Training Tuesday- Back Outside Again!

I’m not going to lie- I’m a little sore. Why? Because I had two days in a row of outside runs!

Two outdoor runs, a few treadmill walks and and some indoor walk/runs, and I hit 22ish miles for the week. Here’s what it looked like:

Some highlights:

The weather warmed up a bit this week, and all of the ice and snow melted Thursday off the sidewalks. So when Friday morning rolled around and it was clear and 30°, I got bundled up and went for a run outside. It was hard – I’m getting bigger and bigger (see the bump pic, below!) and haven’t been running, but I’m glad I made it out.

Saturday, B took FW in the BOB and I followed along on another run outside! Again, it wasn’t easy but it felt so so good to be outside.

Running outside feels so much better than the treadmill to me these days. On the treadmill, I’m only really able to walk/run, and outside there’s much more running than walking going on.

I’m 27 weeks pregnant this week, and hopeful that I can continue this level of activity for the next few months. I know it’s not going to get easier on my body, and that bump pictured above is only going to get bigger, but at least the weather will be getting nicer! AND I have the Cleveland Marathon 5k/10 to train for. If you’re planning on running the Cleveland Marathon or any of the events this May – half marathon, 5k, 8k 10, 1 mile (new!) or kids run – use the code MCCLE10 for 10% off your entry fee. I’m an ambassador for the race, so I get to have fun discounts AND I’ll have a giveaway coming up!

Some questions for you:

  • Any tips for running while pregnant?
  • Do you do better running on a treadmill or outside?

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Training Tuesday: Cleveland Marathon Kickoff Run (And Discount Code!)

Happy Tuesday! It’s actually a special Tuesday over here – it’s my birthday, woo woo!

And like any runner, I was looking forward to starting the day semi-early and going for a run.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is how last week’s runs went:

It was mostly an indoor week, but I did get in one outdoor run – Saturday was the Cleveland Marathon kickoff run! B and I did a 5k or so with FW in the stroller. 

It was a nice size group of people – you can’t see me in the group photo (just the top of my head- I’m in front of B and FW and behind the girl with the big pink hat) because I’m too short it seems! I should be closer to the front next time. I’m an ambassador for the race, so I hope to get out to another group run soon!

That run was the highlight of my week. I had been feeling in a slump, just trying to run on the treadmill lately and not really feeling it, but getting outside felt GREAT.

ALSO – exciting news! I have a 10% discount code if you are interested in registering for ANY of the Cleveland Marathon events. Use MCCLE10 when registering here You can register for the Kids’ Run, 1 mile, 5k, 8k, 10k, half OR full marathon!

Some questions for you:

  • Have you gotten to run outside lately?
  • Do you do group runs?

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Training Tuesday: First Real Post-Baby 5K Race

Happy happy Tuesday. I have a busy and LONG day ahead of me, including a meeting for work that will likely go ’till 6 and then an event at Playhouse Square. In the meantime, however, here are some training highlights from my week.

I’m training for the Cleveland half marathon in May, and my training “officially” started this week! I decided I think I’m going to do Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 2 training schedule. I did it a few years ago for the Cleveland half and though I’m not in nearly as good shape as I was at that time, I want to try to incorporate some speed work into my runs.

So, this week included: 25 total miles. Exactly. Which, if you know me, is kind of a big deal – I almost always have strange uneven numbers!

Sunday: 5.4 miles. I didn’t start training until later in the week and wanted to get in some good miles to kick off the week. I did 5.1 miles and then a cool down.


Monday: 4 treadmill miles. 20170221_063223

Tuesday: 4.75 treadmill miles.

Wednesday: Speed work! 4x400s on the treadmill. I warmed up and cooled down and ended up with 4 total miles. You see the 2 pennies on the floor? That’s how I keep track of intervals.20170222_063150

Thursday: 3.75 miles. 3 on the training plan, but I had to get in a little more with a cool down.

Friday: rest day!

Saturday: Chili Bowl 5k. I signed up somewhat last minute and am glad I did. I hadn’t raced a 5k since before FW was born, and it felt good (and hard!). I ended up finishing at 25:00.88. Can you believe it?! I was so close to under 25. So close!


And that was it! I ended up at 25 miles for the week. Another week at 20+!

Questions for you:

  • What’s your next race?
  • Do you try to run even miles or decimals?

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Training Tuesday: Vacation and Low Mileage

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s also Tuesday, which for me, is Training Tuesday.

Confession: I’m not running today. AND I barely ran at all last week. For two reasons.

