BROWNIE TIME …. Trying out the Special K Brownies

I love to bake – but you knew that, didn’t you? Whether you know me and I’ve brought you treats, or you read my blog and know that the posts are either baking or running-related, I think it’s obvious. Baking (and desserts!) are my happy place.

So when I got asked to try the new Special K Brownies I was excited but skeptical. I love a homemade treat, especially a good cookie bar. And after dinner (or before, who am I kidding) when the dessert craving hits, a soft gooey cookie holds a special place in my heart any day. How would the Special K treats compare?

Some info about Special K Brownies- they’re pre-portioned (so you don’t eat the whole pan!) 80-calorie treats that satisfy chocolate cravings ad come in two flavors: Divine Fudge and Heavenly Caramel. They’re available at grocery stores in the US right now!

The good:

  • The CHEWY-factor: Oh, it’s there. These brownies are chewy and in my opinion, the perfect texture. The caramel one has bits of caramel chunks throughout and a drizzle throughout.
  • The taste: I liked these! I thought they tasted pretty good, and a nice alternative to other ways of satisfying your chocolate craving …

The not-as-good:

  • The size: These bars are bite-sized – just a few inches square. At only 80 calories I suppose that’s what you get, but when you eat two together with peanut butter in the middle like a sandwich (I’m not saying I DIDN’T do that) they’re more filling but obviously more calories.
  • The variety: I’d love to see more variety of flavors! Perhaps a chocolate chunk flavor with a blondie-type cookie? Or a peanut butter flavor? Or mint? I know these are NEW so who knows – maybe it’s coming!

Visit or Special K on Facebook for more information on the new Special K Brownies.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K.


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