A Stormy Weekend: One Sentence Per Photo

This post will be semi short (in terms of words), because we are still without power and internet. So in the meantime, here are some photos from our weekend, oneish-sentence-per-photo style.

We went out to breakfast for B’s birthday on Friday! The restaurant sang him happy birthday and he got to blow out a candle on a muffin 🙂

We had a date night and tried duck tongue for an appetizer. 

Friday night we had a SERIOUS storm hit our neighborhood. Our neighbor’s tree limbs fell on our power and cable lines. 

While we did have some car issues with the storm, thank goodness this was not my car (but it was on my street. There was a line of cars hit by a line of trees that all went down.

You can’t tell from the photo, but my driveway is between that down tree and the down power line in the distance. We were stuck in our driveway for a bit on Saturday.

That didn’t stop us from having fun at our block party! LM enjoyed some watermelon.

And FW and B did an egg toss (and lost).

Sunday morning included a 5k – we ran with the kids in stroller. 

And the rest of the weekend included buying ice (for our coolers, since we have no working electricity/fridges), cleaning up our yards and dealing with the electric company. Here’s to hoping we get power back soon!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s the longest you’ve been without power?
  • Does your neighborhood have block parties?


Another Reason to Love The Cleve

Are you scared of severe storms? Horrified of hurricanes? Terrified of tornadoes and typhoons? (You get the idea!) Then Cleveland may be just the place for you! According to SustainLane’s 2008 US City Rankings Cleveland is one of the cities in the US least likely to be hit by a natural disaster. According to SustainLane:

Coming in tied at #1 for lowest natural disaster risk as defined by the above criteria are Milwaukee and Mesa, Arizona. These cities are least likely to face hurricanes, earthquakes, catastrophic hail and tornado super-outbreaks, as they lack geographic, geologic and atmospheric conditions needed to create these disasters. Catastrophic flooding is also unlikely. Other major US cities ranking higher for safety from natural disasters are Cleveland, El Paso, Phoenix and Tucson (all tied at #3).

Go Cleveland!