One good reason – vacation!  We spent about 3 full days in the car (1.5 there and 1.5 back), and despite the fact that we brought our jogging stroller, we only used it once (and for less than a mile). We were hoping to get in a family run near a park or someplace flat, but we stayed in downtown Atlanta and the roads didn’t seem so conducive for getting out for a stroller run.

One not as good reason is that toward the end of the week, I started feeling sick. The first day, I was feeling sick and not able to run more than a mile or so. And then it got worse. I found out today that (yay!) I have mastitis, which explains why I’ve been feeling lousy for the past several days.  So I’m taking it easy and resting.

Anyway, here is how the week turned out:

Sunday: 0 miles, half day in the car driving to Atlanta (we got in around 6:30 p.m.)
Monday: 0 miles BUT a lot of walking! (23,000 steps)
Tuesday: 0 miles running but a decent amount of walking (12,000 steps)
Wednesday: 4.5 miles running outside in Atlanta! And more walking (20,600 steps)

Thursday: 4.25 miles on the treadmill in the hotel gym and more walking (19,600 steps)


Friday: 0 miles (11,500 steps)
Saturday: .75 miles but a lot of walking (19,500 steps)- I would’ve run more but was sick (later realized I had a fever … and then mastitis)

Total: 9.5 miles


I ended the week feeling sick, so hopefully this week is a little better in terms of runs. I’m going to take it easy and recover in the meantime but hope to be back running again soon!

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Training Tuesday: Back on the Half Wagon

Where are all the New Year’s resolutioners? Is it just me – or has the gym/running trails/etc been eerily quiet the past week? I swear, every year at this time my gym gets more crowded and the running trails and paths get more full of people trying to make an effort to start the new year on track. But this year? I have yet to see this phenomenon.

Anyway, I’m BACK on the training bandwagon! I haven’t really stopped running, but I’ve been enjoying not having any planned races to train for and just running when I have time, am not super exhausted from life as a working mom with a baby who doesn’t sleep, and not feeling like I have to get out and run on the cold, snowy/icy, wintry roads.


he feels the same way i do about winter runs outside

BUT that’s all about to change – because it’s training season! That’s right, I’m officially training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon again. It’s coming up this May and as usual, I’ll be sharing my training with you as an ambassador. Stay tuned for a race entry giveaway, too!


I’ve done the race a few years in a row now (minus last year when I did the 10k/5k challenge series because I was just a weeeee bit huge and pregnant) and it’s a great tradition that I look forward to getting back at it!

running this pregnant was not as fun as it looks

running this pregnant was not as fun as it looks

2015 race - half marathon finish

2015 race – half marathon finish

Mary and I at the starting corral in 2014

Mary and I at the starting corral in 2014

So despite some of my nervousness about the race (Will I have time to train? Will I pass out on the treadmill since I’m so tired all the time? Will I be upset if I am not as fast as I have been in years’ past – since this is highly unlikely?! How can I breastfeed and train at the same time?), I’m excited to be finally committed to returning. Some questions for you:

  • What’s your next race?
  • Mommas – any hints for training with a baby?
  • Should I do the Challenge Series – 8k/half? Or just the half?

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PS- Check out my Instagram for my running GIVEAWAY I have going on right now – I’m giving away this great book by a fellow Cleveland author and Cleveland Marathon Ambassador!


Training Tuesday: Guess Who’s Back?

You guys. Guess who’s back?! Back again!!

Okay, now this song is in my head …

I digress.

Anyway, I’m excited to share that I’ve been cleared to run again! That’s right, I’m six weeks postpartum and I’m back running. I had a REALLY strong week running-wise because my parents were in town and were able to watch FW in the mornings while I ran. Now that they’re gone it’s going to be harder to get in runs on weekdays, but I’m happy with whatever mileage I can accrue on weekends and of course on some long walks.


How did the week go?

Sunday, B went out with FW and left me at home to spend the morning however I wanted. It was hot, but I got in 4.4 miles (including a few stops along the way). It was my first run outside in forever.


Tuesday morning, B and I somehow got up a little early and he suggested I go for a run with the extra time we had. I didn’t hesitate and got in 3.35 miles.

The same thing happened Thursday, and I was able to get in 3.8.

With my parents in town Friday and Saturday, I ran again- 4.3 and 5 miles respectively!

This made my weekly total: nearly 21 miles!

I don’t expect to have such a high week again anytime soon – and I’m not training for anything at the moment – but I am looking forward to getting back into shape and running more. Who knows – I may just have to get an infant jogging stroller so FW and I can run together! (and not like this …)


Some questions for you:

What’s the longest you’ve taken a break from running or other exercise – and why?

