Tired and Ready

I have one more long run left until the Cleveland half marathon, and to be honest? I’m ready. I’ve been feeling tired lately, and fitting in my long runs has been harder this training cycle than usual.

I have typically liked doing my long runs on Saturdays, but FW has track meets Saturdays now. B is also training for the half marathon, and he does his long runs on Sundays, so I need to be home to watch the kids. I’ve been fitting all of them in so far on weekdays, which means a lot of EARLY mornings (meaning waking up at 3:30 a.m. this week), but also not the ideal conditions. Almost all of my runs have been done before sunrise, with 30-40 degree temps. Race day, I imagine will be sunny and a lot warmer, and I’m in no way prepared for that!

That’s a long way of saying, I’m looking forward to taking a few days off and not waking up before 4 a.m. Here’s to hoping for an uneventful, injury-free rest of training!

Here’s what this week looked like:

Sunday: 3.1 miles – it started to thunder/lightning right when I got to about 2.5 miles so I booked it home. Of course it stopped raining and was fine later, but I had already gotten my run in.

Monday: 5.28 miles

Tuesday: 4.07 miles – I was planning on doing speedwork, but was tired and kept ignoring my alarm. It meant I only was able to get in a few miles but was happy to go out anyway.

Wednesday: 2 treadmill miles – again, I was TIRED and didn’t wake up in the morning. I managed to get in 2 quick treadmill miles during the day, but that was it for me.

Thursday: 11.08 miles in the wee hours of the morning – it was chilly and I was tired, but I took it easy. Around mile 9, my back started hurting and gave out for a few minutes. I had to stop and walk with extremely great posture, but was able to make it home with an easy job eventually.


Friday: 4.14 miles – again, tired and again, didn’t get out of bed in time. Still made it out for a few miles.

Saturday:  4.22 miles – I was out late Friday night with some friends, and was tired Saturday morning. But, I wanted to get in a run before FW’s track meet, which was later than usual. I woke up to perfect running weather – 40s and sunny – and got in 4 fast (for me right now) miles with gorgeous sunshine. It was one of those runs that just felt GREAT and I’m so glad I got out! It was just what I needed after a week of feeling tired and over this training cycle.

Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 3.01.00 PM

Total weekly:  33.89 miles

And now, off to celebrate Mother’s Day! Happy day to all those celebrating and hope you get to spend the day exactly as you want.

Some questions for you:

  • How early is too early to get for a run in your book?
  • How far is your furthest run when you train for a half marathon?

Note: I am a Cleveland marathon ambassador! That means I get free race entry for me, and a free race entry to give away. 

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

4 thoughts on “Tired and Ready

  1. Wow how do you get up so early every day? I would not be able to function! How early is too early you ask? 3:30 is definitely too early. Those miles should count double! Happy mother’s day

  2. I used to get up at 4:15 for a 5 am OTF class. I’d have to be really motivated to start a run earlier than 5 am. You sure are showing that it can be done!

    If/when I train for a half again, I might max out at 12 miles. My body has a hard time after 10 miles, so I have to balance training against risk of injury.

  3. I have never trained further than 10 miles for a half; so far, so good. I’m an early-riser, but I think the earliest I’ve gotten up for a training run would be 4:00 (?), although I do get up around 4:30 on the #5at5 mornings.

  4. Go you! Those are some super early runs! I did a 3:30 am run once, when I had to get it done before we had a vacation flight, but other than that my “early” is usually anything before 5:20. Good for you for fitting it all in! I really hope you don’t have a hot race day like we did here in Toledo at Glass City. That was awful!

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