One Week Till My Next Race

When I first heard about the newest Cleveland-area virtual race, DASH ACROSS THE LAND,  I had grand plans. I was going to perhaps hold off on my running streak, take a few easy days, and then start up with spadework. This would surely help me get past my running slump (I’ve been slow – for me – since getting sick in March) and bring me back to racing speeds.

Well, spoiler alert – I haven’t done any of that, and the race is next weekend!

I’m still running each day, 4-8 miles at a time. And each run is a slow, easy run, even with sometimes walking. So the good news is, I’m now at 108 days of my running streak, but I’m not really getting any faster. Maybe I can convince myself to take a day this week to not run? Or just run 1 mile to keep up my streak? 

Here’s how this week looked:

Sunday, I got in a stroller run/walk with LM! We did 7 miles, which is more mileage than I’ve ever done with a stroller! It wasn’t all a run – I did a lot of stopping to entertain her, give her food, get books, get her more water, and even go into the house to get a new book and rain boots for her as it started raining halfway through the run. 

Saturday morning I got in my fastest run in a while! And a cool down with the kids – my favorite.

This weekend, I’ll run the 10 in the  DASH ACROSS THE LAND!

The Cleveland Marathon and UH Sports Medicine are partnering for this new event to support more than 50 Northeast Ohio high schools and colleges. The race is raising money to  help UH Sports Medicine provide schools with the appropriate supplies to keep student-athletes healthy and safe during the 2020 – 2021 school year.

Event Details:
Where: Anywhere (this is a virtual event)
When: ‪August 14-17, 2020‬
Distances: 5k, 10k, & 1-Miler
It’s not too late to register if you’re looking for a new virtual race!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you “train” for races? How do you?
  • Have any races coming up?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


5 thoughts on “One Week Till My Next Race

  1. It’s hard to break a run streak. On Friday I decided I need to break mine to stop having it hanging over me. I will train for a 10M of Half. I was going to train for the LHH 5K this year (with speed work) until it went virtual. I don’t have the motivation to train for virtual races — and am not sure I really “race” them either. Maybe if I did them without Scooby.

  2. That is quite a streak you have going on! My body would just hate me. I did a bunch of virtual races early on but I am kind of over them at this point. Maybe in the fall? I do still have one in October that went virtual. Have fun w your new challenge! Thanks for linking up

  3. The streak is still going! I bet if you cut a couple of runs down to just 1-2 miles, that would be enough to give your body a brief rest. Then maybe have another day be a “speedwork” day (?). Hard to say…every body is different, right? I don’t typically train for halfs anymore, but I do try to maintain a solid 10-mile base, so I’m essentially always in “13.1 condition” if something comes up.

  4. Great job!

    I do train. I set up a schedule, build my mileage and try to add in strength and speed based on my goals. My next races are going to be all about injury – I have no idea how my leg is going to do in a real life race situation, so my only goal for now is holding it all together for the finish line.

  5. I mostly train for half marathons. I don’t think I’ve ever trained for a half. Or maybe i just don’t remember.

    I asked my coach if I “could” do a running streak and he gave me the OK. I am running 5-6 days per week anyway. On the days he does not schedule a run I am going to only run for 15 minutes which give me a little over a mile. At least it is something and I am running it nice and slow.

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