Applying For A Job? Give Us Your Email Address, Facebook Log-in and Other Passwords

I can’t believe this is true… According to this article, applicants applying for a job with the city of Bozeman (that’s in Montana for you non-geography folks) are asked to provide their provide social media log-in information (Facebook, YouTube, etc. usernames AND passwords!) in order to be considered for the job.

A concerned job applicant contacted the local CBS affiliate about this practice. According to the individual, the job application requires people to list all “personal or business websites, web pages or memberships on any Internet-based chat rooms, social clubs or forums, to include, but not limited to: Facebook, Google, Yahoo,, MySpace, etc.” and leaves space where applicants are instructed to leave their usernames and passwords for their corresponding sites.

According to city attorney Greg Sullivan, the practices are in place because “[Bozeman has] positions ranging from fire and police, which require people of high integrity for those positions, all the way down to the lifeguards and the folks that work in city hall here. So we do those types of investigations to make sure the people that we hire have the highest moral character and are a good fit for the City,” Sullivan said.”

Um, hello?! Is anyone else bothered by this? No WAY would I write my FB password on a piece of paper and hand to someone I didn’t even know. I mean honestly, with all the phishing attacks that have been going on, why would I be so stupid as to give a random stranger access to my personal accounts (and therefore personal information, messages with friends, access to friends’ profiles, etc.). I share specific information with friends (including photos, info about where I live, etc.) and would not want one of my friends sharing their password (and therefore access to my information) with some random person either. Honestly, who knows who will have access to my application – from the person who types my information into some sort of database to even an HR person.stealyourpassword

The local CBS website also has a poll if you’re interested, where you can vote whether or not you are  in favor of this practice. I voted! As of now, 99% of those surveyed think it’s an invasion of privacy. What do you think?

Note: Thanks to @jewelsann for linking to this article on Twitter.

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