NightTline: More Proof That Twitter is Going to Rule the World

ABC just announced that “Nightline” is increasing its involvement in social media with the introduction of NightTline, their newest program that uses Twitter for real-time discussion with its viewers. The show will use Twitter as a vehicle for viewers to discuss and debate topics with the show’s correspondents.

The first show airs tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. EST and according to ABC will “provide a forum for viewers to simultaneously discuss and debate the news of the day through the prism of Twitter.” According to Mashable (my favorite blog), the show will also have a Twitter widget that allows viewers comment on and react to the debate.

ntl_twitter_090511_mnThe show will be air on the Nightline website and ABC News Now, ABC’s 24 hour digital news network.  Tomorrow’s show theme is torture.

Twitter and news are no strangers to each other — major news stations have Twitter accounts, Twitter is always super active during major news events (remember the election?), and many people often cite Twitter as reporting about breaking news, even before the news media does (I remember hearing about the Minneapolis bridge collapse on Twitter before on the news, same with reading about the Chinese earthquake from @scobleizer, and more). Still, however, this is undoubtedly the most unique way I’ve seen Twitter being used by mainstream media.

What interesting ways have you seen the media use Twitter? Do you think the show will be a success?

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