A Family Wedding Weekend in CLE

Whew! I am still recovering from this past weekend’s festivities. It was a four-day extravaganza filled with lots of family events. It was B’s brother’s wedding on Friday so the weekend started with a rehearsal and dinner on Thursday, wedding on Friday and a brunch on Sunday. So yeah, I’m pooped but it was all in good fun! Continue reading

Weekly Run Down – A Few Off Days

This week wasn’t the best week running wise. Why? I was out of town in the beginning, and then my brother-in-law got married, making for a busy Friday and beyond.

Here is a look at the mileage from the week:

And some highlights:

A 10K to start of my Monday morning. Felt good after a travel day on Sunday and no miles.

Not running related, but I was dancing the night away Friday/Saturday! It was my B’s brother’s wedding and I had pink suede stilettos that weren’t the most kind on my feet, but I sure had fun dancing! And of course wrangling the kiddos.

Questions for you:

  • Do you ever have weeks where you end up with multiple off days? How do you deal with it?
  • When was the last time you went to a wedding?

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Mary is Married!

We had a GREAT weekend filled with good food and celebrations here in Cleveland. Why? My sister-in-law Mary got married!

Thursday night was the rehearsal dinner and it was right in her parents (B’s parents) backyard. We had a great backyard bbq and the weather was perfect!

Some of the food – brisket, pasta, asparagus, salad and bread!

My parents also came into town to help watch the kids during the festivities. So, Friday morning my mom and started the day with mother-daughter pedicures. My feet needed it!

My parents helped watch the kids at the ceremony in the church. FW was pretty good but LM got fussy about halfway through. I was so glad they were there to help out and of course spend time with us!

FW took some selfies while we waited for the event to begin …

After the church it was time for the party! The event took place at an old arcade downtown and it was a beautiful location. FW loved dancing and of course seeing the beautiful bride!

Me and my other sister-in-law hung out as well (we also shared an Uber home since our husbands – brothers of the bride – went to the after party).

B and I got to dance a little after my parents took the kids home. It was nice to have some kid-free time. 

It was a late night, so Saturday was pretty slow. We all took naps (bonus points since both LM and FW napped at the same time that afternoon!) but then went out for a walk in the late afternoon. We stopped a playground for FW.

And then walked to get some pizza! Mushroom, pepperoni and roasted garlic, yum!

After FW was in bed, B and I watched I, Tonya. Have you seen it? I thought it was pretty good. I’m not super into figure skating and didn’t know much about the incident. I know it was a movie, but I still felt like I learned a lot.

Sunday morning, B made us all pancakes! Even a special blueberry bear for FW. 

Then, the four of us went for a run outside. The weather was so much better – low 70s and not humid – and it made it much more bearable than last week’s hot and humid run. I pushed FW, while B pushed LM in the stroller.

Total, we got in about 3.7 miles – my longest(and fastest!) postpartum run to date!

Sunday afternoon was another lazy one – we all took naps again (!yay!) but played outside, went for a walk and played with my newest toy – a RHUMBA! I bought it for Prime Day and LOVE it so far.

That about sums up our wedding weekend. Still one more to go (my cousin’s) this summer!

Some questions for you:

  • Did it cool down near you?
  • Do you have a smart vacuum or robot vacuum?

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Summer Weddings and Grandparent Time

We had a good weekend. It included a wedding, some berry picking and some family time. Pretty much all things I enjoy!

Friday night started with some sushi! B is pretty skilled – he was able to eat some sushi with his chopsticks AND have FW and LM on his lap.

We got in a lot of playing and reading.

And time with Grandpa and Donna.


They were in town to watch the kids while B and I went to one of my friend’s weddings.

FW came to the church ceremony – they even had coloring book programs for the kids!

B and I stayed solo at the reception and it was our first date since L had been born. It was the first night out AND my longest time away from LM since she was born!

It was a TON of fun. My friend Cuoghi, who is in my Ladies Craft Beer Society, got married and we had a BLAST. I love these ladies and can’t believe this is the first wedding we have all been to together!

It was a late night (for me), but thanks to having two kids, Sunday still started early (LM got up at 4 am to eat … and again several times before FW woke up at 8). After my parents left, we got to go raspberry picking at my brother and sister-in-law’s house!

LM wasn’t much help but she came along.

