Still Summertime To Me

Well, the unofficial end of summer has come and gone. Another glorious, perfect, just-what-I-needed three-day weekend is in the books. It was filled with fun, (lots of) food, drinks, friends and great weather. While I refuse to believe that summer is coming to an end, we sure celebrated as if it were.

Friday started out with a 10 mile run before work. I finally found someone as crazy motivated as me to go out for a double digit run during a weekday. Don’t get me wrong – Nicole and I won’t be doing 10 milers every Friday, but a few here and there? Why not.


Friday night was pretty relaxing. B and I didn’t have concrete plans, so we opted for patio beers and pizza.


So much meat on the pizza. (and so blurry)


Saturday morning B and I opted for a 4 mile run, before relaxing with some coffee and a croissant before picking up our CSA. Oh yeah, there was cheese inside that croissant.



And no Saturday would be complete without a trip to the West Side Market.


Saturday afternoon we got a chance to hang out with our friend Eric, who was in town with his wife for a wedding. We went to Eric and Julia’s wedding earlier this summer, and it was great to see the newlyweds in Cleveland!

winking lizard

Brian and Eric. They were roommates in Boston and Eric is seriously one of the nicest, most considerate guys I know.brian and eric


Oh yeah and the last time Eric was in town? 2008 Labor Day Weekend when BC played Kent State at Browns Stadium. How’s this for a throwback photo?


Anyway, dinner was at one of our old favorites – Noodlecat! We hadn’t been here in a while and feasted on steam buns and of course, noodles.noodlecat steam buns noodlecat noodles

Sunday morning, we invited Eric and Julia over for a champagne brunch in our apartment. We rarely do brunch so B was pretty pumped. He made some eggs and bacon from our CSA (farm-fresh bacon and eggs are pretty amazing) and I prepared an overnight french toast bake. I’m going to be sharing the recipe because it was super tasty, but also delicious.


The rest of the day was pretty relaxing and productive. I got in a run, a cross training workout, some meal prep, some work and more.

Monday we had off. It was so nice to sleep in and go for a relaxing run with B and his sisters. We ended up doing around 4 1/2 throughout the flats, Tremont and a few other fun neighborhoods.

After our run, B and I met up with his brother and sister-in-law and our niece and nephew to watch the air show. Every Labor Day in Cleveland, the air show comes to town and people flock downtown to watch the planes. We had a great viewing spot and enjoyed part of a picnic with the kids. Then, we met up with some friends who have a rooftop to watch the Blue Angels. They put on a pretty good show and it was a gorgeous day.

20140901_160313 20140901_142714

Monday evening, I was pumped to have enough time to cook dinner and dessert for a great end-of-weekend meal. We had gotten some great hot peppers at the market on Saturday, so (inspired by B) I made some homemade spicy tomato sauce. Using that, we had a meatless Monday dinner – stacked baked eggplant with spaghetti squash. And mini blueberry cakes for dessert. A perfect end to a perfect weekend.

eggplant stacks

Some questions for you:

  • How was your long weekend?
  • Do you like spaghetti squash?
  • Do you enjoy meatless Mondays? What’s your go-to dish?
  • If you had to choose – French toast or pancakes?

The Formula for a Perfect Three-Day Weekend

I had the perfect three-day weekend. Despite the lack of warm, sunny weather (thus squashing my plan to just sit on my patio or at the beach with a book all weekend), I enjoyed every second of it. It was my ideal weekend – partially productive, partially lazy, and partially fun/partying.  That’s right – I have created the formula for the perfect 3 day weekend:

perfect 3day weekend

1 Part Productivity

How was I productive? Let me see. I cleaned our bathroom, our kitchen, and one of my drawers (I even got rid of 2 shirts!). I finished two books I was reading. I baked cookies, made two appetizers for our Memorial Day bbq and even cooked dinner one night (which shouldn’t be a big deal, but we hadn’t planned on eating in at all this weekend). I got a haircut AND a pedicure (this may go into the laziness section, feel free to disagree). I ran each day of my weekend, including one day when I ran 6ish miles TO Starbucks, where I met B and them we went grocery shopping. Oh yeah, so we also went grocery shopping – both Giant Eagle AND the West Side Market, so we’re stocked up on fresh produce for the entire week.

See, I cleaned the bathroom!

See, I cleaned the bathroom!

monster cookies, garbage cookies, everything in my pantry cookies -cookies with white chocolate, chocolate, pretzels, oats, rice krispies and more

Cookies made out of pretty much everything in my pantry …

Said books I finished. Thank you Cleveland Public Library!

Said books I finished. Thank you Cleveland Public Library!

Impromptu cooked dinner - roasted chicken with veggies and pinto beans

Impromptu cooked dinner – roasted chicken with veggies and pinto beans

1 Part Partying

Saturday, B and I went to the wedding of one of his coworkers. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Glidden House in Cleveland. Of course, like most weddings, the night involved lots of dancing and imbibing. Congrats to Sean and Danielle!

B and me at the outdoor ceremony

B and me at the outdoor ceremony

gorgeous outdoor ceremony

gorgeous outdoor ceremony

first dance!

first dance!

1 Part Laziness

The morning after the “partying” part, I felt like just laying in bed all morning. So that’s what I did. I made myself breakfast, then went back to bed to watch some glorious TV. A few minutes of Extreme Couponers? Why not. The Sex and the City movie? Perfect! The beginning of that J-Lo movie where she wants to have a baby and gives up on finding her perfect man so she has artificial insemination and becomes pregnant and guess what – that’s when she finds the perfect guy – sure! I even caught part of an old Hillary Duff movie, The Perfect Man, which had some awesome cameos of stars I watch now, including a girl from Glee AND a guy from Mad Men! And I made a new running playlist, so that when I DID get out of bed, I’d have the perfect mix to run to.

See, that guy is from Mad Men. How cute is he as Hillary Duff’s admirer? (sorry for the weird subtitles, it’s the best clip I could find)

Cheers to a wonderful weekend!

Some questions for you:

  • How did you spend your three-day weekend? Were you lazy? Productive? Both?
  • What’s your idea of a perfect long weekend?
  • Did you get in any runs this weekend?
  • How long do you typically go between haircuts? The haircut gods wont like this, but my last haircut before this weekend had been May 2012, after marathon training. Yes, it had been JUST over a year since I had gotten my hair chopped off last. 
  • What’s on your running mix?
  • Do you have any plans for the four-day week? I’ve got something in store for each day – from a happy hour, to a Cause Mob, to a DCA City Advocates meeting, to an Indians Game, to the U.S. Belgium Soccer Game, it’s going to be a great week!