Weekly Run Down: Cleveland Ambassador Edition

I’m excited to share that I am back as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador! I will be once again training for one of my favorite races next spring, and sharing my training with you. I’ll also be able to share a free race entry with one lucky fan coming up soon. I’m really excited and feel so lucky — the Cleveland Marathon is a great event, and I’ve done one or more of the races as part of the marathon weekend for more than 5 years in a row.

2020 ambassador badge

So what I doing for runs now? I don’t have any big races lined up in the meantime, but instead have plans to keep up my base mileage throughout the winter so I’m ready for training next year.

Knowing that, here is a look at my runs this week. It was a warm week – it was nearly 90 on Monday – but I think it’s finally getting to be fall now. I’m anticipating some chilly morning runs soon!

Screenshot 2019-10-05 21.32.16Besides the above news, the only highlight to share is that I saw lots of deer this week! There are 2-4 that seem to live around my route and I ran into them a few times this week.

Some questions for you:

  • Are there any races that you consistently run year after year?
  • Do you see deer on your runs?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: Cleveland Ambassador Edition

  1. I have not seen any deer on my runs, but I’m pretty much in town for most of the early morning stuff when “typically” they would be roaming. I have a lot of races that I try to hit each year, one of which is the IMT Des Moines Marathon weekend (I usually do the 13.1). That’s coming up in two weeks!

  2. I really loved the Cleveland 8K and half marathon when I did it last year. Such a fun course and a great city to explore too!

    I haven’t seen any deer on my run in a few years but they always seem to pop out at the weirdest times, lol

  3. Congratulations on the ambassadorship.
    I’ve only been running for less than 3 years, so while there are a few I’ve done 2-3 x, NYRR has fields of thousands even for the weeklies so no real ambassador opportunities.
    Squirrel and chipmunks by mom, no deer although she gets them in her yard

  4. Congrats on getting the chance to be an ambassador again! My run group was just talking about keeping up mileage over the winter so as to not have to start over with marathon training.
    We see deer everywhere here

  5. congratulations!

    I definitely run a few of the same races each year. At the very least the Arnhem Bridge to Bridge run in September. This is a part of the WWII Commemorations we have every year (for Operation Market Garden – where the “Bridge too far” is) and the race is also known as the “Run to remember freedom”. It’s a very special time of year in my home town and I wouldn’t miss this race for all the world. In fact I was even injured and still jog/walked the 5k this year.

    I haven’t seen deer, but lots of normal cows, highland cows, horses, alpacas 🙂

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