Training Tuesday: Running Confessions

Welp, the week is finally here – it’s time to start my Cleveland Half Marathon Training!

As you may recall, I’m a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador – meaning I’ll be sharing fun news about the race, doing a giveaway AND sharing my training reports.

So, for my first report, I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing to get ready to train – the good and the bad. These are my confessions …

The good:

  • I finally got back into shape after our Asia trip. As I shared, I didn’t run for a few weeks in Dec/Jan and really got out of shape fast. I can tell you that I more than made up for it by running every day since we returned (see: the bad).
  • I bought new shoes! My purple sauconys have about 450+ miles on them, and I’m starting with a new pair for training.
Can't wait to try out these new sneakers!

Can’t wait to try out these new sneakers!

  • I have a training plan! Thanks to B (and Hal Higdon), I have a plan in place for my half-marathon training.
B made me a schedule :)

B made me a schedule 🙂


The bad:

  • I have not been running outside. I’m a baby when it comes to cold and ice; thus, I have run outside maybe 3 times since the New Year. I need to get back out there – treadmill runs just aren’t the same for me!
With weather like this, it's hard to get myself outside.

With weather like this, it’s hard to get myself outside.

  • I haven’t signed up for ANY other races. Typically by this time, I’ve signed up for a few local races or even run some (last year’s Chili Bowl) – but this ear I just can’t seem to get myself motivated! Maybe it’s because B stopped running with me?
  • I may not have given my body enough rest. See #1 above – I ran every day from January 16 through February 16. Some days it was only 1-2 miles, other days it was 7. I decided to try to take last week easy and do the elliptical most days, but I got tired and missed the treadmill and caved and ran 3 times. I did take my first complete rest day on Sunday, only going for a walk with B.
Weekly mileage from the week we got back thru last week

Weekly mileage from the week we got back thru last week before I decided to take a few days off from running … Yeah, that’s high (for me)

So those are my confessions. Some questions for you:

  • What do you do to keep yourself in check? Have you signed up for any races?
  • Clevelanders – or others with this frigid weather – have you been running outside? Please tell me how you do it.
  • What’s your favorite pair of running shoes?
  • How do you stay motivated on the treadmill?