Living For Weekends

Welp, last week was my first full week back at work after maternity leave. And I’m not gonna lie, it was a doozy. I put in more hours than I have in a while, and working late plus little sleep (yay toddler and 3 month old) made me SO pumped for the weekend! And thank goodness, it was a good weekend.

B and FW made dinner Friday night, which meant we were able to have homemade pizza on the porch!

Saturday started out with breakfast for FW and me. We both had eggs – his were in fun shapes.

Then, I took FW out for a run.

It was pretty much perfect running weatherweather- low 60s and cloudy. We got in a little more than 4 miles.

Also, when did FW get so old? He looks so old compared to LM!

For dinner B made homemade pasta, which is pretty much my favorite comfort food. He also grilled some scallops for the perfect meal.

It stayed perfect weather for an after dinner walk.

Sunday morning started with pancakes! B made us all breakfast.

The day included some catching up on work, chores (yay for laundry … and then more laundry after a blowout) and a trip to The Container Store.

The rest of the day was low key, especially since it was pouring rain and super windy all day long. We didn’t make it outside for a walk or run or anything. Instead, we watched football and did some reading.

But, we did make it to B’s family’s home for dinner. FW got to enjoy some time playing with his cousins.

AND how excited are you for this? I’m a little afraid on how it’s going to portray CLE, but excited to see what’s in store for one of my favorite podcasts.

Some questions for you:

  • Did you have crazy rainy weather this weekend?
  • What kind of workout do you do if you can’t get outside?

I’m linking up with the weekly wraps!

8 thoughts on “Living For Weekends

  1. If I can’t get out and workout, I run on my treadmill. But it has to be REALLY awful for that to happen. I’ll run in the rain. Seriously.

    It’s always tough to get back to work after maternity leave. The best part about it is getting to see the littles after a long day at work!

  2. I ran this morning before the rain hit, but I’m not going to get my half hour on tonight as it’s pouring. I think I’ll do an ab workout instead!

  3. I remember how tough it was returning to work after I took extended maternity leave. You definitely deserved a relaxing weekend. As grownup as FW seems now, I thinking pushing him in the Bob should count as double mileage! Thanks for linking!

  4. Your children are so cute and could your baby girl be posing any more perfectly in that picture? 🙂

    Apparently, it rained all weekend last weekend in Northern Virginia, but it was pretty in Southwestern Virginia where we were visiting my mom.

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