Let’s Taco ‘Bout the Weekend

I had SUCH a wonderful weekend. Seriously. It started with a day off and long walk with B, then chilling with my brother who SURPRISED me with a trip to Cleveland, spending time with my parents and then being showered with love during my taco-themed baby shower! I couldn’t have planned for a better weekend and am still feeling in the love bubble from all the greatness of the weekend! (Or maybe it’s from the tacos ….)

The weekend started with a walk around downtown and the Flats on a gorgeous day….

20160520_102732 20160520_103620

Then some coffee shop hopping with Greg.


Then dinner at Taza with my family.20160520_190112

And dessert at Cowell & Hubbard.20160520_214250

Obligatory family photo! ❤ 20160520_201108(0)

Saturday morning B and I took another walk around downtown.20160521_102241

And then it was shower time! Time for a Mexican fiesta. Yes, that is a taco piñata that the amazing hostess, Cuoghi made.Screenshot 2016-05-21 21.35.51

Cuoghi and I.


Some of the amazing taco-themed food.Screenshot 2016-05-21 21.10.03

Me and my momma ❤


And my “aunt” Pam – family friend forever – I can’t believe she made the trip all the way to Cleveland from Connecticut!IMG_2876

Cari and me 🙂


Me and the “awesome aunts” IMG_0256

And yes, we managed to save room after the shower to get dinner with my family. Superior Pho, again.20160521_194148 20160521_194133

Sunday included some brunch at Phuel (and yes, of course I had my favorite yogurt and granola) and more hanging out with my family. I hate when they leave – and it’s crazy to think the next time I see them all B and I may be a family of 3!

fam chandelier

Followed by a nice walk on a new area of the Towpath.


And a little work – not that bad when you can be outside enjoying your favorite local tea!

Screenshot 2016-05-22 15.56.47

Dinner was on our own. Since we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent most of the day outside (and not cooking) – we had leftovers for dinner. A perfect end to a GREAT weekend with family and friends!


Some questions for you:

  • What’s the best themed shower you’ve been to?
  • Which cuisine do you prefer – Lebanese, Mexican or Vietnamese?

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Weekend with Mom

My mom came and visited this weekend! Both of my parents were supposed to visit, but my dad came down with a sinus infection and my mom decided to still drive out by herself. I’m so glad she did! Even though she was only here for a little over a day (Friday night through Sunday morning), we had such a great time and did a lot. Seriously- I had SUCH A GREAT time. It’s going to be hard to wait another month to see her!

We started out with dinner at one of my favorites Friday night, Taza.

look at all this Middle Eastern goodness!

look at all this Middle Eastern goodness!

mom and i at dinner

mom and i at dinner

Saturday morning started with breakfast at Phuel.


Plus my last free coffee for a while at Starbucks. Now that they’ve changed their rewards program I don’t think I’ll be benefitting anytime soon 😦


Followed by a walk to the Cleveland Tea Revival for some tea.

Iced berry hibiscus = perfect for the warm weather we were having!

Iced berry hibiscus = perfect for the warm weather we were having!

And then to the West Side Market and the walk home.

Practically 8 months pregnant!!

Practically 8 months pregnant!!

That afternoon we got pedicures – the same color (OPI’s “She’s a Bad Muffuletta”).


And to the bakery for a few treats.


Then it was time for the Indians game! B got us suite seats through his work and we joined his family for a WINNING Indians game! (They were playing the Mets so my even though my mom was sporting an Indians t-shirt, I’m sure she was just a little disappointed – we’re from NY and the Mets are the team she rooted for growing up)

20160416_165131 20160416_190607

After the game, I convinced B and my mom to go out for ice cream. Like seriously, my mom was tired, B didn’t feel like getting off the couch and I pulled the whole “I’m pregnant and want ice cream” and it worked. Maybe I should’ve been doing this the whole time?


Sunday morning we had a quick breakfast with my mom (courtesy of some of the treats we grabbed at Bloom) before she headed out. It’s always so sad when my parents leave, and this time no exception. It took me a little while to recover.

picture of the muffin from Bloom

picture of the muffin from Bloom

But when I did, B and I headed outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. It may have been 50 downtown, but it was 70 in Rocky River and we went for a run in the Metroparks. I had a hard time at first, but once I stopped comparing myself to my non-pregnant runner self and started to enjoy the weather, the scenery, etc. I had a really good run.20160417_114700

I will be sore on Monday (because that’s what happens when 7.5 month pregnant me runs now), but it was so worth it to get outside and feel good about myself.

That night we celebrated Mary’s dinner with B’s family and it was the perfect night to be outside before dinner.

shrimp and grits!

shrimp and grits!


Amazing what a difference one week makes – it was 20 degrees last Sunday and 70 this week! I’ll take 70 any day 🙂

Some questions for you:

  1. Did you have amazing weather this weekend as well?
  2. Favorite ice cream flavor – go! I love anything with vanilla and chunks. Especially cookie dough or peanut butter or heath bar!
  3. What’s your idea of a perfect girls weekend? the above – good food, pedicures, walking and some outdoor time. 

