Tuesdays on the Run – 2018 Race Bling

Let me start by saying that when it came to racing, I was somewhat of a slacker in 2018. Looking back at my running log, I only count 6 races I ran this year:

  • Sabre Run 5k (done at 38 weeks pregnant)
  • Cleveland Marathon 5k (done at 39 weeks pregnant)
  • Cleveland Marathon 10k (done 4 days before LM was born)
  • Edgewater Sunset 5k
  • Nature Center 5k (done with a stroller)
  • Cleveland Turkey Trot

Do I have a reason? Well, yes, I suppose this little lady being born in May may have affected my running and racing:

So when I saw the topic for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run linkup was 2018 race bling, I realized I only had 4 medals to share.

And my favorite bling of the year? Definitely the medals from the Cleveland Marathon Challenge Series. Not just because of the fact that you get 3 medals for doing 2 races, but because I feel so proud of the fact that I was able to still run (err walk and hobble) the 2 races just 4 days before my due date. It was hard at the time, but I’ll always be proud of that accomplishment.

I’m not quite back in pre-baby running shape, so who knows what 2019 will hold for me.

Did you get any good race bling this year? Do you have any excuses for not racing as much?
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Charleston Vacay – Fun, Food and Running

Well, we are back from our little vacation to Charleston, South Carolina, and I’m already feeling the need for another trip and more time off. Traveling with two little ones is fun but tiring!

The week off didn’t include as many runs as I would’ve liked, but I did get in 3 runs (2 on our trip), plus we walked everywhere every day, which is such a treat.

Some trip highlights:

The food. I love some southern food (especially corn bread and BBQ) but also had some great seafood while we were there. Including local oysters, ceviche and more.

Walkimg everywhere, every day. I love vacations where we park the car and never really need to drive at all- and this was one of those! While I did not run every day, I did get in tons of walking, with the strollers and wearing LM.

Fort Sumter. We walked down to the water one day and took a ferry ride to Fort Sumter. Not only was it fun to have an up close look at history, but the sunny boat ride was so nice. We even saw a dolphin in the water!

The Aquarium. The Charleston aquarium was also great. FW loved being able to touch the fish and see some sharks and sea turtles.

Running. And, of course, the running. I got in only 2 runs on our trip (and one when we returned), making for a very low mileage week.

One run was in the hotel gym- I had 30 minutes to kill during nap time.

The other was outside. It was sunny and 50 and it felt amazing to be out there!

My overall mileage for the week was only about 7 miles. But I’m grateful to have gotten in any running at all. Especially outdoors when it was so nice!

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever been to Charleston?
  • Do you run on vacations?

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Goodbye November Running

Can you believe this is the last running post I’ll share in November? I honestly can’t remember another November that went so fast. I don’t really mind, though- the sooner this month ends, the sooner the holidays will be here!

Speaking of holidays, last week included a Thanksgiving day race, along with several other runs that were mostly stroller runs. I’m on vacation, so if I want to run, most times there’s a stroller involved.

Here’s how the week looked:

And some pics:

After the 5 miler … fun fact: during the race, we had to stop for ambulances to drive by. I didn’t mind stopping to catch my breath, but I did wonder what my time would’ve been otherwise.

Running with the stroller:

Passed out after a run:

Some questions for you:

  • Did you do a Thanksgiving race?
  • Have you ever had to unexpectedly stop in the middle of a race for an emergency vehicle or other reason?

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2 Runs and Weekend Fun

It was another pretty lowkey weekend. And I can’t complain! The rush of the holiday season will definitely be here soon. And if you count Friday, I got in 2 good runs.

Friday morning, my alarm didn’t go off. Or maybe it went off and I somehow turned it off without knowing it? Either way, I ended up waking up nearly an hour later than I usually do! I still managed to get out for a short run – 3.6ish.

Friday night I did pretty much nothing. And I fell asleep on the couch at around 9:30 (which was good because LM was up quite a few times at night).

Saturday was Donut Day! What’s Donut Day? Several years ago, one of our neighbors got a donut making machine. And ever since, he spends one fall day making donuts in his front lawn for his neighbors! This is the first year we stopped by, and we will be back for sure.

After donuts, it was time for me to head out. I had my annual roses in November fundraiser lunch for the carmelites. As always they had great food and shopping and a fun fashion show.

While I was at the event, B had said he would go shopping to get groceries for the week. Shortly after I got home, I found this was delivered from The Basketeria, one of our favorite stands in The West Side Market. I guess that’s one way to do it.

That night, after having a friend over for some beers, we ordered in.

INDIAN FOOD and my first Warlock of the season!

