National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day to all my runner and non-runner friends. It’s a great day, a day to remind us why we run, and to be grateful for the fact that we can, indeed run. Whether it’s running marathons, or doing our own run/walk around the block – we’re all runners and all deserve a day to celebrate.

lake erie

The lake this morning during my run – peaceful and quiet

I kicked off my morning with an easy, unplanned 5 mile run around downtown, stopping to take photos at some of my favorite areas – the lake, the mall and of course the view.

Photo from my phone - view of downtown from my run

Photo from my phone – view of downtown from my run

I ran with no music, no headphones (as I have been doing more and more) and just enjoyed the breeze, the cooler-than-normal weather and spent the whole time thinking about why I run. A few other bloggers are participating in the exercise (no pun intended) so I decided to contemplate my own personal reasons.



  1. Because it keeps me sane. I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t run. Actually, B’s seen it. I do go crazy if I don’t go for a run.
  2. Because it gives me “me time.” Yes, I know I’ve been running with friends more and more, but there’s still something nice about running alone – or even running with someone else – that allows you to clear your head, gather your thoughts, and just breathe.
  3. It reminds me how lucky I am. Especially on the days that my legs are tired, feet are sore or shins are hurting, I realize how lucky I am that I can run. I am healthy, young and (somewhat) fit – and so grateful to be able to just lace up and go, wherever and whenever.
  4. Because I love to bake. And eat. Most of the time I’m a pretty healthy eater. I love vegetables, love lean meats and fish and good-for-you fats (helllo avocados!). But I also have a sweet tooth and an addiction to baking (yes, in addition to my addiction to running). I know that running doesn’t help counteract all the bad things I put into my body but I like to think that even though I’m not the “typical size-0 runner” that non-runners think of, it keeps me less than the 500-lb person I’d probably be if I didn’t run. Oh, and running helps me crave the healthy foods. Most of the time, after a run, I love fueling my body with protein and vegetables – not sugary sweet treats.
  5. Because it’s helped me form relationships. I’ve bonded with B’s sister over runs, and found time to connect with some other girls who live downtown based on running. We all live busy lives. We’re all different. But if you find someone who runs and find time to run with them, you form a relationship – and I’m so grateful for these friendships!

OK, enough cheesy running post. Cheers to National Running Day and I hope you go out and celebrate!

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