Cleveland Marathon Kickoff Run Week

Happy January! I know last week was also January, but now it feels like we’re really into 2020. And that means, it’s time for spring marathon training!

I’m not training for a marathon at the moment (I’ll probably start training for my May half marathon in a month or so), but this week was the Cleveland Marathon Kickoff Run. They had a 5 mile run in Cleveland that started and ended at a brewery, meaning tasty local beers and brunch awaited us! (Plus free donuts and coffee)

Look at how many people were there! I also got to meet up with fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors, which was great.

The run was definitely the highlight of my week, which included lots of treadmill running.  Here’s the look at the week:

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Some Holiday Runs ❄️

This week was a little off in terms of running, but overall, still pretty good. Why? Because I was in New York with my family for the holidays. This meant that there was 1) no treadmill and 2) lots of family time and distractions. There was also a good amount of snow on the ground when I got there — they had gotten 3ish feet or so since Thanksgiving! Here’s what the week looked like in terms of runs:

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Back on the Treadmill

Well, it was another week of back inside most days. Partially due to the weather, and partially because I was anxious. Earlier in the week, I found out that a woman from a running group I’m part of (someone I don’t know personally), was attacked while running in the morning. She was running in an area I used to run in when I lived downtown and a man intentionally hit her with his car, before getting out, trying to rob her and then nearly hitting her again. They found him (thank goodness), and she is alright (relatively), but it still stuck with me all week and even though I know it’s an isolated incident, and not where I run now, and he’s in custody, I still didn’t feel comfortable running outside.

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It’s the Most RUNderful Time of the Year

I can’t help the title — it’s December and the past week has been pretty great for running! While my parents got tons of snow in NY, somehow miraculously in Cleveland we were spared and had a relatively mild week with mild temps and no real accumulation of snow overall. We had some flurries one morning and it looked slippery another morning, so I opted to hit the treadmill those times, but other than that, I lucked out and got outdoors every day!

Here’s a look at the week:

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A Very Merry Weekend

Hello from New York! We are currently celebrating the holidays in New York with my family, and I’m off the routine, which means that this week in running will be a little off. But we’re having tons of fun while we’re here. Some of the highlights or our week so far:

FW and LM met Santa! He stopped by school last week and FW asked for some gifts (he asked for “presents.” When Santa prodded, he asked for “books and dinosaurs.”

LM got in some quality Nonna time.

And FW bonded with Uncle Greg over trains and music.

FW even got close to my parents’ dog a few times.

LM got to meet a good college friend of mine, whose parents live nearby.

We had my favorite local pizza, Defazios.

We braved the line and caught the lights in the park. FW loved them!

I also got to run outdoors by myself during the day! Time off from work, plus mild (cold but not snowy) weather, plus grandparents to watch the kids meant I got to spend some time outdoors, running. In fact, last week’s running went really well. We had a warm front and I was able to run outside every day this week, including one stroller run to kick off the week! I got in a 6.3 miler in NY, which put me at my highest post-LM mileage week thus far!

Here’s how the week looked:

I can’t complain! The week was great in running and beyond. I just love this time of year!

Some questions for you:

  • Has the weather been mild around where you are?
  • Are you in the holiday spirit?

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Tuesdays on the Run: Three Days Outside!

We had a crazy week here weather-wise. It started out SUPER cold – like negative degrees. But then turned “warm” (20s-30s) and then actually warm (upper 50s!). And then cold and icy/snowy again.

That being said, due to the warm weather, I was able to get outside and run off the treadmill for the first time in 2018, which was GREAT. So here was this week’s mileage:

Some of the highlights:

The crazy weather for sure! Take a look at the weather and upcoming weather. Ick!

Being able to run in shorts/capris was definitely a highlight. One day I had a short-sleeved shirt on! And though it ended up pouring towards the end of my run and I was soaked, it was SO MUCH BETTER than being icy or slipper or frigid!

As you can see by the above forecast- it looks like I’m going to be back indoors for a few more days again as the cold and ice has returned. Oh well- hre’s to hoping that it warms up again and I am back outside running again soon!

  • Did it warm up near you? Or were you able to be outside?
  • What’s the coldest you like to run in?

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I’m Totally Okay with Eating on the Floor Sometimes

We’re back! We were back in Cleveland this weekend which meant I had a great time catching up with friends, hitting up some local places and of course getting in some baking time 🙂 (I know, I’m addicted)

Seriously, it as such a great weekend – a little working out, a little baking, a little relaxing and a little hanging out with friends – all parts for a perfect few days off from work.

first baking of the weekend - magic bars!

first baking of the weekend – magic bars!

Friday night started out at the Cleveland Boxing Invitational! B is on the associate board for the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and this year was the inaugural boxing event, a fundraiser, held inside Tower City. It was so cool to see the indoor mall all decked out for the event, including a boxing ring! I don’t care too much for boxing, but it was fun to be at the event with everyone.

Tower City set up for the Cleveland Boxing Invitational

Tower City set up for the Cleveland Boxing Invitational

 Cleveland Boxing Invitational


Saturday morning I sat on the couch for a while debating whether or not to go outside for a run or just stay inside and cross train or use the dreadmill. The weather looked pretty outside with blue skies – but it was in the low 30s (colder than it had been in a while) and we had gotten some snow on Friday so the sidewalks looked pretty treacherous. I finally decided to get over myself and pull out my Yaktrax, put on my ProCompression socks, and go outside. I’m SO glad I did – I put on a new playlist, made it for 5+ glorious miles and smiled nearly the whole way!

Ready to run with my socks and Yaktrax

Ready to run with my socks and Yaktrax

Some untouched snow- until I ran on them!

Some untouched snow- until I ran on it!

Sweaty post-run selfie

Sweaty post-run selfie

Saturday afternoon/evening was my monthly Ladies Craft Beer Society meeting – once a month we get together and over craft beers try a new craft. This month? Coasters at Platform Brewery!

Getting ready for some crafts!

Getting ready for some crafts!

Finished product!

Finished product!

Ladies with the finished product

Ladies with our coaster

Sunday was pretty perfect in my book. I woke up somewhat early, got in an easy workout (2 miles on the treadmill and then 50 minutes elliptical plus free weights and abs), then did some baking (pumpkin bread!), food prep for the week and watched football.

pumpkin bread

pumpkin bread

veggie burgers for the week

veggie burgers for the week  – I also made chicken breasts, more freekeh and quinoa for some meals.

After some cooking and baking, the weekend ended with an easy dinner – takeout Chinese AND sushi. I hot some great shrimp wonton soup, sashimi and a rainbow roll. And I may have eaten it, on the floor, while watching old episodes of the Walking Dead (no judgement).


Some questions for you:

  • Did you get in any baking in the cold weather this weekend?
  • Do you have snow near you yet?
  • How do you keep running in the winter?