FW enjoyed picking …

… and eating the berries

It was a pretty great way to wrap up the weekend!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s the last time you picked berries/fruit/vegetables? What was it?
  • Do you have any weddings coming up? Yes! We have 2 more this summer. 

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4 Weekends In One

Phew – WHAT a weekend. It was one of those weekends that flew by and was jam packed. I feel like we did enough stuff that it felt somewhat like four or five weekends in one. Here’s a summary of my weekend – in emojis:


Did you get any of that?

Here – see for yourself.

Friday evening started with a nice walk around downtown, followed by an ice cream date. B, FW and I grabbed ice cream after daycare with Dave, Anson and their adorable daughter Celia. The only pics are from the walk and of the ice cream.

Oh, and FW definitely on a sugar high while getting a ride on Dad. 

We ended the night with some pizza and wine on the porch. The weather has been GORGEOUS lately (warm!) and it was nice to sit outside and decompress after the week.

Saturday morning started with a walk to the local nature center to check out some of the paths and exhibits, before picking up a packet for the race I was running Sunday morning. My friend Nicole had encouraged me to sign up for a 10k, even though I hadn’t been running that far. \

Walking around the nature outside!

We then walked over to the local farmers market and picked up some produce and meat for the week. 

Saturday night, B and I were off to a wedding! My friend/former coworker Ali was getting married on a beautiful farmstead south of us. It was a beautiful night for the ceremony and celebration.

They look so happy 🙂 

Me and another coworker were invited … check out the gorgeous scenery!

Sunday morning came a little too early for me. I had agreed to sign up for a 10K and ran it with my friend Nicole. It was my longest run in months – since my piriformis issues – but felt good! It was steamy out, so we took our time, chatted, and stopped for plenty of water. 

Sunday afternoon included a trip to the west side for our monthly Ladies Craft Beer Society! This month we were at Cuoghi’s house to make pickles. Unfortunately, since FW hadn’t had a nap yet, he was very clingy and didn’t want to be put down. Which made making the pickles a little difficult – thankfully Cuoghi and Marissa and other ladies stepped in to help and I went home with some dill pickles, pickled cauliflower AND pickled onions. I can’t wait to try them all!

Sunday night, B’s parents were out of town, so we had our own Sunday dinner at our house. B made sauce from the tomatoes we had bought at the Farmers Market (so completely from scratch!) and made some “fried” eggplant. It was such a good meal. (And yes, I chose the spaghetti emoji because I know what the eggplant emoji means ….)

So that was it! A delicious, fun, busy weekend. Here’s to a good week!

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever made sauce from tomatoes?
  • Have you ever made pickles?

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A Birthday and A Wedding

The weekend included some pretty fun festivities. It included a birthday AND a wedding! And not just any birthday — FW’s birthday! He turned one 🙂

Here is how we celebrated …

I started off my weekend with a cocktail. It’s not everyday your baby turns one! Plus we finally opened the Mescal we brought back from our trip to Mexico City.

FW got some cards and gifts in the mail. We are so lucky to have so many family and friends thinking of us. 

We celebrated with FW by going to the Zoo. It was his first time there.

He took a nap while hanging out with some giraffes. 

A family selfie.

AND a chocolate and vanilla cupcake! He did not want to touch the chocolate one and ate a few bites of the vanilla frosting.  Just like his momma- not a chocolate fan and prefers the frosting to the cake 🙂

B also made us pizza for dinner. Well, not for FW. He’s still not a pizza fan.

Saturday morning started with a run along the park and beach. I got in 4ish miles while FW slept. 

And then we attempted to show him the water. He was undecided.

That night we had a wedding to attend! B’s friend Bobby was getting married. 

Their cocktail hour was at the aquarium! How cool is that?

Sunday morning came too early – staying until past 1 a.m. and then getting up early with a baby is hard! But I had something else to look forward to on Sunday – a blogger brunch at Saks Fifth Avenue.

one of the models at the event

After lunch and a little shopping, B, FW and I took a short nature walk near the water. We had never been to this path and it was so cool to see all the birds and look down on the lake.

We finished the weekend with Chipotle for the family. A burrito for B, sofritos salad for me and a last minute order of quesadillas for FW.  And surprisingly, he actually ate a few bites!

And that was it. A pretty fun, busy weekend!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s the coolest venue you’ve been to for a wedding?
  • What’s your Chipotle order?

