Weekly Run Down: Dash Across The Land Virtual 10K

This week included my 2nd race, the DASH ACROSS THE LAND 10K.  As I mentioned last week, I hadn’t properly trained for it, or at least to run it as a race. I knew I’d be able to cover the distance — I’ve been running 4-8 miles a day for 100+ days in a row now, but I hadn’t put in any speed training. My runs were averaging more than 10 minute miles (slow for me). I had had 3 runs out of the past 40 or so that made it under 10 minutes/mile (And those were 9:54 and slower).  So would I be able to get in the 9s for race day?I did! I have no idea how, but I somehow got it in and in a faster pace than I’ve seen in a LONG time (even faster than my virtual 5K in May). But I digress. Here’s a quick look at the week: 

And now, here’s my race recap of the  DASH ACROSS THE LAND!

This is the first year of the race, and of course, it was virtual.  The race is raising money to  help UH Sports Medicine provide schools with the appropriate supplies to keep student-athletes healthy and safe during the 2020 – 2021 school year. There are three races — 5K, 10K and a 1-miler. I signed up for the 10K, but didn’t map out a course or anything. I just went out running on a route that I know is 5-7ish, depending on some of the streets you turn down on. 

I set out early, before it got too hot and was rewarded with a great sunrise.

I ran by some water, and did stop to catch more sunrise photos there.

Admittedly, running a virtual race by yourself is not like running a race at all. I missed the crowd support, as well as the crowd of people to run with and force you to push yourself faster, harder. Instead, these deer were my fans 🙂

But I finished and finished within my goal of under 9 min/miles! After 2 miles in, my goal became under 9:30 minute/mile pace and I beat that! And now, I’m pooped.

It’s hard running so much slower than I was running before … but with being on run streak day 115 as of today,  I’m happy I’m still running!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s the longest running streak you’ve ever one?
  • Do you ever find yourself just getting slower .. and slower? What do you do to get faster again?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: Dash Across The Land Virtual 10K

  1. Congrats on your mileage!!! Your comeback and dedication is amazing.

    The deer ‘cheer’ me on while I’m running on the trails too. I so love seeing them!

  2. Great pace! It is so hard to push yourself on your own. When I get slower, it usually takes a change in the weather (cooler!) or a few days off to turn things around. Or, if those aren’t options, doing speed work sometimes carries over to regular runs.

  3. Great job on your virtual race! And your streak is going strong too!!

    Ha, I am much slower than you. It isn’t that easy for me to run in the 9s but hopefully one day it will feel “easy”.

  4. Nicelt done! Those deer so close must have been freaky
    I don’t streak, and I’m definitely slower than I was — but I’m pain free so calling that a massive W

  5. Well done on your virtual race! I also find them very different from real races – the atmosphere is completely different isn’t it? But what a solid effort! My longest run streak was 40 days. I’m doing a 72 day walk streak now but enjoying it so much I may continue once I reach 72.

  6. Congratulations on a well run virtual!

    Those deer are pretty great crowd support – I would be thrilled to see them out on a run!

    I don’t usually streak. I’ve been walking or running daily, but I do take a break here and there.

  7. Great job on that 10K, especially meeting your goal! I agree, virtuals are a lot (mentally) tougher than live races. And the streak is still going strong 🙂

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