Any tips for working out or running with a newborn? How do you fit it in, plus breastfeeding and the lack of sleep?

Training Tuesday: 39 weeks pregnant workouts and a 5k

It’s been a few weeks since my last Training Tuesday post and the reason is a good one – I’m not training for anything at the moment! I’m 39 weeks pregnant (eep!) and slowing down. I’m more tired, my body hurts after a simple run and well, it hurts DURING running. So what have I been up to?

At 39 weeks, I’m:

  • Trying to run 1-2 days a week. And by run I mean run/walk. I’ve tried to get in one outdoor “run” with B and then another day or two of a treadmill workout.
after a run with B

after a run with B

a treadmill selfie. See-I can still see my feet! Yay!

a treadmill selfie. See-I can still see my feet! Yay!

  • Using the elliptical 2-3 days a week. Taking it pretty easy on there, but still nice to be moving.
  • Walking 2-3 days a week. B has been great about getting up and walking with me before work some days and it’s been nice to spend time with him outside and not running.
Sometimes we stop and take photos on the walk

Sometimes we stop and take photos on the walk

scenes from a walk with B

scenes from a walk with B

and selfies

and selfies

BUT this past weekend I did my first race since the Cleveland Marathon Weekend 5k and 10k! B and I signed up for the Lifebanc Gift of Life Walk and Run, which was held this year as part of the Transplant Games of America.


so sunny I have to squint before the race

so sunny I have to squint before the race

It was a HOT race – 80 degrees when we started and barely any shade on the course. And with pregnancy heat, that’s probably equivalent to 90+ degrees – my body is a furnace when I work out these days! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel during it, and I wasn’t planning on racing it- really just trying to enjoy it and support the good cause – and I’m proud to say I only stopped twice and that was for water. So my plans to walk/run were achieved and I mostly “ran”! The race itself wasn’t bad – the course was kind of boring, but I was grateful for the flat terrain and the fact that there were plenty of people running. And knowing that I was running with thousands of organ, eye and tissue transplant survivors, their families and donor families, made it all more worthwhile. One of my clients is Donate Life Ohio and donation and transplantation is a cause that I care about.

a sweaty post-race pic

a sweaty post-race pic

I’m sure this is the last race I’ll be running until Baby C arrives. With a week (or who knows really) to go until his/her official arrival, I think I’ll be taking these last few days easy and trying to stay comfortable (with a watermelon in my belly it’s a little harder these days), keep my feet and back from hurting and just enjoy the last days of being pregnant!

Questions for you:

  • How hot is too hot for you to run?
  • What was the last race you ran?
  • If you are/were pregnant – when did you stop working out or running?

Training Tuesday: It’s Race Week!

YOU GUYS- IT’S HERE. Cleveland Marathon Race Week!


In the words of Jessie Spano, I’m so excited…I’m so excited… I’m so..I’m so.. Scared?!

I’ve never been scared by a 10k before. No, typically this time of year I’m ready to run the half marathon or even gasp (once, sorta) the marathon. But this year, things are different. I’m doing the 5k 10k Challenge series.

In case you’re new to the blog or living under a rock, I’m pretty pretty pregnant. So needless to say, running has been a little … interesting?

How I think I look running:

How I actually look:

This past week, my runs have included runs/walks with me stopping for 1 (or 2) bathroom breaks. Stopping because of a cramp. Or Braxton Hicks. Or just because my legs are darn tired and my uterus hurts.

That being said, I did get in some miles – and even if I’m not in the best physical shape of my life right now, I am so emotionally ready for race weekend where I’ll be attempting to run the 5k and 10k Challenge Series.

Week of May 1: 15.23 miles – lowest week. ever. but i don’t care – almost race day!

Sunday: 0 miles!

B and I were in Boston, then flew back and I emceed a banquet, and we didn’t get home home until around 5 p.m. where I was too exhausted to even complete making dinner. So no runs.

Tuesday: 3.53 miles outside plus walking cooldown

Run with two walking breaks with a running buddy! It only took me 8 months, but I finally ran with another friend who lives downtown. I felt bad that we were going so slow, I wasn’t really able to talk and keep up the pace- but we did it!

Wednesday: 4.11 miles outside plus .5 walking cooldown inside

Run with B! This one did not start well – I made B change our route about a mile in because the baby was pushing on my bladder waaay too much and I wasn’t sure if I’d need a bathroom break. Felt better a few miles and a walking breaks in but still stopped for a quick pit stop.

pregnant runner

Thursday: elliptical
Somehow slept through my alarm- but managed it in about 55 minutes on the elliptical. At least I finally got some sleep!