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WIAW #41: Dinner with Friends

Phew, we made it to Wednesday! Ever have those weeks where each day seems like two to three days? And by the time you get to Wednesday it feels like it should be a Friday? Yup, that’s me this week. Work, real life and personal life are getting a little crazy thanks to the holiday season and end of the year coming soon and I am SO ready for Friday!

I somehow missed last week’s WIAW. Whoops! Blame it on a busy week? So I’m back! With not a very exciting day, but a day that includes going to dinner with friends, so there’s that. And some hummus. Because what day is complete without some hummus? Amiright?


For breakfast, I started the day with some yogurt and fruit. I mixed plain Greek nonfat yogurt with some fruit I leftover from a weekend yogurt parfait and a pear. Delicious. But I can’t remember the last time I had my staple of eggs and veggies for breakfast!


I had a lunch meeting that day, and we ordered in from Tomaydo Tomahdo. I got their southwestern salad, minus the tortilla crunches, and it was pretty good. I like the cilantro dressing and had some of it on the side. Any salad with a ton of cheese is a good salad in my mind 🙂


I still got hungry later and had an apple, some nuts and a cookie for a snack.

20151207_153415 20151130_155347

For dinner, I had a plans to meet up with some girls at Taza, my favorite Lebanese restaurant. They have THE BEST hummus in town and we shared some hummus, falafel (not pictured) AND a salad with feta (yum) and chicken.

20151207_182544 20151207_180932

And that was about it! I love love love some hummus right now and it definitely hit the spot. And those pitas. They were like pillows!!


  • Middle eastern food – yay or nay?
  • When you order lunch in, do you have a go-to order?
  • Tell me something about your week!


Weekend Update: It’s Been 5 Weeks …

It’s been FIVE whole weeks since I’ve spent a weekend in Cleveland. Oh boy! No wonder I was feeling super excited and almost giddy for a weekend of staying home and enjoying what looked like an amazing weather forecast:

costa rica weather

Okay, okay – you got me. That’s not Cleveland. But it was darn close – this weekend we saw sunny, 70 degree temps BOTH DAYS. For my friends in Southern California I know that’s not a big deal – but holy cow, it felt great here!

Some highlights from the weekend:

Friday night started with dinner at Flaming Ice Cube with a few other friends. Oh kalebouli hummus wrap – how I have missed thee!

Kalebouli humus wrap from the Flaming Ice Cube

Kalebouli humus wrap from the Flaming Ice Cube

And then a comedy show – Marc Maron was in town! B got me hooked on his stuff – his podcast and show are both pretty funny – and then of course I loved his act. I was crying of laughter at his last bit, where he talked about his Time Warner Cable customer service experience.

(not from the show i saw but from his TV show)

Saturday morning started with an 8 mile run – in a SHORT sleeved shirt and capris. Yes – it was finally warm enough to run without leggings, a jacket, gloves, etc. Hooray!

post-run sweaty pic

post-run unflattering sweaty pic

And then B and I hit the first Cleveland Flea of the year. It was super crowded – I guess word has caught on and combined with the good weather, it seems like everyone was there.

perfect day for the first Cleveland Flea.

perfect day for the first Cleveland Flea.

After the Flea we headed to the West Side Market to pick up groceries of the week. I still can’t believe it’s been five weeks since I’ve been there! Oh, and of course we had to stop for some lunch at the Souper Market.

awesome veggie lentil soup and amazing hunk of bread.

awesome veggie lentil soup and amazing hunk of bread.

No trip to Ohio City is complete without a stop at Rising Star

No trip to Ohio City is complete without a stop at Rising Star

Friday night we ended up hanging in, enjoying homemade pizza and wine and catching up on some episodes of Game of Thrones. No spoilers – we’re only on season 2!

one of too many slices :) homemade mushroom zaa!

one of too many slices 🙂 homemade mushroom zaa!

Sunday was another gorgeous day, so after Palm Sunday Mass, B and I decided to take a walk to the lake. I love living so close to water – there’s just something so relaxing about big bodies of water, isn’t there? (Lake Erie is huge – it feels like an ocean, it’s not like I can see Canada)

They've really revamped the Cleveland Theater District this year - coming soon ... a chandelier!

They’ve really revamped the Cleveland Theater District this year – coming soon … a chandelier!

view from the water

view from the water

We also enjoyed some of our favorite Lebanese food for lunch. Yes, I had hummus twice this weekend and I’m not ashamed. This time it was my favorite hummus, at my favorite Lebanese place (look at those pita pillows!), Taza.

my favorite hummus.

my favorite hummus.

And some baking. I don’t think a weekend would be complete without at least some baking – don’t you agree?

Here's what I ended up making - cookie dough easter eggs!

Here’s what I ended up making – cookie dough easter eggs! I’ll share the recipe tomorrow

Some questions for you:

Did you enjoy some good weather this weekend? Were you able to get outside? A run and outdoor market on Saturday, a long walk with B on Sunday. Simply marvelous!

What sort of things do you buy at flea markets? I’ve never bought anything for myself at the Flea (well besides fruits/veggies from local farm stands) – just gifts. What do you buy at flea markets?

Is it ever too warm for soup? I don’t think so! I love soup year round – even in the summer.

Do you like comedy shows?Are you a Marc Maron fan?