Meet me halfway!

Are you constantly trying to meet up with friends but tired of taking turns of whose place you’re going to? I live on the West side of Cleveland, and it’s always a drag getting the East-siders to come over, so we’re constantly taking turns which side of town we’re meeting in for dinner, drinks, etc.

Well, here’s a great solution – how about meeting halfway? What’s the problem you say? Where exactly is halfway?

I found two great sites that help you find out the halfway point AND provide points of interest, such as coffee houses, restaurants, hotels, and more.  These sites are:

I’m finding these sites especially helpful when I want to meet up with my family for the weekend who live in Upstate New York. How the heck am I supposed to know where to meet with them, especially when Upstate NY can seem like a vast drive through nothingness?  I found MeetWays to be particularly useful for this purpose, as it chose a spot right along 90, thus easy access for both me and my family. A Place Between Us chose a place that may have been directly between us, but was more in the middle of no where and quite a drive from any major highways.

Pass these along – they’re great! Do you know of any other sites like them?

I almost have’s on the tip of my tongue..

How many times have you struggled to fill in the correct word, knowing that the answer is just on the tip of your tongue? If you’re like me, this happens plenty of times. Most of the time I even know what the word starts with and means, but you can’t seem to get it.

Well thanks to Chirag Mehta, Tip of My Tongue does the hard work for you! Simply type in what the word starts with, or contains, or ends with, or synonyms of the word and a listing of possible words appears! Seriously, this thing is cool. I can’t wait until I need to use it next!