Running in Capris and Red Velvet OREOs

And just like that, another weekend has come and gone in Cleveland. This weekend included some baking with friends, running, wearing capris on my run (it was 45 degrees, people!), trying out some Red Velvet OREOs (you must try these) and an impromptu night out … some of the highlights:

Running with B on Saturday-  it was a little chilly out but the sun was shining and the streets were relatively clear! Anytime I can get outdoors in the winter AND run with B, I’m happy.

saturday run with b

saturday run with b

saturday outdoor run

Enjoying Mulligatawny at the Souper Market. Each Saturday, B and I plan to get brunch or go somewhere else – but we always find ourselves at the West Side Market and Souper Market for lunch. Not that I’m complaining – a cup of soup and a chunk of bread=happiness. Oh, and an almond milk latte from Rising Star helps!

soupermarket rising star almond milk latte

Margarita(s), chips, guac and bowls at Barrio. The new Barrio opened downtown and B and I got a seat at the bar there Saturday night.

20150207_170403 barrio

Which was followed by a few drinks at Parnells. It wasn’t a planned night out, but it was a fun time. Especially since I got to try a Crème Brûlée beer! Have you ever had one? It was good, but a little too sweet for me.


A late night out Saturday meant a later than expected morning Sunday.  Thank goodness I had plans with Nicole to do some Valentine’s Day baking, otherwise I never would have gotten off my couch! As it would have it, it was 45 degrees out (YES 45 DEGREES IN FEBRUARY), so I pulled myself out of bed, went for a run (in capris!!), and found myself just seeing where the road would take me. Some roads were still icy, but since I didn’t have a planned route I didn’t mind. 7 miles later, I was feeling great, and ready for some baking!

Look, capris!

Look, capris!


Baking with Nicole was awesome. She, myself and her friend Jess made cookies and cream Chex Mix (made with the new red velvet OREOS which are amazing!), black and white red velvet cookies, all while catching up on a Say Yes To The Dress marathon. If that’s not a perfect Sunday (followed by spaghetti and meatballs at my inlaws for our weekly C-Family Sunday Dinner), I don’t know what is!

Isn't Nicole adorable? Her kitchen is too...check out the lobster plate!

Isn’t Nicole adorable? Her kitchen is too…check out the lobster plate!

Chex mix is complete!

Chex mix is complete!

The bag (as well as my tired self) is not as attractive

The bag (as well as my tired self) is not as attractive

Complete black and whites!

Complete black and whites!

Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever tried Creme Brûlée beer? What did you think?
  • What’s your go-to Mexican order? Are you a margarita person? I love anything with guacamole, especially bowls and chips. I want to like margaritas, but I always think they’re too sweet, especially in the winter.
  • Did you get outside and enjoy any good weather this weekend?

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