Tuesdays on the Run – Outside All The Time

Happy Tuesday! Last week was pretty good in terms of runs and I’m proud of the fact that every single run I got in was OUTDOORS!

It’s getting darker and colder, which means it’s time for me to hibernate – or at least hit the treadmill more often. Or dreadmill. I’m not a fan of the super cold and though I’ll eventually get used to it and be able to run outside, at this point, I am not ready for it! Plus, it’s much harder to get in a stroller run when it’s in single degree temps.

But this week, everything was outside. Including my LONGEST run since LM, which was on Sunday. And it was a gorgeous Sunday for a run!

Here was how the whole week looked:

None of the other runs were quite as picturesque, but I am happy to be back in the 20s for mileage!

Some questions for you:

  • Were the fall colors out in full force near you?
  • What weather is too cold for you to run outside?

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6 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run – Outside All The Time

  1. I have no lower limit, temperature-wise. For me, it’s about the wind and ice. Otherwise, I’m outside all year round! I do agree with you, fall is just spectacular!

  2. Great week of running! We are past peak colors by about a week or 2 here. Fall was too short and we slipped right into snow and single digit wind chills. Not fun, especially in November. I’ll run outside down to about zero but it gets tough in those single digits. Let’s not talk about the icy wind.

  3. I’m with you – I love running outside. I have no temperature limit, and it typically doesn’t get too cold here in southeastern PA, but I will run on the treadmill if there is ice on the roads. Welcome back to the 20’s!

  4. Great week. I love running outside. I have been loving all of the colors this fall. I’m not sure why, they seemed even more radiant that usual. We just recived a pile of snow, though. So most of the color is quickly disappearing.

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