Getting Back in the Running Groove

I have a confession. I fell out of my running groove for a while.

It wasn’t 100% my fault. I know, I shouldn’t blame anyone but myself, but this is my blog, so I can do what I want 🙂 … here are my excuses:

I was on vacation.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I was out of the country and on vacation for about two weeks at the end of the year. I’ll be honest – I didn’t run much while we were abroad. Not being familiar/comfortable with the area (not sure how safe it would’ve been running alone in Cambodia or Vietnam), combined with lack of access to treadmills, the heat/humidity, and lack of motivation, I only ran 4 times – 2x on a treadmill in Hong Kong, 1x on a treadmill in Macau, and once outdoors in Vietnam with B. This is more than I had expected to run, and I am not regretting spending the time instead walking or touring and enjoying the trip with B, but when I came back it was SO hard to get back and running.

This was the bank of treadmills at our hotel in Macau! No gyms in Cambodia or Vietnam :(

This was the bank of treadmills at our hotel in Macau! No gyms in Cambodia or Vietnam 😦


When I got back, it was really hard. I was out of shape! I really missed running. The day we got back, even on little sleep, I had to get out there. And get out there I did – and it was difficult! I shouldn’t have been surprised, but my legs, body, lungs, etc. were all tired. And it’s not like we did nothing on vacation – most days I got in more steps just from our walking around and exploring than I do on a normal work day even with a run!

It’s winter. And then, the weather. It’s been cold. It’s been snowy. It’s been icy. And I’ve been making excuses to NOT go outside (I don’t want to trip and fall … I don’t know how to put my YakTrax on and B is sleeping … It’s too cold).

The one morning I went out - look how deep it was at some parts!

The one morning I went out – look how deep it was at some parts!

But, as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador this year, I felt like I had to share this with you. I couldn’t pretend that all was hunky dory and I was getting in 30 mile weeks without pain and suffering, right?

I’m pleased to say – I think I’m back. And here’s what I learned while I was gone:

It’s okay to take a break from running once in a while.

Sometimes a break in running is just what you need. It can help you clear your brain of all those frustrated running thoughts we sometimes have and help you focus on what’s important – you, just you, enjoying the run.

It’s not impossible to get in a run or workout while on vacation!

I didn’t expect to work out at all, but still managed to get in 3 treadmill runs and a short run in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We happened to get up early one day and noticed that down by the river there were quite a few locals walking and doing tai chi – thus we found the perfect spot for our run! Was it the ideal conditions? Hardly – it was 90 degrees, smoggy and we had to dodge a few locals, but it was a great way to start our day!

This is what running on vacation looks like. Not in Vietnam (sorry no picture) but see it can be easy!

This is what running on vacation looks like. Not in Vietnam (sorry no picture) but see it can be easy!

After a running break, you WILL feel out of shape. For some time. 

I’ll admit that after I got back from vacation, the first few runs were rough. I was running inside on a treadmill and had to stop after a mile or so to rest, catch my breath, blow my nose (I had a cold), etc. which I don’t usually do. I didn’t give up though – I kept at it. And surely, after a week or a little more, I began to feel like my old self.


You’ll get your groove back – eventually. And when you do, it will be glorious!

I had one of those “I feel great!” runs this weekend. It was 45 degrees out, I was wearing capris and running outside. In February. I had no planned route, no planned pace, and I ended up just seeing where the road took me. What I assumed would be a 10 min/mile paced 4 mile run turned into a 9 min/mile 7 mile run. And I enjoyed every second of it! I was my running self again and I had to wipe off a goofy smile I knew I had at some points – yes, I was that girl running with a big smile on her face. I was back!

Feeling good after a run!

Feeling good after a run!

Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever taken a long time off from running or another sport and had trouble getting back into it?
  • Any tips for getting back in shape?
  • What’s an excuse you make for not running/getting out of bed?

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