One week to go …

Oh my goodness. It is ONE WEEK until race day! That’s right, the countdown is here – next weekend, I’ll be spending my Saturday and Sunday running the Cleveland Marathon Challenge Series.

I can’t believe how fast the training cycle went – it seems like only yesterday I was starting out with my long runs of 6-7 miles. But here we are, last week I ran 11 miles and I’m hopefully ready to pound out 13 miles on the pavement.

This week was a little different with training. I was out of my routine, because I was traveling for work. This was my first work trip in three years and it meant a few early mornings, long days, and some uncomfortable shoes. But. I was still able to get in some runs most days. I didn’t follow my typical training plan, but I wasn’t beating myself up too much – at this point, I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes in my performance next week.

Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday – 5.5 mile run, 4 mile walk Mother’s Day! For the day, I asked for a solo run, and walk with the family. And I got in both, since we were gifted with great weather. I got in a 5.5 mile run and 4 mile walk – this was one of the longest walks my kids have taken without really complaining, and it was a great gift.

Monday – 4.2 mile run

Tuesday – 4.27 mile run early before my flight to Orlando for work. Here is a look at my office for the week:


Wednesday – 4.2 treadmill miles at the hotel gym


I had time for about 45 minutes on this course, that I did in honor of my brother who lives in Germany

Thursday – no running; the hotel gym opened up at 5 a.m. and I had to be up at 5 a.m. to work on a morning event (well, I had to pump first, and then work, so the timing didn’t work). I somehow still managed about 9,000 steps just walking around the conference center and airport, though! 

Unrelated note – this is a PSA for the Orlando airport being very pumping-mom friendly. I was in Gate A, and there were TWO places I pumped! One was an actual pumping room, with a chair and sink, the other was my beloved Mamava.


Friday – 8 miles outside. I was tired, and it was too warm. I went out about 3.5 hours after waking up, without water or eating breakfast, and realized that was a mistake. I had planned to try to fit in a “long” run, and 8 was all I could do. Hopefully this doesn’t mean anything for next week’s race!

Saturday – 3.84 miles outside. I don’t like setting my alarm on weekends, but I knew I’d feel better about the day if I got in a little run before FW’s track meet, so I got up and ran a few miles while it was just getting light.

Total: 30.11 miles


Some questions for you:

–        Do you taper before a half marathon?

–        When was the last time you traveled for work?


 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

5 thoughts on “One week to go …

  1. A busy week for you! Maybe it is a nice little break to travel and get to sleep more? Yes, I always taper for a half. For me, it is much better to be rested for race day. good luck next weekend!

  2. Awesome on Orlando airport!
    Best of luck with the race. You’ve got this.
    My niece and nephew made it half a mile before whining. I am in awe of your kids’ stamina.

  3. LOL on work traveling meaning uncomfortable shoes – so true! I had two trips in April and have two trips to Chicago in June. I wonder if I’ve been to that hotel in Orlando. I’m sure they look similar ….. Boo on hotel gyms with “hours” though — why?

  4. I seldom “train” for half marathons these days. I usually try to maintain a 10-mile base (for long runs), so it’s just a matter of scaling things back race week. I need to be more disciplined about incorporating some speed training in the mix, though.

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