Oh hey, weekend … where did you go?

Happy First Weekend of Spring! Yahoo – it’s finally here. Spring is here, spring is here.

We kicked off spring with a pretty fun weekend full of food, friends and films (yup, I did that alliteration on purpose because I’m fancy like that).

Friday night started off with some drinks with coworkers to celebrate the weekend. I don’t know what it is but all of us had seemed to have a crazy week and were happy to be able to kick off and relax. The bar in our building where I work has some good happy hour specials so it was great to finally take advantage of them!

Then it was time to meet up with our friend Steve! Steve was in town for work but had the weekend free so of course we were able to show him a fun weekend. Which meant that Friday night also involved some drinks at Parnells and dinner at Barrio. I headed to bed earlier than the guys and they spent some more night out on the town.

Bols at Barrio!

Bols at Barrio!

Always the best Guinness pour

Always the best Guinness pour

Saturday morning I texted Erica to see if she was running again – and she was! I met up with her and the weather was chilly but again, so nice to be outside. We got in a 6+ mile run and then went and saw a movie at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Erica had an extra pass and I was so happy to take it and see the movie I’d been wanting to see – Limited Partnership. Here’s the trailer:

It was a really good pic and the director stuck around afar the movie as part of a panel discussion that was also really good.

Saturday afternoon was my monthly Ladies Craft Beer event – this time Cuoghi hosted it and put together quite the spread – this girl knows how to cook and entertain! She also taught me how to use a sewing machine, and I successfully finished our craft – homemade scarves!

so much good food!

so much good food!

sewing supplies

sewing supplies

OMG I'm sewing!

OMG I’m sewing!

some of the ladies and our scarves

some of the ladies and our scarves

At night, I met up with B, Steve, Dave, Anson and Joey for some drinks at Nano Brew and March Madness, followed by some late-night TV watching of Doogie Howser because why not?

Sunday, B, Steve and I got brunch at Phuel before Steve had to fly back to DC.

I'm a creature of habit - always order the same granola bowl and love it every time.

I’m a creature of habit – always order the same granola bowl and love it every time.

B and I spent the rest of the day at the Cleveland Film Festival – we caught two movies and bought tickets for quite a few more this week. I love love love the Film Festival and am so glad we actually made time to see some movies this year!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite international or independent film?
  • What’s your go-to brunch order?
  • Do you know how to sew?


4 thoughts on “Oh hey, weekend … where did you go?

  1. I love that you have a monthly Ladies Craft Beer night! Getting together with friends is such a great thing to make time for. My friends and I try to make it happen every month or so too and when we do it’s just wonderful 🙂

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