WIAW: Day Off and Date Night

What do you eat when you’re not following a routine? Are your eats messed up? Are they healthier? Less healthy?

I find that I eat relatively healthy Monday through Friday when I’m at work. I like to meal plan or at least sometimes prepare my lunches ahead of time. And most of the time, these lunches include plenty of veggies. Other days, however, I’m less inclined to eat my veggies. Why? For me, it’s convenience – they just take time to prepare and when I’m not at work, I’m not usually preparing food. As you can see – today I’m sharing with you  What I Ate Wednesday meals from a day I was out of the office. And yes, I’m still eating a ton of fruit – it’s still a major pregnancy craving.

Breakfast was a smoothie from Restore! I was never into smoothies until pregnancy. Maybe it’s for hydrating or maybe it’s my love of fruit – but I love them now.

Restore smoothie!

Restore smoothie!

And some fruit.


I took a three-isa mile walk in the afternoon so fueled up right afterwards with some more fruit. This time, a giant bowl and a dollop of whipped cream I had made as well.  See those delicious cherries at the bottom?


Lunch was a mismatch of food that was in my fridge. Part of B’s leftover sandwich, a tortilla with peanut butter and honey (YUM!) and an assortment of cheese. Because, why not?


B and I went out for dinner in Little Italy and had a delicious meal. We started with some buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto and then I had the special – a lobster on top of pasta with tomato sauce. SO AMAZINGLY GOOD.

20160617_195637 20160617_202342

And for dessert? I passed by the cannoli and instead opted for some ice cream made with liquid nitrogen at Piccadilly. There were so many choices it was hard to decide, but I ultimately went with goat cheese with fig and honey – was so creamy!

20160617_212646 20160617_212702

And that was it! A delicious day off and date night 🙂

Some questions for you:

  • When you’re not following a routine do you eat differently?
  • What’s the most interesting flavor of ice cream you have had? AND/OR what flavor would you have had from the list above?

WIAW: Friday Lenten Eats

Happy Wednesday!  You’ve made it – you’re halfway through the week. And some of you lucky dogs are more than halfway if you have Friday off … not me.

I may not have Friday off, but I’m celebrating – because it’s What I Ate Wednesday! The day for sharing a checking out a random day of eats (and spying on all of your food too…because I love seeing what everyone eats).

For breakfast, I had some fruit salad and nuts and a little yogurt on top of the fruit salad. I still can’t get enough fruit and Siggi’s. That’s probably the theme of this pregnancy – fruit, Siggi’s and dessert.


For a snack before lunch, I had a handful of mixed nuts. Wow, look at all that salt!?20160318_115909

Lunch was a mishmash. I had some roasted veggies, tofu and a barley salad. And then some leftover black bean soup from Panera that I hadn’t finished for dinner the night before. I don’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent and this was the perfect filling meatless meal!20160318_130533

A mid-afternoon snack included an apple.20160318_132502

AND of course some peanut M&Ms. 20160318_144723

For dinner, B and I had plans to have Dave and Anson over – they were going to help us with our baby registry and B was going to make fish for a Lenten Friday meal. While he cooked the meal, we snacked on some cheeses and bread (bread not pictured). 20160318_184831

And our dinner – SO delicious. Mashed cauliflower with some gruyere, asparagus and shallots and scallops. My apartment still smells fro the scallops but they were SO GOOD.20160318_194633

And dessert? Some of these Bailey’s St. Patrick’s Day themed cupcakes! And maybe a Samoa or two (unphotographed).



That was a delicious Friday!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you go meatfree once a week? What’s your favorite meatless meal?
  • What’s your favorite afternoon snack? Sweet/salty combos – nuts and fruit or even peanut M&Ms!

WIAW: Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth or a meat tooth? Since pregnancy, I’ve definitely been craving sweets. Even when it comes to veggies or fruits, usually I’m team veggie but I can’t get enough fruits it seems!

For those of you that are new to What I Ate Wednesday, it’s a time for sharing and checking out a random day of eats. I love seeing everyone’s eats and sharing my own! These were my eats from earlier in the week – you can see that I had dessert a few times during the day 🙂

Breakfast was a leftover decaf coffee with milk from Sunday (I had bought some coffee when Starbucks had double the star awards going on .. and of course I didn’t finish it. I’m awful with drinking coffee!), egg whites, veggies, and a clementine. Yum.


And a mid-morning snack – an apple. I like to cut it up into pieces and eat it while working.20160307_131947

Lunch was a veggie burger, along with some roasted sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. I don’t know why – but it REALLY hit the spot! 20160307_124816

I made brownies over the weekend and couldn’t help but have one for dessert after lunch. I never really liked chocolate or brownies pre=pregnancy, but fudge brownies are good to me these days. Not cakey brownies or chocolate cake – they have to be fudge. 20160306_130525

Later in the afternoon I also had some fruit salad and yogurt. Have I told you how much I love Siggi’s? The pomegranate and passion fruit is SO GOOD.20160307_154550

I also had some hard candy throughout the day. Some Werther’s, ginger coconut and some candy I had from Cambodia20160307_145025

B made me dinner! We had some red snapper, roasted cauliflower and sautéed bok choy and onions. It was SO GOOD.


And for dessert? Girl Scout Cookies! I had a tagalong and a Do-Si-Do. Peanut butter cookies FTW!20160307_202350

And in case you didn’t see it – we have a lot of Girl Scout Cookies in our house right now 🙂20160306_175416

And that was it! A delicious day 🙂

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Mine are likely Samoas or any of the peanut butter ones.
  • Were you a Girl Scout? Yes! And my mom was cookie manager one year. 
  • Sweet or savory? Fruit or vegetables?