Ladies Craft Beer Society Takes on the Burbs

Friday night was a beautiful night – a little chilly but that didn’t stop B and me from finding a patio for a few drinks. It had been a long week at work and I was very much looking forward to the weekend and relaxing and sleeping in. Rooftop beers sounded like the perfect way to kick off my Friday!

Rooftop Patio Beers at GHT

Rooftop Patio Beers at GHT

As did sushi.

20150605_203222 20150605_203227

Saturday morning started out with a nice run. It was a beautiful morning – 60s, a cool breeze – and my legs were happy to get outside for a run at my own pace. I also was able to catch up on my favorite podcast – which meant I was laughing while running at some points – guess that was a better workout, huh?

7 miler

Then we hit up the West Side Market for a few groceries.


And then it was imd for the Ladies Craft Beer Society’s monthly meeting! This month Cari hosted us in her new home in the ‘burbs! Cari used to live downtown but recently moved about 25 minutes south of the city. We obviously got lost on our drive down but it was great to see Cari’s new home, do some cork crafts and drink some beers. Definitely a success!

Ladies and our crats

Ladies and our crats

finished work

finished work

After getting back downtown, I watched the Belmont Stakes (did you see the Triple Crown win?!) and enjoyed dinner and drinks.

Just saw a Triple Crown!

Just saw a Triple Crown!

I love buff chick salads

I love buff chick salads

Sunday was a truly gorgeous and HOT day. It started off with an easy 3 miles while watching Black Mirror on Netflix. Have you ever seen that show? Oh my goodness. I watched the first episode on the treadmill and then hit the elliptical. Wow.

Sunday afternoon B and I had tickets to the Indians game and had plans to go with his coworker. It was HOT and we lost but it was fun to go with the guys. We sat in the 3rd row so we had pretty amazing seats. I had a veggie burger too – I’m so glad the Indians stadium finally got veggie burgers and dogs and I love them!

20150607_132007 20150607_132202

Sunday evening ended with a summery dinner at B’s parents, complete with brownies and ice cream of course.

part of dinner - beautiful salad!

part of dinner – beautiful salad!

And then it was Cavs game time!  The games get me so riled up that I don’t know how I sleep or how I can make it through the series. Thank goodness they won. I can’t wait until Tuesday and our first home game!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have any cork crafts you can recommend with my leftover corks?
  • Do you have any favorite podcasts for while you workout? OR just in general?
  • Are you watching the NBA finals?

4 thoughts on “Ladies Craft Beer Society Takes on the Burbs

  1. I enjoy listening to Radio Lab and The Moth Radio Hour, usually in the car or at night. I am not sure how great either would be for working out. I put on the news when I work out.

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