One Year Ago…

Sometimes I like to think back to where I was one year ago. Take a moment to do so. It doesn’t have to be where you on this exact moment on this exact date, but roughly where were you a year ago?

The reason I ask is because tonight I went to dinner with all the ladies in B’s (the bf) family. Each year, B’s family has a golf outing and some of the ladies choose to stay home and instead get dinner or shop or something instead.

Last year we went to this restaurant called “Mad Greek” which serves (you guessed it!) Greek. AND Indian. That’s right – don’t ask, it’s good. Anyways, the whole day, B’s sister in law and I had gone shopping because she was pregnant and needed maternity clothes. And I had just gotten my job a week earlier and needed professional clothes. I had only been living in Cleveland for just over a month and going shopping and hanging out with his family was still scary new for me, but still fun nonetheless. It was funny going into maternity shops and seeing all the pregnant women of varying belly-size (and B’s sister in law who is a tiny person to begin with hardly looked pregnant).

Well, one year later, tonight, we all went out to dinner again – B’s mom, sister, sister in law and myself. Except this year, her new baby came too. It just made me think how far we’ve all come and how much has happened in a year. For instance:

  • B’s sister – broke her neck in a gymnastic incident, scared us all, but now is starting up again and deciding where to go to colleges
  • B’s sister in law – no longer pregnant or a newlywed, her days are filled with diapers and crying (but adorable) babies
  • Me – been here for a year, settled in my job (and a new promotion!), sorta know my way around Cleveland…still don’t feel like an Ohioan but when I drove to B’s parents’ house this morning I was on autopilot (big deal!)

I’m not trying to be philosophical, but it just boggles my mind how much things change in a year. I may not look too different (besides my young-professional and not just-out-of-college hair cut) but it feels different.

I wonder where I’ll be one year from now?

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