WIAW #14 : Salty OR Sweet?

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! I completely forgot to log my eats this week until YESTERDAY. I don’t know what got into me – I’m tapering for my half marathon this Sunday and busy with a work event on Saturday so the weeks have been flying by and before I know it, I’ve gone a whole day without food pictures. Sadness, I know.  Thankfully I somehow remembered to take SOME pictures yesterday (sorry half-eaten breakfast).  


I did a 30 minute tempo run on the treadmill before work and was hungry by the time I got in around 8. I scarfed down the breakfast that B had made for me – egg whites, spinach and frozen veggies. Yup, the usual. Except this time I realized I forgot to take a picture until mid-way through. Apparently I ate those veggies fast! Oh and this time there were hot peppers in the eggs – yum!

Mostly eaten breakfast ..

Mostly eaten breakfast ..

At around 9 a.m., I was still hungry so I ate this clementine. Again, I had a few slices before remembering to photograph it. #whereismybrain


For lunch, I had leftovers- 3 leftover meals actually. 1/4 a veggie burger from Flip/Side, a few bites of Chipotle and mostly leftover sweet potato zucchini hash. All together, looks like this:


(Monday night’s dinner- for reference- it looked a lot better – here was it last night with an egg:)

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 6.12.56 PM

And a side of radishes finely sliced that B sliced for me. Yup, he even cuts my radishes.


For snacks during the day I had some carrots and a sweet and salty bar and an apple.

20150512_144922 20150512_132910

Do you like sweet or salty things? I’m such a both lover – I love kettle corn, chocolate covered pretzels, salted caramel, etc. So those sweet and salty bars are SO good sometimes!

B made me dinner, too! I didn’t realize that he basically made all my meals yesterday until writing this post … whoops! At least I made us dinner last night? We had an amazing tuna with broccoli and asparagus. SO SO SO good.


I decided to make myself a sweet concoction for dessert – introducing Arctic Zero, PB2 and peanut butter, white and dark chocolate chips and candied ginger. I reallllly enjoyed it.


Two questions for you:

  • Sweet? Salty? Or both?
  • Do you make most of your meals or does someone else (or a restaurant) prepare them?



7 thoughts on “WIAW #14 : Salty OR Sweet?

  1. SWEET AND SALTY! Whooo hoo! Chocolate covered nuts and pretzels are great!! Have you ever had peanut butter filled pretzels…my word, they are addicting. If you are ever feeling like you just need a candy bar, might I recommend a Take 5 – a pretzel, caramel, peanut and peanut butter-filled, milk chocolate coated candy bar. Yup, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. 🙂

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