Summertime During a Pandemic

Another month has gone by and we’re another month in a pandemic. It’s strange, really, sometimes it feels like life is normal and we’re just having our own normal summer … albeit in masks. But then other days, my anxiety catches up with me and I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to keep things up.

Anyway, we’ve had a pretty good past few weeks. Besides all the running I’ve been doing in the mornings (I reached 100+ days of my running streak!), we’ve been keeping busy outside as much as possible while the weather is still nice. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Using Grandma and Grandpa’s kiddie pool! It’s been great to go over there and spend time outside.

Enjoying an outdoor concert. Our neighborhood has had some random nights with live music outside on people’s front lawn, which has been fun. The picture below is from a planned night of socially distant music listening my sister-in-law planned.

Campfires! Meaning roasting marshmallows of course.

Running around. Outside. Using our energy where there are no people.

And yes, even a few stroller runs now that the tire is fixed.

We have also had a few outdoor movie nights. B bought a projector set up in April and it has come in really handy during this time.

As well as some socially distant hangouts … even the kids partook 🙂

We also got in some swinging at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

We cooked out plenty of meals (and ate outside too).

Including meals with Nonna and Grandpa!

We (or B) finished our back patio.

And when the weather wasn’t great, we stayed inside to build …

Do yoga …

And of course, do some work (or read Christmas books while wearing reindeer antlers)

I managed to take a day off and we finally made it OUT of the house on two excursions! First, to Holden Arboretum for their fairy door exhibit. We’d never been there but the place is GORGEOUS.

The fairy doors made it even more kid-friendly.

And we visited the Zoo! Everyone was out, including our favorite – the elephants.

So, the past few weeks really haven’t been bad. I’m feeling grateful we’ve been able to stay working from home, enjoy some great weather, and of course above all, STAY HEALTHY.


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