I <3 NY

On cool winter Cleveland days like this, I start to miss NY. Not just Upstate NY, but all of NY, especially the city.

Some people may think it’s not fair for me to miss NYC. After all, even though I was born in one of the boroughs and lived there for the first several years of my life, I spent most of my life Upstate. The majority of my family still lives in the city, and trips to see them have significanty decreased since I moved to the “Midwest” (I use quotes because Cleveland still has a Northeastern-type feeling to it for me). Still, there is a certain part of me that will always feel some sort of tie to the Big Apple and all that is there (Feel free to prove me wrong, but I think nearly all New Yorkers would agree that this feeling lasts for quite some time).

So, when I saw this blog postI LEGO N.Y. from the NYTimes blogger Christoph Niemann, I couldn’t help but feel emotionally attached to it, and I wanted to share it with you. Check it out – Niemann shows his Lego illustrations of things he too misses about the city.

My favorites from his blog:

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