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Weekends Are Made for Fun

This really was the perfect fall weekend in Cleveland. 1 part fun (wedding!) + 1 part productive (baking! and working) + 1 part running and walking (and ellipticalling) = pretty much an ideal weekend. Oh yeah, and gorgeous blue skies, 60 degree temps and beautiful fall foliage didn’t hurt!

Friday night I had to work somewhat later than usual so  B and I decide to have an early night in and got takeout sushi and watched a movie. I can’t remember the last time we had sushi and staying in meant I ended up getting more sleep than I’ve gotten in weeks. Winning!

Saturday morning B and I met up with Mary for a run. We typically run throughout the different neighborhoods of downtown, Ohio City, Tremont and Uptown, but this weekend we opted for something new – the gorgeous Towpath! I’ll admit, nature runs typically bore me, but for some reason this Saturday I was feeling GREAT. B and I even sped up the last half mile of our 10 mile route and managed to make that mile our fastest (and only sub 9-minute mile)!

Our loop

Our loop

post 10-mile run

post 10-mile run

Saturday afternoon, B and I picked up our CSA (only a few more weeks!) and then hit up Soupermarket for a lunch that hit the spot. Clambake soup (corn, clams, sweet potato, chicken, chicken broth), a hunk of bread an a salad. OMG i want more of that.

Perfect post-run lunch

Perfect post-run lunch

Saturday night it was time to get dressed up and head to the east side for Cari and Bryan’s wedding! Cari is my froworker (just went to her bach party last weekend) and she looked GORGEOUS. B and I had a great time dancing, loving the fall decor, enjoying the food and of course the autumn-inspired drinks (including pumpkin beer!).

enjoying the wedding (and beautiful day!) with my other coworker Grace

enjoying the wedding (and beautiful day!) with my other coworker Grace

Beautiful bride at her first dance

Beautiful bride at her first dance

B and I

B and I

Sunday started off early with an easy workout (2 miles and 30 minutes on the elliptical) and a little baking. I will definitely be posting this recipe soon because these pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies are amazing.



And then since the weather was just so gorgeous, B suggested we go for a walk. Yup – another day out in nature!

Those leaves ...

Those leaves …

Walking along the river

Walking along the river

We finished off Sunday with an amazing fall meal at B’s parents house, complete with homemade pumpkin and apple cider ice creams. SO GOOD … but no photo. Sorry!

Some questions for you:

  • How was your weekend?
  • Do you like to dance at weddings? Yes! I’m an awful dancer but I do like to have a good time and have gotten over my moves (or lack thereof). B’s a great dancer though so I tend to believe people are watching him, not me 🙂
  • What’s your favorite fall drink (alcoholic or not)?  i love a good pumpkin beer. Shipyard is currently my favorite. But I also like warm spiced wine.Or is that winter?
  • Favorite pumpkin recipe?

Double Header Wedding Weekend

This weekend was B and my first double header wedding weekend. That’s right – two weddings, two cities, one weekend. It was just as fun and crazy and tiring as you may imagine.

Wedding #1: Eric and Julia 

B and I know Eric from college. Eric was in our wedding and one of B’s roommates. We’ve stayed in touch since college and even stayed with them when we visited Nashville earlier this year. We started off Friday with the 6ish hour drive to Virginia, where Wedding #1 was located.  We got up bright and early Saturday morning to go for a run and explore the area we were staying in – gorgeous Old Town Alexandria. If you’ve never been there before, I highly recommend a visit – I’d been there with Melgar and Jane once before but never spent too much time or stayed in the area.

View of the water just outside of Old Town Alexandria

View of the water just outside of Old Town Alexandria

After our short run, B and I headed to visit Emily, a friend we met in Cleveland who is now living in the DC area. B went to law school with Emily’s husband and we were bummed to see them move away – but now we have friends to see in DC! Anyway, Emily had a beautiful baby boy less than a year ago and looks amazing – and their baby is 100% ADORABLE. I’m so bummed I didn’t snap a pic – I was too distracted by his cuteness to remember to take a photo.

great lunch at Le Pain Quotidien

great lunch at Le Pain Quotidien – not pictured – the loads of bread and jams and nutella that came with this

Then, after an amazing lunch in Old Town, it was nearly wedding time!  The ceremony was at Eric’s high school in DC and was emotional and beautiful. And then it was time for the reception – it was at an outdoor celebration at an old plantation in Virginia and gorgeous. Julia’s family is from France, so the reception included some amazing wines and cheeses – in addition to some great dancing and a fun after party.

amazing first course salad

amazing first course salad

B and me outside the church

B and me outside the church

Wedding #2: Beth and Mario

Beth is B’s cousin. We’ve seen her and Mario a few times a year, including our annual family softball tournament.

