Weekly Running Recap: Vacation With a Side of Running

I’m not a good vacation runner. That’s right, my runs tend to be little to none when I’m out of town with the family.

Why? To be honest, I feel guilty. I Theknow I shouldn’t, but I feel bad if I am gone from my family due to a run. I have serious FOMO as well and even if it’s just 30 minutes, I feel like I’m missing out on quality family time. I’m getting better about just going and running (because it’s what I like to do), but for the most part, I don’t run as much on vacation.

And last week was one of those weeks. My running mileage ended up around 11 miles total for the week, with runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Here’s a look at what the days entailed:

The first day was just a long walk (5+ miles) throughout Toronto. We ended up covering several miles by foot (I made my step goal of 11,000+ steps), but it was all walking. And posing for photos like these 🙂

The last day in Toronto, I did get in a 3.5ish m run before our long car trip to NY. I even got a running pic with the CN Tower in the background!

In Ithaca, I went for a 3ish m run along the water one morning. It was peaceful, but it took me almost a mile to get to the waterfront trail.

Another day in Ithaca, we took a 2 mile hike to some waterfalls. It was 90 degrees and HOT but worth it – we took the easy trail (especially since B was carrying not one but two kids) to these gorgeous falls.

And then, one last run for the week – 4 miles in nearly 90% humidity. Too hot for me! (And look who stole my water bottle)

Some questions for you:

  • Do you run while traveling on vacation?
  • Did you travel for the Fourth of July week?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Running Recap: Vacation With a Side of Running

  1. I think my first comment went **poof**

    Anyways, it looks like your family trip was a lot of fun 😉 I didn’t run much when our kids were little, but I did usually try to get up early and do my run(s) way before anyone else was awake.That way we all were happy 😉 Thanks for joining us on the WRD!

  2. I think getting any runs in on a family holiday is great!
    I actually do usually run on holidays for three reasons- I see more. I can eat something without coming back ten pounds heavier and it allows my friend (who I often travel with) time to get ready in the morning as she takes much longer than me.

  3. Vacation is vacation and that means no running and just to have fun. 🙂 During my last vacation last year to San Francisco (well I went to my nephew’s graduation) I took my running clothes and did a few runs. However, there were times that I didn’t want to run and it was OK.

    I am always home during the 4th of July. Next year I am planning on going to HI so I might be there for that day.

  4. Love your CN Tower pic — and I have that Ithaca photo too, as I mentioned on MCMama’s similar post.
    Didn’t travel, enjoyed the down time
    I love vacation running to see new sights, but I’m usually SOLO so don’t have family FOMO issue.

  5. I’m usually a great vacation runner because I really crave the me time 😉 LOVED my runs in Toronto when I was there two years ago…. not so much last time I was there in january lol

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