Fun Friday Links

For some reason today I have about a thousand different things I want to write about! Some fun links that I’ve found today:

  1. What is your Palin name? What would your name be if Sarah Palin were your mother? I would be Pie Gallon Palin which does have a nice ring to it!
  2. New cell phone study: 35% Of BlackBerry And PDA Users Would Choose Their Device Over Their Spouse…ouch! I know that my treo is glued to me at all times, but this does NOT apply to me!
  3. The Padres choose a new uniform: Or should I say the “Madres”?
  4. The new Microsoft I Am a PC Campaign: I love it. I love the new ad, I love the actual PR component and the viral idea to get people to film their own I am a PC videos. Love love love! (And I am a PC so I can relate. Not everyone with a PC is an old boring man with glasses and an ugly suit!)

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