Friday: 5.5 miles- 4.5 run outside with a little walk and 1 mile cooldown inside

Another run with Erica! We had to stop and walk only once, but I did stop and take this photo. It was just a gorgeous morning!


Saturday: no run, just a walk with Jane. We walked to Ohio City and around the area, getting in about 10,000 steps.


Some questions for you:

  • Is the weather getting nicer where you are (finally)?
  • Do you get nervous during a race week?



Training Tuesday: The countdown until race weekend begins

Holy moly, where did the time go?! I can’t believe it’s MAY which means it’s almost Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon race weekend! 11 days left…

I didn’t have the best week when you look at the mileage but it was pretty good considering I was BUSY. I was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday for work, I had late meetings Monday and Thursday (not home until after 8) and then was traveling again Saturday for fun – B and I went to Boston for a quick day trip for our anniversary! So, while the miles weren’t there it wasn’t ALL bad.

The weather was great most of the week, too 🙂 I got in three outdoor runs BEFORE work!

Week of 4/24: 19.25 miles

Sunday: 4 miles: OUTSIDE @ 9:50ish pace


obligatory post-run BUMP pic

B and I got outside Sunday morning for a short run. I was determined to do 4 miles and really wanted sub/10 minute miles. So, on paper – yes! Check – we did it. BUT at like mile 1.25 I got a weird cramp/pain and we had to walk for a few minutes. I stopped the watch, mileage, timer, etc. at this point so it’s not showing up in the number – but I was still feeling somewhat off the rest of the run. I was struggling to keep up the pace and my heart rate was well into the 150s and almost 160 at one point (since pregnant I try to keep it in the 150s at max and on easy runs low 150s upper 140s). I may have been overdressed/overheating – I was really warm most of the time and have to keep this mind as the weather continues to get warm in the coming weeks up until race day.

Monday: 4.44 miles outside plus 1 mile walk

I finally got up the courage to run with one of my old running buddies, Erica. I hadn’t been very outgoing about running with her, because I’m much slower and get out of breath easily. But it wasn’t bad! I’m grateful she was wanting to run with me, and didn’t mind me slowing her down. Plus it made me get out of bed and outside!

Tuesday: elliptical and 1.55 mi walk

I was feeling a little off from Monday’s run, and decided to take it easy. 53ish minutes on the elliptical and a slow treadmill walk to get in some steps and movement before a work trip and a few hours in the car.

Wednesday: 4 miles and 30 min elliptical

I was traveling for work but still made it outside for a chilly run/walk despite a night of insomnia. Another hard run for me with lots of walking but this time I stopped the timer when walking so I’d know my actually pace and mileage for the run. I started to finally feel almost good as I got close to finishing- figures! Finished with some elliptical in the gym. And stretching.

my view on my run while traveling - a little different from the typical city runs I get!

my view on my run while traveling – a little different from the typical city runs I get!

hotel gym selfie

hotel gym selfie

Thursday: 2 miles run/walk on the treadmill and 50 minutes elliptical

I reaaaaallly did not want to get out of bed. After another not great night of sleep, I longed for more sleep. But I knew I’d be working until 8, and the thought of a 12 + hour day with no workout was more motivating to me than the thought of sleep, so I got up. 1 slow mile, then 1 walk run, then elliptical.

Friday: 4.7 – 4.2 miles run plus .5 walk

I was tired Friday and had no motivation the get in a run. But the night before, I had asked B if he’d run in the morning with me, and he had said he would. So, when the alarm went off and I saw there was a slight drizzle, I was hoping B would decide not to and I could just be lazy on the elliptical. No such case. He motivated me to get outside and we finished 4.2 miles. I did stop a few times- bathroom break and for photos, but it was the perfect way to kick off the weekend.


Saturday: 0 miles run but 29,000+ steps!

B had surprised me with a trip to Boston for our anniversary! We met one another in Boston so it’s a place with special meaning to us. Our flight out was early so we could spend the whole day there so we didn’t get in any runs ( I knew we wouldn’t) but as you can sleep see, we got in a LOT of walking! My feet were sore!

So many steps! (and yes, just a little sleep)

And that was my week running wise. Just one more week until the race and I’m hoping I can make it for the 5k and 10k still. If you haven’t signed up for am event- there’s still time! Can’t run? Love the crowds? Love helping out? We need you! Sign up here!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your next race you’ve signed up for?
  • What’s your typical running scenery like – cityscape? ‘burbs? Country?


