No, this post will not be about the Sufjan Stevens song (Called Chicago … from the Illinoise album. hehe. get it?). Instead, it’s about how I spent my long weekend in Chicago.

B and I decided to take a much needed vacation, right when I was smack dab in the middle of the busiest month ever (yes, work is crazy busy … please don’t contact me until Dec. 1). I assumed we were just going to lay low and do a staycation, but B surprised me with a trip to CHICAGO! Growing up on the East Coast, I had not realized how doable a weekend (or 4 day) trip to Chicago would be. Weekend trips were to Vermont, Maine, Boston, NYC, etc. But in Cleveland, I can just get in the car and four (with the time change) hours later be in Chicago!

We had a GREAT weekend. We stayed in the gorgeous Palmer House Hotel  (thanks to B’s smart use of hotwire) right in the Loop, practically across the street from Millenium Park and the Bean! Our weekend consisted of three things – walking around, doing super siteseeing touristy things, and trying awesome food.

Here’s just some of the awesome stuff that we did, via photo tour:

Saw the Bean. At Night!

Checked out Wrigleyville. And Wrigley Field.

Went to the top of the Hancock building and saw some amazing views. And I even got to window wash! (jk)

Tried a Scotch egg at the Gage’s amazing brunch.

Ate deep dish pizza. Twice. (Photo below at Lou Malnati’s)

Went to Oak Park, and saw where Hemmingway (a fave of B) was born!

AND saw many really cool Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

Tried the Chef’s tasting menu at Takashi (photo below from the dessert. it was served IN an egg shell)

Went on an Architecture Boat Tour and saw all the really cool buildings in the city

Tasted some brews (and watched an awesome Giants game!) at Goose Island Brewery, before heading to a show at Second City.

It was really an awesome awesome vacation. If you have a few days to kill, I highly recommend you take the time to drive to Chicago and see its sights and eat the food.

What’s your favorite weekend getaway?

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