What the holiday season looks like

It’s December and I’m fully embracing the holiday season. We’ve been lucky enough to have had seasonably warm weather (for the most part), no snow, and I’ve been loving every minute of it. This past weekend we were able to get out and enjoy some holiday-ish things around town, and it made me so giddy for this time of year.

lights in my neighborhood

lights in my neighborhood

Here’s what a holiday-ish weekend in CLE looks like:

Running a few miles outside. Yes, it’s cold (36 degrees), but there’s still no snow so it was GREAT!


Baking a bunch of holiday cookies with some wonderful ladies.

20151205_132745 20151205_152719 20151205_151051

Comfort food out to eat. Superior Pho deliciousness. Plus a stop at the Asian market for some ginger candy.

20151205_175931 20151205_180230 20151205_184649

A 5 miler with B in 40 degree temps on Sunday. The hat was a little overkill – didn’t need it! It was beautiful out and I’m so grateful it’s not icy or snowy yet and we’re still able to enjoy the outdoors and trail and road runs.


That afternoon, we met up with Dave and Anson to check out Circlefest and the great holiday events going on in University Circle. We got free admission to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and got to check out their decorated trees and gingerbread houses.


a MUPPET show decorated gingerbread house!


Along with ice sculptures outside – in 50 degree weather they were starting to melt!


For me, the holidays also includes a great Italian meal at Trattoria in Little Italy. Followed by their amazing tiramisu dessert. Their tiramisu is one of the few I like – not too coffee-ish, lots of cream and looks like ice cream 🙂


AND Sunday night Cleveland Orchestra holiday concert. A PERFECT ending to a holiday weekend – my favorite concert all year!


I’m so in the mood for the holidays. How about you? Some questions:

  • What’s one thing you do this time of year that signifies the holiday season?
  • What’s your favorite dish at an Italian restaurant?

Linking up today with Erin for my weekend snapshot post, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wraps.

14 thoughts on “What the holiday season looks like

  1. Wow, those ice sculptures are beautiful!

    I’m pretty happy about our milder weather too. I’m loving getting my runs in. Next weekend is a holiday fun run organized by one of my running friends. Other than that, we don’t do anything special this time of year. When the boys were little, we did a lot, but now, not so much.

  2. Hi…new to your site through the Weekly Wrap Link up. The concert hall is beautiful! Sounds like you had an awesome, busy weekend.

    Your kitchen is very pretty too. And the cookies look bakery quality!

    Hope you get a chance to check out my site sometime. I have a new post up on the link up too. I had a CRAZY run this weekend, and the post describes it.


  3. Oh wow this really helped me get in the Christmas spirit. We are supposed to bake cookies with my family this weekend. We always always have so many left over so this year we are making them for the neighbors. We have a couple of wonderful elderly neighbors we’re going to give them too. 🙂

  4. We typically go to a production of Scrooge, but we may pass on that this year. You have lovely lights in your neighborhood! I usually make candy & cookie with my teens. We love those PB kiss cookies too. Watching Christmas movies is always fun. Going to the Botanical Gardens is a great idea. PS…I love your lime green hat! I appreciate you linking with us again Melissa. I hope you’ll make it a habit!

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