This Should Be Post #1

So I started this blog at some sort of PR New Media Boot camp and forgot about it for a few months. I’m an active twitterer (follow me at and thus a “micro-blogger” I suppose. A few people have told me that since I tweet, and love it, I should create a blog. My main hurdle in creating a blog is not the act of writing a blog, not titling the blog, not worrying about people reading my blog (if you don’t wanna read it, fine..I don’t wanna waste your time!)…no, but it’s coming up with a topic. There are so many things I could and want to write about:

  • Cool things to do in Cleveland
  • What it’s like to live with a boyfriend
  • Public Relations in a social media world
  • Fun food finds and product finds
  • Cool social media related websites
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Music
  • My extremely exciting life

The truth is, I want to write about all of these. There are blogs that specialize in one or more of these areas (which I will link to occasionally for your enjoyment), but I don’t want to limit myself.  Those who know me can attest to the fact that in my every day conversation I can jump from one topic to another without any obvious connection between the two thoughts. Those who know me will also tell you that I am very indecisive and hate being presented with decisions. So this is my blog – a mismatch of ideas, no one topic, no one theme, but instead a potpourri of wonderfulness.

blogs jeopardy

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