My Favorite Books This Year – 2020

This post was supposed to just be a post about books I read this year, but as I wrote it, I couldn’t help but think about my uncle who recently passed away. One of the people I would typically enjoy comparing book notes with each year was my Uncle Barry. He – along with my parents – is one of the reasons I’m such an avid reader today (he was a reading teacher and always bought me his favorite books when I was growing up). And this time of year, as I’ve grown older, we typically talk through the latest books we’ve read and what we’ve enjoyed over the past year.

I wish I had a chance to share with him my reading list this year. It is much larger than other years, thanks to the pandemic. I would’ve loved hearing if he had read any of these, and see what he would’ve recommended I start with next year. But instead, I’ll be sharing my recommendations with you. And, I hope you can share yours with me, too! I know I’ll be needing some new ideas as I continue to read/listen my way into the New Year.

*Note: These are all Amazon affiliate links. But if you have a local bookstore near you, PLEASE consider purchasing from them! I took most of these out from my local library, but the ones that I purchased I did so from my local store, Appletree Books. If you’re local, they offer free delivery AND make the purchasing process so easy!

In no order:

Half of a Yellow Sun

A Woman Is No Man

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

The Vanishing Half

This is How It Always Is

It was hard to choose, but those were my favorites. I’d recommend each of these, depending on your tastes/interests, as I really did find each of these pretty different (Though I did just realize they’re all written by women …). I mean, one is about the Nigerian Civil War, one was originally translated from French and is several years old, one is about a transgender child, one is about a conservative Arab American family and the women that live in the household and one is about African American twins growing up in the segregated south, but living separate lives. 

What about you? What are you reading these days? Any recommendations (especially if you know those are my favorites)?

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