Training Tuesday: 8 months pregnant

It has been two weeks since I last updated you on my Cleveland Marathon Event (I’m doing the 5k/10k challenge series) training and I have two thoughts and reasons for that:

Running is getting much harder. As I just reach 8 months of being pregnant (disclosure- there are 10 months of pregnancy), I’m feeling the struggles that I heard other runners share with me, especially, er, bladder issues (it always feels like have to pee!), breathing issues (it’s so much harder for me to catch my breath) and overall I’m just heavier and it’s harder on my body.

I’m still doing it! I didn’t have a good few weeks in terms of miles. I’m running fewer amd fewer days each week ane since the weather took a turn for the worse the first week with snow and ice, I was stuck on the treadmill, which is harder on me mentally to get in the miles. But did i ger some in? Yes. Did I walk more? Yes. But I’m still happy I’m keeping up with it.

SO, needless to say, I wasn’t motivated to share the week of April 3’s training at first. I got in fewer miles than I typically do AND I wasn’t feeling good. BUT we’re less than ONE MONTH AWAY from the Cleveland Marathon and I’m keeping it up and ready to share!

Week of April 3: 17.4 miles

Sunday: 5.75 miles.

I woke up to a slight dusting of snow on the ground and decided to play it safe and not head outside. I probably should’ve gone outside- later in the afternoon I noticed it really wasn’t as slippery as I thought it was, but I’m just overcautious about slipping while pregnant.

Anyway, instead I hit the treadmill. I got in 3.25 miles running, and then decided to walk/run the rest while watching Bosch. Have you seen that Amazon show?

Monday: 1 mile and 45 min elliptical

I somehow managed to sleep through my alarm! Still ended up getting to the gym with a little bit of time. Tried running, legs weren’t feeling it so I hit up the elliptical.

Tuesday: 3.1 miles and 33 mi elliptical

Today’s run brought to you by one word, ouch! My feet were definitely hurting during the rotten. Not sure what’s making them so, but it meant I walked and ran the 5K.

Wednesday: 5.55 m

Finally feeling better somewhat, which is ironic since last night gave me little to no sleep. I think I finally experienced that pregnancy heartburn and it kept me up most of the night. Managed to get out of bed and hit the treadmill for 55 min, which today gave me 5.55 miles, jogging 5.27 of them – the whole time. Finished with 23 min on the elliptical.

Thursday: 1 mile

Not feeling it – lack of sleep may be catching up on me. Managed to do 1 mile and then mostly the elliptical. Finished with some kettlebells.

Friday: 1.25 miles

I just couldn’t run. I got on the treadmill and my feet hurt. My legs hurt. My whole body was not having it. Thanks to insomnia? Maybe … so I got on the elliptical instead.

Saturday: true rest day! No elliptical or anything.

Weekly total- around 17-18. My lowest week yet!


I had so few pictures for this post and I was curious how I looked running now, so I took a selfie with the timer while I was on the treadmill. Not too bad – but pretty funny to see!

Week of April 10: 20.15 miles (yay for back in the 20s!!)

Sunday: 5.25 miles run and walk on the treadmill.
Unfortunately I really wasn’t feeling it today. Woke up to temperatures in the low 20’s and below, so I just decided to try the treadmill again. Lots of walking, but got it done. And there was snow on the ground and I was scared of slipping, etc. Pretty to look at, but not so fun to run in in APRIL.



Monday: 3.56 miles

Run/walk and then elliptical. Ran 2ish miles then walk/ran the rest.

Tuesday: 3.6 miles then elliptical

Another run/walk on the treadmill and then the elliptical. A little slower than yesterday and feet still a little sore. Added in some kettlebells too.

Wednesday: 0 miles- 1 hr on the elliptical instead

Thursday: 5 miles jog (very little walking) and 1.35 miles walk
5 miles running with a few short stops and walking. After another insomnia night, so grateful to be able to still hop on the treadmill and see where it takes me. I ran 3.25 miles, stopped and got some water, and then ran the rest without stopping again.


Friday: 1.26 miles, mostly walking

55 min elliptical and a short walk/jog.
Saturday: 0 miles running but a LOT of walking – 20k+ steps

My mom was in town, so we did a LOT of walking. The weather started out chilly and we walked about 4-5 miles around Ohio City and did some shopping. It warmed up and we got in a few more walks amidst what we were doing for the day, and I ended up with about 21,000 steps! My feet were a little sore even after not running.

momma and I before our walk!

momma and I before our walk!

Weekly total: Just over 20 miles!

Questions for you:

  • How did your workouts go this week?
  • How many steps do you get in a day on average?