I <3 Pinterest But ….

But it’s not right for everyone.

It pains me to say that – but it really isn’t perfect for every company.  I know, I know – I’ve said it a million times how much I love Pinterest, how excited I am that I get to use it every day at work for clients, how I use it to find and share great recipes, and how awesome it is that I’ve even been interviewed, and quoted, on the topic in Crain’s.

So how do you know when NOT to use Pinterest? That could be a whole other blog post – or even a blog post series – but here’s a great infograph I found today that lays it out nicely – enjoy! (click on image to view original source and make it larger)

How Many QR Codes Can I Find in One Day?

QR Codes QR Codes Everywhere … and not enough time to scan them!

Just this past week, I was excited to be quoted in Crain’s Cleveland Business Journal within an article about QR codes. I was sharing this article with a few friends and was astonished to hear that some of them had never even heard of a QR code! This made me begin to wonder – am I in the know because of my marketing and social media background and interests – or are they really not as ubiquitous as I believe?

SO of course I conducted my own experiment. How many QR codes could I find in an average day in Cleveland? The answer? A lot! Check out the play-by-play, below:

QR Code #1 – Home, morning: Getting ready for work, I put some raisins in my cereal. What do I find?  A QR code on the box!

QR Code #2 – In the office: First thing I see? My nameplate, with corporate photo on it. What am I holding in my photo? Oh that’s right, a QR code!

QR Code #3 – Again in the office: The copy paper boxes have two QR codes on them!

QR Code #4 – Still in the office: Mailtime! Victoria’s Secret is using QR codes in its recent mailer.

QR Code #5 – Lunchtime: Spot the next QR code while enjoying lunch at the Market.

QR Code #6 – Back in the office: While listening to music on YouTube at work I find the next QR code!

QR Code #7 – Walking home from work and round the corner: Turning the corner I see a QR code in an empty window, promoting a new aerial skills class!

QR Code #8 – Walking home from work: The Red Bull girls are out and about downtow.! I snag not only a free Sugar Free Red Bull, but also a key chain – with a QR code!

QR Code #9 – Home, evening: Heading out to workout and as I’m lacing up my shoes I notice a QR code inside them.

QR Code #10 – Out to dinner: There’s a QR code on my ketchup!

That’s TEN QR codes – in ONE day. If I had gone to the grocery store, I likely would’ve found even more – case in point, the QR code found on this quinoa vodka, below.

Also, I didn’t count the QR codes on all the buildings in my neighborhood such as the QR codes on the Cleveland Welcome Center and Cle Clothing Company. OR the QR code in the Crain’s article I was featured!

Oh, and while I’m writing this blog post? I can’t help but take a photo of another QR on the table in front of me! 

Are you familiar with QR codes? Are you a fan? Have you ever counted just how many QR codes you see in one day?

Geek or a Nerd?

I always (read: the past few years) thought I was a nerd … but after checking out this pretty cool* infographic, I realize I may just be a geek! After all, I don’t like Star Trek (I get it confused with Star Wars … which is which again?), and fall asleep everytime I try to watch Lord of the Rings.

Which are you?

*thinking an infographic is cool is probably pretty geeky

Geeks vs Nerds
From: MastersInIt.org