So long lucky 2013 …

Cheers and happy 2014!!

I remember last New Years Eve, hanging out with B and a few friends and family, and talking about 2013. I remember thinking that it was going to be a lucky year – my dad AND B are both born on the 13th and both of their birthdays were on Friday the 13th this year, so how could 2013 be a bad year?

Was it eventful or life-changing? Not quite. But was it great? Yes. Here are just a few memories from the year – in no order (seriously, there is really no order here):

Traveling to the West Coast with B, and seeing some old friends as well as the Pacific Ocean.


Melgar’s bachelorette party…can’t believe she’s getting married!

Me and the gorgeous bride-to-be

Me and the gorgeous bride-to-be

My brother visiting me from NY!

Greg in me in Tremont

Greg &  me in Tremont

Some running highlights (full post is here), including placing first female in a small fun run.

first female!

first female!

First sleepover with our niece and nephew in our apartment.



Surprise trip to Miami for my winter birthday!


Palm trees and sun in January? I was pretty happy!

First time in Milwaukee. Pretty cool city!

milwaukee collage

And something I never wrote about … but in December I was awarded one of PRNews’s 30-under-30 People to Watch

Melissa PR News Awards

And what I’m looking forward to in 2014 –

  • Another year in our NEW apartment!
  • My best friend getting married!
  • A few amazing vacations- including one to Costa Rica this spring!
  • Some more great runs. I ended 2013 with two more half marathons and more than 1,530 miles completed – and can’t wait to see what 2014 holds.

After rocking in the New Year at a 1950s-themed party, I think we’re off to a great start.

happy new year!

What are you look forward to this year? Happy New Year!

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