Sunday morning, I got in a solo run while B took the kids grocery shopping. I wasn’t sure I would get in many miles because LM had once again been up a lot at night, but I managed an impromptu 10k!

The weather was simply perfect for running – sunny and in the 40s – and the foliage was gorgeous. For someone who is generally not a fan of fall, it was a nice day for a run.

The rest of the afternoon included some cleaning, yardwork and baking. I made magic bars and FW helped.

And of course, catching up on the NYC Marathon. Congrats to Shalane!

That night, in lieu of our usual Sunday family dinner, we had dinner with some of B’s friends. They all have kids, and FW adores one of them, Celia. They had a great time playing.

And now the best part of the weekend- bedtime with an infant after Daylight Saving … wish us luck!

Questions for you:

  • Do you like the time change?
  • What’s your typical weekend mileage?
  • Did you watch the NYC Marathon?

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Tuesdays on the Run: This Week’s Runs

The days are getting shorter and the mornings getting colder, which means it’s getting harder and harder to get up and run in the mornings. And there were a few nights this week that LM was up a lot, which makes it even harder to wake up! But, I got up and out 5 days this week, and I am pretty pleased with that.

Here’s how the week looked:

Monday was the best day – I actually got up and out of the house at a decent time (around 5:30 am), which means I had enough time to do 5 miles. And the 5 felt really good!

My other good feeling run was Saturday. I ran 2 miles to meet some friends who were at brunch, said hi, and then ran home. My 3rd mile was so so speedy, too- I have no idea how I managed that pace!

All I’m hoping for this week, is some mild, not wet weather so I can getnin some good outdoor runs again! Oh, and some sleep would be appreciated, too … but who knows if that will happen!

Some questions for you:

  • How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
  • Do you like running when it is 40 and rainy?

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Running After The Plague

Remember earlier last week when I said I had come home from my work trip and then FW got sick Sunday night? Well, that wasn’t the end of it! B came down with it Monday, and little LM followed Monday afternoon. Between the 3 if them, someone was sick in our house though Wednesday afternoon!

While I didn’t end up getting the stomach bug directly, this still affected my running. Or lack of it. Sick kiddos can mean little sleep, plus staying home with them meant I had to play catch up on work and then worked till midnight some nights (which meant my early morning wakeup didn’t happen).

So how did the week look?

I finally got in a run on the treadmill Thursday morning. FW woke up early, so while he watched Elmo on the couch (and B and LM slept) I got in some miles.

Friday included some more treadmill miles while the kids slept.

And Saturday was a solo outdoor run! Those don’t happen often on weekends, but B knew I needed it after the week we had.

Some questions for you:

  • When was the last time you were sick?
  • Do you workout when sick?

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Too Much Fun Stuff

Well, I think we outdid ourselves this weekend. In just 2-ish days, our weekend included (and not in this order):

  • 2 Indians games
  • A date night
  • Cookie baking
  • Muffin making
  • A visit to a new local bar/brewery
  • A block party
  • A family birthday dinner
  • A 5K race
  • A nature walk

See what I mean? I didn’t even include work, which took up a few hours of my weekend as well! Good thing I like being busy.

Friday night started out with a date night! B and I went to the new Southern Tier and grabbed drinks. I of course had to get a Pumpking- they had a coffee stout kind that was amazing!

We will definitely be back.

After that, we were off to the Indians game! This is our 9th game of the season together.

It was just the 2 of us at the game for the first time all season! It was nice to just relax and enjoy the game.

Saturday morning FW and I let LM and B sleep in, so we started off the morning by making muffins!

Later in the morning, we took a walk to the nature center. It was packet pickup for a race we had planned for Sunday. FW enjoyed checking out the turtle.

And then we went fot a short nature walk.

That afternoon included some cookie baking.

And then we took said cookies in our wagon and headed to our block party!

Everything was really kid friendly. FW loved the chalk.

And the donut game- you had to try to eat it on the string without any hands!

There was also a game that involved eating whipped cream with no hands.

And an egg toss.

Not a bad block party, right?

Sunday morning started early with a 5k race around the Shaker Lakes.

It was my first race pushing the stroller the entire time – B pushed LM and I pushed FW – and it was fun!

My goal was to do under 10 minute miles and we did it – so I was happy.

In the afternoon, we headed to another Indians game. This time, with FW.

After the game, it was time for dinnernat B’s parents’ house. We celebrated his birthday with his favorite- steak for dinner and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for dessert.

And that’s a wrap! Some questions for you:

  • Do you like chocolate cake?
  • Did you get to do any races this weekend?

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