Buhbye Snow

Another week has come and gone and we had barely any snow! The sidewalks stayed clear and I was able to run outside every morning. I cannot stress how much of a difference this has made in my outlook.

We did have some cold weather return, but overall, it stayed in the 20s-30s in the mornings and I was able to bundle up, get outside for a run, and not have to employ my Yaktrax or worry about slipping and sliding.

The week was sunny, but cold. But, the sunshine made such a difference. The sidewalks were clean (I know I already said this but IT WAS THAT AMAZING), and the sun was shining and I kept up my running streak, running outside EVERY DAY.  So good news running-wise all around!

Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday: 5.02 miles

Monday: 5.3 miles

Tuesday: 5.5 miles and ran to the nearby lake that was no longer frozen!

Wednesday: 5.42 miles

Thursday: 6.04 miles

Friday: 5.79 miles – plus a cold early walk with the family before work. Cold but sunny even early!

Saturday: 5.52 miles 

Weekly mileage: 38.59 mi

Running streak days: 317 

And – even though we’re a week into March already, here’s a look at my February mileage. I ended up at around 142ish but didn’t catch them all with my watch:


Some questions for you:

  • If you had to choose – cookies or cupcakes?
  • What’s your favorite month for running?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

13 thoughts on “Buhbye Snow

  1. Cookies forever!
    My favorite months would probably be November and March. Still cold (my favorite), but no slip and slide. I’m totally with you on how lovely no snow and ice is, even though we had way less

  2. ooh I don’t know on the cookies or cupcakes-probably cookies. Impressive weekly mileage! Glad things are warming up for you as well. October and November tend to be great months for running here followed by April

  3. I love both cookies and cupcakes LOL Great job with the run streak, and impressive February mileage (especially considering how cold it was)!

  4. I love both cookies and cupcakes LOL Great job with the run streak, and impressive February mileage (especially considering how cold it was)!

  5. This week was so different than most of February! No snow and the sidewalks were clear! I’d pick cookies and I think October is my favorite month for running!

  6. Homemade cookies but store-bought cupcakes. 🙂

    Fantastic mileage for February!

    We had sunshine, but the melting snow flowed over the sidewalks and froze into icy sheets at night!

  7. COOKIES!!!
    Since I live in Florida, my favorite running months are January and February. Looking at your pictures gives me a nostalgic feeling for spring when I lived up north. It must feel amazing! Sounds like you had a great week.

  8. I love all that sunshine! It’s so invigorating!

    I prefer cupcakes. I just really love frosting.

    Where I live, January is a great month to run, but we’ve been fortunate to have the last three months be just about perfect for it.

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