365 Days of a Running Streak


The week, I hit my 365th day of running in a row – I made it to one year! It wasn’t an easy feat, but at the same time, I can’t believe it came so fast.

if you’re a numbers nerd like me, you may appreciate the stats –

  • Days run in a row: 365
  • Weeks pregnant (Currently) 27 – this means I’ve run about half of the running streak pregnant!
  • Average run length: about 5.5 miles
  • Shortest run: 2 miles
  • Longest run: 13.1 (I did last year’s Cleveland half marathon as part of the streak)
  • Total mileage: about 2,002 miles

I can honestly say that I didn’t set out to run every day for a year. In fact, I didn’t start with the intent of doing a running streak. I don’t even remember at what day that I realized I had started streaking. I do remember at day 100 thinking, wow, this is cool! Even at day 200 I didn’t have my sights set on 365. But as the day got closer and closer, I thought, “What if?”

I don’t know if I fully believe that I’m here, 365 days later, running half of the streak pregnant (which is getting harder and harder), and have been able to keep it up. I’m surprised that I haven’t been injured. Over the summer I had several weeks of bad plantar fasciitis, so much that some days it hurt to walk and I thought I should take a day off. But I kept it up, stretched, iced and wore sneakers around the house more, and it disappeared. Every so often my piriformis acts up, but again, it has luckily been not so bad that it has impacted my running. I’m also so grateful that I haven’t been sick – or at least sick enough not to run. Did I feel lousy after my vaccine? Did I feel lousy during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy? Yes, but in the grand scheme of things, especially in a year like 2020, I know things could’ve been much worse.

I’ll admit that it feels anticlimactic to be here. But, I did end the run with somewhat of a celebration – I got in a run with my brother! Not only have I not been running with people (I’ve done one non-solo run this whole streak), but he lives in Germany so I don’t see him that often. Still, there was no giant finish line. No cow bells, no signs and no people cheering. But after a 2020 (with no in-person races for me), I guess that’s appropriate. 

So what’s next? I don’t know. Most likely just trying to stay as active as I can for the rest of this pregnancy. I know my days of running are numbered, but for now, i’ll just be proud of what my body can do – baby or no baby.

In the meantime, here’s what this week looked like. I admittedly almost didn’t make it – Wednesday morning I woke up to 4 inches of SNOW, so I decided to hit the treadmill. But we had no power! So I couldn’t do a treadmill run, and I couldn’t get out of our garage to run elsewhere. I found my packed away Yaktrax, got outside and finished 3 very wet and snowy miles for day 363.

Sunday: 4 treadmill miles

Monday: 5.01 miles

Tuesday: 5.5 miles

Wednesday: 3 SNOWY miles

Yes- this was mid-April!

Thursday: 4.25 treadmill miles

Friday: 4.68 miles *day 365*

Saturday: 4.8 miles

At a little over 31 miles, it was my lowest mileage week in a while, but it was the week that brought me to my goal, so I can look past it. 

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

9 thoughts on “365 Days of a Running Streak

  1. Congrats! You did so well on your run streak. Not only did you run every single day but you ran high mileage each week. February was tough for me due to the weather and I made sure I did just one mile. There were a few days when I didn’t even make it that far but it still counted. 🙂

  2. Woohoo! That really is amazing. And you pushed through more than I would have. I’m glad you were able to do it and are still running strong. Wow on that April snow. Looks pretty from here. 😉

  3. YAYYYYYY!!! You did it! It does seem like there should be some sort of celebration. You’ll have a fun story to tell this baby when (s)he’s older!

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