stop to see my parents and go apple picking (full blog post here).

apple picking at indian ladder

Then headed to the town of Schroon, New York to see our friend Mitch and run the beautiful, hilly Adirondack Half Marathon along Schroon Lake (full blog post here).

adirondack half marathon

After the race

On our way to our next stop, we hit up Ticonderoga, New York. We visited the small downtown area and then visited Fort Ticonderoga.

walking around Ticonderoga

B and some old cannons

B and some old cannons

Great views from Fort Ticonderoga!

Great views from Fort Ticonderoga!

Then we headed to the beautiful state of Vermont! It was B’s first time there and we spent a few days in Northern Vermont, staying in Burlington, checking out their pretty waterfront, trying the local food, walking around their fun downtown area, taking quick trips to neighboring small towns and touring Ben & Jerry’s!

Hello from the town of Stowe, Ohio!

Hello from the town of Stowe, Vermont!

Being goofy at Ben & Jerry's

Being goofy at Ben & Jerry’s

The flavor graveyard. RIP cookie dough frozen yogurt :(

The flavor graveyard. RIP cookie dough frozen yogurt 😦

sunset along the waterfront in Burlington

sunset along the waterfront in Burlington

On our way to our next state, we made a pit stop in New Hampshire for a hike through the White Mountains. We spent a few hours hiking around Mt. Eisenhower. Unfortunately the weather was drizzly and foggy that day so we didn’t get in any amazing views that we’d heard about. But we did get in some activity – something I’d been craving, since it had been a few days since our half marathon.



Then we headed to Portland, Maine. Full blog post coming about this trip, but we had a great time walking everywhere, trying the local food and craft beer (Shipyard Pumpkin FTW!) and I even got in a few runs while I was there.

maine craft distilling

Our last quick stop was Boston. We walked around our alma mater, Boston College, stopped by the place we got engaged, and hit up the North End for dinner. A perfect end to a great vacation!

Back at BC!

Back at BC!

Some questions for you:

  1. Are the fall colors changing where you are? What’s your favorite way to see fall foliage? On a run? A hike through the mountains? A Sunday drive? Apple picking? Other?
  2. Do you like pumpkin beer? What’s your favorite? I’ve heard of some beer snobs who can’t stand it! I liked trying the Shipyard, but Pumking may still be my favorite.
  3. What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? I loved Vanilla Heath Bar fudge (they don’t make it anymore now that they’re GMO free … RIP Heath bars!) but also love their new core flavors (any with vanilla as a base) and love anything with Caramel. Oh, and Cherry Garcia. Do I have to choose just one?

A Schroon Lake Wedding – Congrats Mitch and Becca

Phew. Do you ever have those wonderful, fabulous weekends that are tons of fun, yet leave you needing another weekend to recover? Well, this weekend was one of those weekends.

My weekend somehow started on Wednesday. B and I hit the road after work for the long drive to Schroon Lake, where we’d be celebrating the marriage of Mitch, a close college friend, and Becca, who we somehow had not yet met. The 9ish hour drive ended at around 2 a.m., when we woke up Mitch and Becca and decided to hang out and talk about their upcoming wedding and some fun old memories until the wee hours.

Thursday morning I had to work, so I plugged in my laptop and sat outside while the boys (B and Mitch) swam in the lake and went for a boat ride. I couldn’t really complain about missing out – Mitch’s mom had made us an amazing breakfast (eggs over easy, toast, fruit and bacon) and I was able to sit outside and get my work done while enjoying some amazing views.

 Schroon Lake

The view from my office for the day – Schroon Lake

Thursday night, we checked into the B&B where we were staying and then headed to the pre-wedding dinner and met most of Becca’s family and friends. We stayed out at the local bar for a little while before heading back to the B&B and cabins where everyone was staying to hang out until the wee hours of the night (notice a pattern?).

B and I at the “Rehearsal” dinner

the groom and his new wedding/birthday gift – a mini helicopter

Friday morning was the wedding day! Mitch, his friends, B and I hit up downtown Schroon Lake and Pitkin’s, a favorite local diner, for breakfast (me: Western omelet with hash browns; B: 2 pancakes, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages). The plan had been to go for a hike or golf during the day with Mitch before the wedding, but right when we decided we’d meet up, it started to downpour. And not just  a little, misty rain – but the skies opened up and Schroon Lake experienced more rain than it had all summer. Two hours before the outdoor wedding was to begin. The rain didn’t stop. The wedding was moved from the gazebo in downtown Schroon Lake to underneath the porch at Mitch’s Lake House – which ended up being perfect and gorgeous! And of course, as soon as they were married, the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the evening, dancing outside, by the lake, under the stars. After the wedding, we again went back to the cabins to party and I even learned a little ukulele!

Bride and Groom – no more rain!

Schroon Lake wedding day

B and I at the Lake House Wedding

Stalking the family photo – check out the gorgeous backdrop!

Saturday morning, Mitch’s friends again ended up at Pitkin’s for brunch before the full day of celebration (aka Lakefest) was due to begin at 11 a.m. Since the day’s festivities were starting with a BBQ, I convinced B we didn’t need to hit up the diner again, but instead could go for a run. Score! It was hot and humid, and we only ran around the town, but it felt good to get my legs moving before another day of festivities.

Mitch’s Lake House, Decorated for the Wedding

After arriving back at the lake house, B and I enjoyed a pontoon ride, tubing, a speed boat ride, and some swimming before it started pouring again. The rest of the guests were supposed to arrive around dinnertime, and again, like clockwork, as soon as everyone had arrived, the rain stopped. This time, a gorgeous rainbow appeared. We enjoyed dinner, more dancing, corn hole (somehow B and I were the reigning champs?), beer pong, and more made up games back at the cabins until late.

full rainbow!

Back to Pitkin’s – image from Yelp

Sunday morning, B and I woke up early and met up with everyone at Pitkin’s once again. Same order for most of us (yes, another Western omelet), but there was a  bittersweet feeling as most of us had to get on the road for our trips back to our prospective home towns. Nobody was traveling quite as far (most of his friends had stayed close to home, in the Connecticut, NYC area), but we all knew the 4 days of Mitch and Becca’s wedding weekend had come to a close. B and I hit the road after another amazing greasy brunch and were able to even stop by my parents’ house on the way back, who had just returned from their travels abroad to visit my brother in Turkey and Scotland. We didn’t make it back to Cleveland until late, but it was worth it.

Cheers Mitch and Becca – thanks for including us in your special day and we hope to see you soon!