Despite being out pretty late Saturday night, B and I started off Sunday early with the long drive back to Ohio for Wedding #2. Some DC traffic and getting started a little later than planned meant that we ended up running somewhat late and when we were about an hour away, B told me we probably wouldn’t have time to head back to our apartment to get changed. Uh oh. I wasn’t wearing my sweatshirt and shorts … so we ended up wearing the same thing to wedding #2 and getting changed in the car on the way over.

the  "in-laws" (all of us married into the family)

Jenni, Steph and I – the “in-laws” (all of us married into the family)

Thank goodness we made it -the reception was beautiful and we enjoyed some great specialty cocktails and a ginormous dessert table that I will dream about in weeks to come. Not to mention the photobooth. And the dancing – the DJ played a great combo of “wedding music” for people of all ages to old school 90s hip hop to today’s hits. And the celebration went on until nearly midnight (B and I left a little before then) without people tiring out.

photobooth fun with the group of cousins

photobooth fun with the group of cousins

Phew!  I need a weekend to recover form my long, fun, dance-filled weekend.

  • How was your weekend?
  • Do you have a lot of weddings to go to this year? Just one more 🙂 Which would make our total this year to be 5.
  • Do you repeat outfits/dresses to celebrations? How do you give them a different look?  I wore a different necklace and pair of shoes from one wedding to another this time – the outfit I had planned for wedding #2 didn’t work out because we ran out of time.
  • Ever had 2 weddings in one weekend? First time!
  • What’s your favorite song to dance to at weddings?

That Weekend One of your Best Friends Gets MARRIED

I had a FABULOUS weekend and I am just so excited to share it with you. That’s right – as you probably could tell by the headline (do you read headlines?) – one of my best friends in the whole world got MARRIED this weekend.

blast from the past! Some memories of me and Melgar

blast from the past! Some memories of me and Melgar

Let me tell you a little bit about Melgar. Melgar and I have been friends since 7th grade. Have I told you this before? During locker day, that day when all the soon-to-be seventh graders come to the junior high to try out their lockers and their class schedule, Melgar and I discovered we had lockers next to one another. AND that we had the same first name. Which is why I always called her Melgar – not Melissa. So it only made sense that two short seventh graders, with the same first name and in the same hall, and lockers next to one another, would become friends. Friends we became – and despite going to different colleges, and living oh so far apart, thanks to Skypes, Google Hangouts, and phone calls, we have remained friends to this day. And that’s why I feel so blessed and honored to have been part of her special day – and in my first wedding!

melgar getting ready

beautiful bride getting ready

jane and melissa fruity drinks

post-ceremony cocktail hour at the gorgeous Franklin Plaza

B and me with the newlyweds!

It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful (and cold) day, and a wonderful weekend – seeing my family (my parents live about 20 minutes away from where the ceremony and reception took place so I stayed with them all weekend!), catching up with old friends (seeing Alisa, who flew in from Finland and Andy who lives in Florida), spending the day getting ready with two of my very best friends Jane and Melgar, and dancing the night away with B.

Celebrating with my favorite ladies after the wedding

Celebrating with my favorite ladies after the wedding

B and me- all dressed up!

B and me- all dressed up!

Hope you had just as glorious a weekend! What did you do?

Some questions:

Have you been in any weddings? What’s your favorite part? I loved all the pre-big day activities! Spending the day with some of my very best friends who I don’t see very often and just getting to to be with Melgar on her special day was so wonderful.

Did you stay on your running schedule this weekend? Whoops. Nope! I was due for a 14 miler on Saturday and 7 miles on Friday. With the wedding and the weather (and any other excuses I can come up with), I only was able to get in 18.8 miles – over the 4 days. BUT I did put in a run each day, so I don’t feel too bad (including 6 miles the day of the wedding and 4 miles early the morning after on very uhh tired feet). 

What are you looking forward to this week? It may sound boring, but sleeping in my own bed! Last week I was traveling for work 3 days and then back in NY for the wedding – and I haven’t slept in my own bed since Sunday. 

