Running shoe experiment

I hate to admit it, but my running has gone down n the past few weeks. I haven’t been lazy (though with the icky winter weather I am definitely hitting the snooze more) or too busy- the weather has just been downright unfriendly for running!
I tried running outside last week, and didn’t make it more than .3 miles without slipping and nearly falling on my face. The sidewalks were all covered with ice and I’m clumsy enough as it is! (I’ve already fallen twice this past month without ice..just me kicking myself on the sidewalk)

I can’t stop running – I’ve gotten really in the groove of it and am even starting to almost enjoy racing (key word: almost). But how can I keep it up during the winter, without having to always hop on a treadmill?

I went to my local Second Sole to see what they thought. Our convo:

Me: How do you keep running in the winter?
Extremely Fit Young Man: I have been running for 15 years, so that’s 15 winters. What do you mean?
Me: Well, don’t you slip on ice and wet snow and leaves?
EFYM: No, you just learn how to run in it.


EFYM then showed me some shoes with little spikes in them, saying that they are good if you’re “not used to running in the winter.” They were similar to these and just as pricey.

I didn’t really feel like buying new running shoes, especially at that price and that style (Now if they were cute $120 running shoes, that’s another story!) so I returned from the store empty handed and asked around my office for some tips.

A coworker found this online and said if I supplied the shoes, she would be able to take care of the screws and labor. I some older shoes (about 400 miles on them) that I had just sitting in my desk, so I figured, why not?


Well, here’s the end result! What do you think? How do you run in the winter?

I can’t wait to test them out and see how they work!

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