2020 Running – Year in Review

I feel like a lot of posts about 2020 could start like this — what a year. And while 2020 has sucked in many ways (sorry for the language), the one way it hasn’t is with my running.

2020 may have meant no in-person races for me — and only 3 virtual ones — but it also brought two things into my running:

  • My longest running streak, ever
  • My most mileage in a year (at least since I started counting in 2013) — this is undoubtedly thanks to the aforementioned running streak

Here are a few other fun facts about 2020:

Total mileage: 1,870.67 miles (Strava says 2,000 but I think it’s also counting some of the walks I did towards the end of the year)

Running streak: I ran 252 days in a row (and still counting!) in 2020. My average run during this time was about 5.5 miles and my longest run was my Cleveland half marathon (13.1 miles). I remember when I made it to 100 days, I couldn’t even believe it. And now I’m at more than twice that?

# of races: only 3! And they were all virtual. They included the Cleveland Half Marathon, Cleveland 5k (which I ran the day after my half as part of the Challenge Series) and the Dash Across the Land 10K.

Most fun run: the only run I did with people in 2020, my Thanksgiving Day run with B and his siblings/ Besides that, every single run I’ve done in 2020 has been all by myself (including no runs with B!).

What I’m grateful for: 1) Another year pretty much injury free. I’ve had some plantar fasciitis issues on and off this year, and worse than ever before, but I’ve somehow managed to keep them at a minimum and continue the streak. 2) A spouse who is supporting this crazy habit, doesn’t mind my need for new sneakers constantly, will watch the kids and help me continue this running even through a pandemic. It has kept me (mostly) sane this year and I do not know where I’d be without him.
My best piece of running gear: My wireless headphones (Beats – thanks to my bff Melgar!), our running stroller which I use once a week in the summer, and my treadmill, especially this time of year.

Something new: For the first time ever, I’ve enjoyed running in nature. I used to get bored running outside downtown and then the suburbs when we moved. But I’ve started to enjoy living near nature paths and even have gotten some miles on the trails – and loved it!

And running continues. This past week I got in around 39 miles, running nearly every day on the treadmill, as we got pounded with snow on Christmas Eve and it didn’t melt/just turned to ice. I only had 3 outdoor runs towards the end of the week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, bringing the streak to 254 days).

As I look forward to 2021, I know that I will not continue the streak for a full year. Sorry, but I’m not that crazy. I don’t have any real running goals just yet and only one race on the calendar (Cleveland Marathon weekend) hopefully. But, I do know that if I’m lucky, running will continue to be part of my life and hopefully continue to keep me mentally and physically fit (or at least somewhat).

Questions for you:

  • How did your 2020 end in terms of running?
  • Any goals for 2021?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

11 thoughts on “2020 Running – Year in Review

  1. Sounds like a good year! I definitely agree running on trails is more enjoyable than round the streets- unfortunately the ones near me are basically impassable mud-baths at the moment! You can just about manage a decent walk if you don’t mind regularly losing your entire lower leg in shin deep sludge, but running is pretty much impossible! Due to our current Corona restrictions, all exercise has to begin and end at our front door (i.e no driving) so I can’t go any further afield to find some better trails.

    In 2021 I’ve set myself three (modest) goals

    1. Complete Couch to 5k
    2. Take part in ParkRun
    3. Complete my local 10k race in less than an hour

    Anything above and beyond that will be a bonus!

  2. What a streak to be proud of. Your kids are always adorable but I love the look on your daughter’s face. Working on some plans and goals, but nothing definite yet

  3. Great job on the streak! I know how mundane daily running can get (and my longest streak was 42 days LOL), so way to keep the streak going strong for so long. 2020 did serve us some challenging times, but it also came with many blessings, all of which I’m grateful for. Happy 2021 😉

  4. I’m glad you had such a good year of running. Mine was solid too, although it caught up with me with a cranky Achilles. I’m trying to hold back so that will heal and I can get back to running pain-free. My AirPods and iPhone got me through a lot of miles.

  5. 2020 started terribly for me as far as running (bed bound, pretty much), but ended with over 1000 miles and me feeling great.

    I hope to carry that into 2021, and continue this feeling.

    I miss trail running. I don’t feel confident about running on unstable ground just right now.

  6. Holy moly, that’s a lot of miles! And awesome job on your run streak! Overall I had a decent year of running, but I definitely could have added more miles. I started 2020 by doing the Dopey Challenge in January, which turned out to be my only in-person race(s) of the year. I haven’t added them up, but I did do a number of virtuals, which helped keep me motivated throughout the year.

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