Weekend Update: Boston Bachelorette

This weekend was a desperately needed girls and family weekend. From a girls night with my sisters-in-law to a quick stop in Albany to see my parents to a trip to Boston for one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties … it was nonstop but amazing.

It started early for me when last week my sister-in-law Katie was home for the week so Jenni, Mary, Katie and I decided to meet up for a drink after work. We tried out a place I hadn’t been to – the Fairmount – whose cozy tables and fireplace were the perfect setting as it started snowing (yes, snowing!) on the east side at night.

Spiced Cider

Spiced Cider

The next day I was off to spend the weekend in my old stomping grounds- Boston! I was luck enough to fit in a quick stop in Albany to see my parents and enjoy Albany Restaurant Week with them … and of course a photoshoot with my dog … before driving out to Boston with Melgar’s matron of honor.

My dog really is too cute. Isn’t she? Sometimes she blinks when her photos are taken, too!

Isn't she adorable?

Isn’t she adorable?

Dinner with my parents included TWO desserts. So lucky to have parents that enjoy food and desserts as much as I do!

dessert #2 at dinner - berry rhubarb pie!

Dessert #1 at dinner – berry rhubarb pie!

Dessert #1 at dinner - tiramisu

Dessert #2 at dinner – tiramisu

A little about Melgar and me. Melgar and I met during Junior High Locker Day – the day before the first day of school when all new 7th graders come in, try out their lockers, walk through their schedules, etc. We share the same first name, and her step-dad noticed it and introduced us. The rest is history! We were friends from junior high to high school and even through college, both going to (different) schools in Boston. Though we live quite far apart right now (she just moved all the way to California!) we’re still in touch through visits (I just saw her on my West Coast Trip), occasional Google Hangouts, phone calls and more. Melgar is actually my first good friend to get married and the first wedding that I’m in (besides my own). Thus this was actually my first bachelorette party (besides my own) and I was super excited to see her, my other best friend Jane (also from junior high) and go out in my old city of Boston.

Me, Melgar and Jane back in the day

Me, Melgar and Jane back in the day

The weekend included:

A few runs – including one in our hotel in Boston (yes, I was that girl who woke up early before the festivities to run … at least Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on!). Both were on treadmills which is SO not like me – could my love-hate treadmill relationship be on the love end right now?

Both of these runs were done on a treadmill ... not sure what's gotten into me!

Both of these runs were done on a treadmill … not sure what’s gotten into me!

Takeout from one of my old favorite eateries – Brown Sugar Thai:

Brown Sugar!

Brown Sugar!

Brunch downtown at Masa. Their fiesta brunch is pretty awesome and included Huevos Rancheros ON TOP OF A QUESADILLA.

Huevos Rancheros at Masa

Huevos Rancheros at Masa

Jenny, me and Allie

Jenny, me and Allie

Walking around Boston with the ladies and tea at the Four Seasons. Oh, and getting to hang out with some of Boston’s finest 🙂

boston public garden

Boston Public Garden

Busted! Melgar in a cop car.

Busted! Melgar in a cop car.

Oh and of course getting dressed up and going out and dancing our hearts away at one of our old college bars.

Jane and me, ready to go out!

Jane and me, ready to go out!

Sunday it was back to Albany for a great home-cooked meal (my parents know me too well – quinoa, salmon, broccoli, salad and leftover homemade pizza was on the menu) before flying back to CLE Monday morning.

salmon, quinoa salad, pizza, broccoli, salad

salmon, quinoa salad, pizza, broccoli, salad

It was a lovely weekend and I hope Melgar had a great time and felt all the love that can only be felt when surrounded by your favorite girl friends. I cannot wait to celebrate again with her when she gets married in just a few months!

The gorgeous bride-to-be

The gorgeous bride-to-be

Some questions for you:

  1. Do you still keep in touch with your old college friends? High school? Junior high? Yes there are a few lovely ladies that I keep in touch with and see every so often!
  2. Have you been to a bachelorette party? Been in a wedding? What’s the best part? TBD – these are all firsts for me!
  3. Ever been to Boston? Favorite part of the city? Least favorite? I lived there for 4ish years and loved it! I love how walkable everything is. And how manageable the T is. I also love the history! My least favorite part of the city is definitely their sports teams. Growing up in NY i pretty much hate the Red Sox, Patriots, etc.