The Twitties!

Just how interesting can you be in 140 characters? Now introducing the twitties, awards that will be announced late September for all you fellow twitterers out there. Some of my favorite categories (as noted on the web site) include: Most Informative Tweet, Best Use of Twitter to Break News, Best Putdown and Best Use of Twitter for Business.

I am interested in seeing who the “winners” will be, especially best use of twitter to break news. There have been so many occasions where I have found out news a few minutes (or even a day) before from twitter. Most recently, the news of the GOP VP pick Sarah Palin was announced the night before by some twitterers. I also found the news of Tim Russert’s death on twitter before it was posted on NY Times or any other websites that I frequent.

Which categories do you find interesting? Are there any new categories you would suggest? And are you planning to vote?

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